[Feedback] Leveling Tradeskills past 300

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Razorfall, Feb 12, 2022.

  1. Razorfall Augur

    This is by far the most tedious thing in the game. Yes, maxing out the Artisan's Prize is reward for doing it, but it's not enough.

    I would honestly rather buy items in the marketplace to learn these recipes. Heck, you could even do it 30 bucks per expansion and I'd buy those all day long
  2. Nennius Curmudgeon

    I have maxed out my Artisan's Prize on one character and it is, to say the least, tedious and carpal tunnel inducing. I really don't think it out to be buyable, but I have, literally, felt your pain. For me, it was worth it. I am likely insane since I do enjoy tradeskills and, as such, my opinions should be taken with large grains of salt on this topic.
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  3. Aanuvane Augur

    I've done it on two characters and intend on finishing a third soon. I don't think this should be a purchasable reward. If you don't like it, don't do it.
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  4. Drakang Augur

    You want the best aug in game you put in the work. Hell its the best aug in game even if you dont max all your skills. Just pick and choose where you use the 25 or so extra points although using them all in research saves alot of extra work.
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  5. dwish Augur

    Yes, just what the game needs, more pay to win un-lockers in the marketplace. Excellent idea OP.
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  6. Velisaris_MS Augur

    Aside from the farming of necessary materials (do everything in your power to avoid the PoP recipes; your sanity will thank you), getting to 350 in each skill isn't THAT awful. Research is by far the worst with the sheer number of clicks required, though the farming aspect is helped out a lot by Overseer. Jewelcraft isn't far behind, but those recipes only need 3 or 4 materials...research is like 6 or 7 per click, which is mind-numbing.
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  7. Svann2 The Magnificent

    For mats I recommend putting up a barter agent to get them cheap. That really does help. Also, when you start your barter you can announce what you are looking for and inform /general about the quick way of checking barter alt-shift-click the item and that they can sell from any zone. Lots of people dont know that
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  8. Angahran Augur

    No, no , no and again NO!

    EverQuest is NOT 'pay-to-win!
    Just because you have a bibgger real life bank balance than Bob shouldn't mean you have an advantage over Bob in game!

    If you want to simply buy your way to the top there are many many other games out there where that is an option.
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  9. Vumad Cape Wearer

    I have not done it, and I certainly don't agree with the OP about paying to get past the work, but I do think they need better in game support for number of recipes and progression. Some people (SB, Fanra, etc) have done some great things for the community by making parsers and etc, but there definitely should be a better way.

    I believe right now there is an output for known recipes that people parse to compare what they are missing. Making a missing spells version of the output file for the trades to 350 would probably be sufficient.

    It doesn't devalue the work that people have done to level their skills. It only takes out the middleman that is the current parser.
  10. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    Do it if you want the reward, or don't do it and move on. And its not hard at all now that there have been multiple expansions worth of recipes that count towards the number needed to level the skill. You no longer have to do all but 7-8 known tailoring recipes, for example, to hit 350. Now you can skip like 70 or more.
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  11. Schadenfreude Augur

    Extra points?
  12. Aanuvane Augur

    Two things:
    1. The "middle men" have already done the work (Drewie's parser is my favorite because it's so simple)
    2. Giving us "missing recipes" versus the current "known recipes" would give away undiscovered recipes so I'm sure that's why they chose to implement it as known recipes (who knows how many may or may not be out there, but it was only a short time ago that a set of previously unreported omelets came to light).
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  13. Svann2 The Magnificent

    IIRC you dont need to get all your skills to 350 to max it. There are 25 extra skill points and people often recommend you slack on research cause thats a tough one. Id say get them all up there anyway since youre going to need TSs anyway. Do you really want to be making max research items with anything less than max skill level?
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  14. Tatanka Augur

    Speaking as a slacker and permanent scrub in the game.... the current system is fine.

    If you don't do ANYTHING past 300, the aug is still 1200 H/M/E, which even several years since its introduction, will be the best aug you likely have.

    Now, just buy the recipe books and read them (see Adetia's web page for the list) and the few AAs needed to allow skills to go to 305 or 310, and you'll get that aug to ~1500 H/M/E. This is very minimal extra work.

    Now, if you want to do a bit more, you can max fishing (~125 recipes) and brewing (~300 recipes), and get another 300-400 H/M/E on the aug.

    There are a range of options between not doing anything and maxxing it. Just take them from easiest to hardest, and stop when it gets to be too much of a pain. Even then, it'll be YEARS until it's the 22nd best aug you have, and you stop wearing it.
  15. OlavSkullcrusher Augur

    The whole problem with the system to 350 is that it is tied to an 'uber' item that is still better than anything obtainable through raiding. That is how they can justify not just the mind numbing tedium of 'learning' thousands of recipes and the mind numbing tedium of farming materials in old zones, but also having to spend 425 AA points per skill to up your cap to 350 in the first place.

    If it wasn't for the Artisan's Prize, only the most obsessive completionists would bother raising their skill past what recipe books would get you, and thus it probably would have been changed by now to make it less painful. I expect that those obsessive completionists wouldn't mind that much that others would have an easier road, since they would still have the pride of having accomplished it when it was painful. But those that went through the pain in order to max out an item are the ones that will feel like something was being handed too easily to those that didn't do the hard work before.
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  16. zleski Augur

    I suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome (as in, a real doctor has evaluated and said as much) and the improvements to tradeskills in this game would do well to remove so many repetitive movements. Auto-combine is a great start that I would love to see iterated on.

    I think such improvements should be done in the client, not the marketplace.

    I would like to paste in the components in a text file to have the game pluck them out of my bags. Bonus points if I could somehow paste multiple recipes to be done in order, like for subcombines inn the same container (like all mixing bowl, or all oven, but not a mix of mixing bowl and oven). This would eliminate a huge amount of dragging and stack splitting, both of which are very repetitive movements.
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  17. Windance Augur

    Since you are looking to pay to win, you might want to ask on your server if there is anyone who would like to earn $$$ for doing your TS for you.

    One of my guild mates is crazy about doing TS's and she has pushed several characters to 300 and beyond.
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  18. Windance Augur

    They added /finditem which will do some of what you want. I use it a LOT when doing TS crud.
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  19. zleski Augur

    I didn't realize that was the shortcut for it, but I use that feature all the time from the inventory window. What I'm aiming to address is the repetitive motions from dragging from a storage bag into the crafting container.

    Now that I'm on desktop I can illustrate: Everyone will please pardon my YAML (I just want something with structure), but if I could paste something like this into the game somehow and the game would craft it all, I would be extremely happy.

    Pasting this with the appropriate poison making kit open should search my bags for the components and use the appropriate ones to craft the recipe.

    recipe: Spirit of Sloth
    - Sealed Poison Vial
    - Ethereal Suspension
    - Creeper Ivy
    - Creeper Ivy

    (This structure could have a "quantity" to say how many to make.)

    To me this demonstrates that one knows the recipe. Let's not kid ourselves by thinking that we're all out there reading in-game books and lore to discover the recipes. Everyone is using third party services, and this will still require time invested in farming.

    I acknowledge that there's a big problem with item names (and recipe names) that are duplicated which might throw this for a loop since there'd need to be a way to suss out which to use. I also acknowledge that this makes it very easy indeed to craft once one has all the components.
  20. Velisaris_MS Augur

    I'd like to see some sort of "Select Materials" function on the containers. For example, hit the "Select Materials" button, click on each item you need in your bags, then click the button again and it moves one of each to the container. The constant moving back and forth between container and bags, even if you put your bags right next to the container window, is where the actual physical pain comes into play, especially when each recipe you're doin has half a dozen or more ingredients.
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