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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Ddezul, Apr 4, 2024.

  1. Laberintica77 Lorekeeper

    Maybe it will have extra-secret Hotzones/mobs?
  2. samenye Lorekeeper

  3. taliefer Augur

    kunark is literally not classic. its an expansion. and easily the worst one at that.

    I suppose Its my fault for thinking these would be something special as part of celebrating 25 years of EQ, and not just this years TLP treadmill. It just seems weird to skip the part that actually came out 25 years ago, during the 25th anniversary.

    and no, saying "those zones still exist" isnt valid. cause why have TLPs at all with that mindset.
  4. Doranur_Aleguzzler Filthy Casualâ„¢

    I'd be fine with them skipping a year, and putting out a new expansion like TSS. Content for level 1-125. As is, not that I was anticipating leaving Oakwynd, these two servers just don't excite me to even reconsider my decision to stay on Oakwynd.
  5. Shalom Quillmane Bane

    No need for FTE. Matter of fact why bother raiding or camping an item you need, just buy everything from the tunnel. It'll be real fun, standing in one spot buying items, once your character has the best raid gear without attending a single raid you can quit.
  6. Shalom Quillmane Bane

    Couldn't agree more. THIS is what they come up with for 25th anniversary? A copy paste?
  7. Indigo_Quarmite Augur

    Every single server is relaxed truebox server...they need to stop calling it that. it's just truebox progression.

    If they want to call something relaxed truebox server it needs to be day 1 release.
  8. filthytlpplayer Elder

    What were you all really expecting? We're coming off a year with a (reportedly - not speaking from experience) underwhelming 1/2 sized expansion, and multiple initiatives that have proven much more troublesome than they were likely originally slated to be. When everyone is working on fixing personas and the UI issues and the DX11 issues, not to mention trying to keep up with an enormous backlog of bugs, who did you expect to reinvent the TLP experience, and with what time? Remember all of the no's in the AMA? You do realize that will apply to new rulesets going forward as well, right? EQ lacks resources. It's a tough pill to swallow, but it's the truth.
  9. Kahna Augur

    If someone wants to use these servers to make a ton of Krono they are better off going to Tormax where they can run things the way they have on every other non Mischief server. Mischief makes for less profitable krono farming. Loot rains down on this type of server and is so easy to get people don't need to pay krono for it. People were giving away loot on Mischief because they were too lazy to go to the EC and sell it. Wasn't worth the effort.
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  10. uk6999 Augur

    The only real action Tormax will see is from people having to wait in the forever queue to get into Teek the first few weeks.

    IMO Tormax should of been an event server or something fun at the very least an overflow server that got combined with Teek much earlier than what they had planned for Mischief.
  11. WeCameWeConquered Elder

    Nope - beastlords and zerkers from the start are still missing, thus missed the mark yet again.
  12. 25thAnniBaby Lorekeeper

    That is byfar the best thing about both servers..
    FTE was a dumpster fire implementation and its functionality.
  13. Kahna Augur

    Just because you could do that does not mean you have to. Or that everyone does. Or that anyone does that. I am not really sure what you are trying to get across here.
  14. Zansobar Augur

    Mischief has been the most popular ruleset in the history of Everquest.
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  15. Ayoheee Augur

    Nobody wants 16 weeks of PoP or 12 weeks of OOW.
  16. Zansobar Augur

    I agree. There is no reason to launch a normal server when the massive amount of players want Mischief ruleset. They should do something like that to test how popular FTE is by making it the only difference between the two servers.
  17. Zansobar Augur

    Is this like the fair number of people that want a PvP server?
  18. Kahna Augur

    Oh goodness no. Those 10 people are all delusional.

    But really, if you have spent any time on the forums you know there are folks that just can't stand the random loot, or the extra loot, or the free trade, or all of it combined. If everyone doesn't play 100% found loot the game is ruined for them. It is a shockingly large community.
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  19. Cfuson Journeyman

    I find that a lot of people who don't like free trade / random loot have never actually experienced it first hand.

    Mischief ruleset kinda ruined every other TLP for me, its just so good.
  20. MileyVyrus Augur

    1000x this. Seeing Tormax AOCs in places like Lavastorm and Ro would be hilarious.
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