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  1. MileyVyrus Augur

    I agree with you in spirit, but keep in mind that Mischief and Thornblade were also 'increased' loot which turned mobs into rare drop pinatas. Yeah, we were getting so much stuff we were handing it out to new players and selling things for pennies on the dollar.. But this is likely gonna be like half the volume of the loot we were getting at launch with the boosters and such.

    It will still be the land of plenty, just not as insane as mischief launch was. I'm excited, its just so fun when every incoming named mob can drop damn near anything.
  2. filthytlpplayer Elder

    I think someone said somewhere that a dev clarified on DIscord that due to implementation details the loot will behave the same as it did on Mischief, which would include loot volume.
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  3. Kahna Augur

    What makes you think loot volume will be halved?
  4. Zansobar Augur

    I believe this was just wishful thinking and not based on any information.
  5. Intercept Augur

    So you think the traditional eq server is the one that will be DOA?

    Personally I think the server that will have to share its playerbase with mischief will be the one suffering while the tradition server will pull players from all the other servers
  6. dentalplan lisa needs braces

    Tormax definitely needs some kind of unique twist or it's dead in the water. I don't know anyone who's going to get excited about Phinny clone #6 or whatever it is at this point.
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  7. Intercept Augur

    People who want to play everquest?
  8. NuffanTuit Nuffan Tuit on Innoruuk Server

    Have you not been reading the


    Aradune was so popular because it was true box and box limited....not because it was named after Brad McQuaid's character in EQ and it was not high population because of covid it was all because it was a new true box server and the other was not true box.

    And it is called relaxed true box now because the same people that think Aradune was so popular due to the rule set think that calling a server relaxed true box when it launches as a true box is not a redefining of the terms we have used since the advent of true box.

    /sarcasm off
  9. dentalplan lisa needs braces

    Why not put some kind of nominal, small spin on things so it's not just "Mischief clone" and "Not Mischief clone"? What's the harm? I don't think it needs to be anything dramatic.
  10. Agonybot2 New Member

    Look, man... I've played on every single TLP since they started doing it and myself and many others I play with are sick and tired of classic start. Classic is just not suited for the updates TLP have compared to the OG game.

    Kunark start opens up the game to so much more it's ridiculous. Classic raids are still ran and even more so because of Epics... Literally everything is better in Kunark than in Classic. The only reason to be upset is because Krono Lords won't be able to make as much money.
  11. Zansobar Augur

    There are loads of private servers for that. Mischief 2.0 is what has been asked for since Mischief 1.0 launched. It will be insanely popular. However, not having a Classic start could hurt a bit for returning players that haven't played in decades as it will ruin the nostalgia feel. FTE also would have been a real plus to pull in ex-players that quit because of the toxicity. I'm pretty surprised they don't just have a second server with the Mischief rules that at least has FTE, and preferably would start in Classic for these reasons.
  12. Chopsuey Augur

    A lot of the classic leveling zones will still be popular with kunark launch. Unrest, sola and solb, upper and lower guk will be crowded. Field of bone and kurns tower will be the hot spots for the early levels ofc. But there are still classic alternatives like crushbone etc.
  13. Zansobar Augur

    I would completely prefer a Classic start and I know I'm not alone. The only things good about a Kunark start is I don't have to race change my Necro to Iksar, and the Plane of Sky will be a freaking breeze to defeat since casters will be wrecking it.
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  14. HelpMeLearn New Member

    Saying nobody when there's clearly people that do makes you look silly.

    Just say "from what I can gather, a large majority..."
  15. Fizon Augur

    Kunark start rocks. War/rog ain't useless. Class spells get more defined. Iksar, lvling. It's just better all around then classic
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  16. Agonybot2 New Member

    Your experience only changes from Classic to Kunark when you don't have to live in the Hole and Lower Guk forever and have an option to instead go to Chardok and Sebilis respectively... You don't have to go to Kunark at all if you don't want to and there will be plenty of people leveling in classic zones the entire time...

    All planar raids... no, all raids on TLPs are a breeze by the nature of the TLP...
  17. Intercept Augur

    I don't see it like that at all.

    Traditional server has all non mischief players to pull from while the other tlp has mischief players to pull from.
  18. Intercept Augur

    I think the tradition server without random and free trade will be much more popular than people here seem to say and think
  19. Zansobar Augur

    Sky is not a breeze at a TLP launch, but will be on this one.
  20. Crymea New Member

    I certainly agree partially with what you are saying. We could all just go do NToV on a live server, but it's not fun there because there isn't a lower level vibrant community. However, classic will still be relevant. I'd even wager than more than 50% of the population will be leveling up in classic zones vs kunark since that's closer to Commonlands, their starting city, etc. Yeah maybe that SSoY won't be as cool when you get it at level 40, but it will still be exciting getting that even though you'll eventually want a Lamentation, Sarnak Lightning Caller, and so-on.
    Take a broader view. If you plan on playing on this server for only Classic-Kunark-Velious and quit, then I'd agree that it sucks. But if you plan on playing for longer (which I recall seeing your name past that point several times), then it's just a minor letdown. We're getting a great ruleset. A few tweeks wouldn't hurt, but just a mischief clone is a great server. I'd imagine Mischief 2.0 will be even bigger than 1.0 since all the folks that missed it the first time will want to try it after hearing about all the positive feedback. I can't imagine even playing on a normal server anymore.