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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Yinla, May 14, 2018.

  1. Yinla Augur

    Since Daybreak will not assist with mis-looted items can we get items in chests unstacked or get a confirmation box that the player wants to loot X number of items or default the looting of said items to 1 not the whole stack.

    Currently the confirmation box just says "do you wish to loot item" with no reference to how many.

    Failing that have CS help when stacks of items have been looted instead of just 1.

    And before anyone asks yes I am talking diamonds!
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  2. Ofearl Augur

    Useing the control button makes it loot 1 at a time.

    Also (I havent used it since I use the control button) after you hit the yea to loot nodrop, it should come up with a small box with slider 1-6 to loot the number you want. Again I personally havent used it.
  3. Sokki Augur

    This is correct. I just looted some last night, after you click ok to Loot you can set the number to how ever many you want to loot. If people are looting whole stacks at a time they need to pay attention better.
  4. Yinla Augur

    It would be helpful if it did but it doesn't, unless you are using advanced loot
  5. Lianeb Augur

    But it does.
    And using adv loot has even more issues trying to assign singles from a stack. See my bug report in the live bug thread that i am not allowed to bump
  6. Tiggold Augur

    In my experience it always asks you how many you want to loot, even in raid. Advanced loot should be used on non FV rule set servers imo. Having your guilds trust ruined by one looter would make me this upset for sure. Wish I didn't have to be so negative here but I think you have a greedy raider who just used stupidity as an excuse - wasn't you was it?
  7. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Whether the confirmation box appears or not depends on the client's options, but you are right, the popup slider appears if you only left-click the loot.
    However, it defaults to the maximum possible (i.e. the whole or rest of the stack left as you get to loot), is quite small (and at times hard to see against a cluttered UI) and "enter" is hit pretty fast.
    These accidents happen i'm afraid, only (as opposed to "normal" loot) it's not SUCH a big deal as every chest holds some - it's only the next event beaten, not a random number until said item drops again. So with diamonds one can "correct" that soon enough.

    The bolded part, that people need to pay attention better, is imo just delegating responsibility.
    It's not wrong of course, but if something CAN be done to help with the issue, that's be better imo.
    e.g. a special setting for group and another for raidloots, where the slider should default to.
    Then one could continue to use the current default (full stack) on group stuff while setting it to "minimum" (1item from a stack) from raid chests. i think i would like that, at least very much more than yet another confirmation box or something.
    The very least they could do though imo is to add some field into the (currently de-selctable) confirmation box that lists the amount of items that are about to be looted in the text as hinted above.
    That wouldn't be the help which those "thoughtless" people would need i guess, but a step in the right direction.
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  8. Fanra Augur

    In every case where you have to choose a quantity (buying items, looting, etc.) it should default to 1.

    Now, I understand that for some things, the maximum you can get is what it defaults to. I guess that is because they want to show you the maximum and/or to make it "easier" to just get the maximum.

    I recommend Daybreak changes this to be 1 instead of the maximum for everything. Now, if they want to show the maximum you can get at once (like you can only buy 100 emeralds at a time from the NPC merchant, I've tried to buy 1,000 at once and it just changed it to 100), they can add a "Max: 100" to the quantity choice box.

    Really, when I want to buy 1 augmentation solvent, I don't want to buy 20. If it wasn't for the fact you can now sell back extras, it would be real pain to accidentally buy 20 (or 100, or whatever the maximum is for things).

    This really makes things easier for everyone.
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  9. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    So anyone who really wants to purchase the max quantity of an item should have to do more work so that it is easier for you to purchase a single one?
  10. EnchFWO Augur

    Ideally they could make it a toggle in options between select Min/select Max on stacks.

    Of course this is mostly a QOL request that already has a solution but it is more prone to human error than some of the suggestions in this thread.
  11. Ninelder Augur

    Near the start of the expansion I was making augs for everyone in my guild and I accidentally bought a stack of the ruined stain. Boom 1million 600k gone. LOL, I ended up using it all anyway but was a fast harsh learning curve on buying stacks.
  12. Rolaque Augur

    Or you could just pay attention and not have to worry about screwing yourself or your guild mates.

    Nothing can be set up or made which an idiot won't manage to break.
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  13. Smokezz Augur

    Maybe they should change it so if you loot or buy a stack, you have to type in "one hundred". Or "six". Or "nine", however many the stack actually is! Just like character deletions.

    I can chip in a few plat to replace any sarcasm detectors that were broken.
  14. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    I agree and i do not. And i do not think i am shizo :)

    For example: The way i did (well, still do really) research is to do one spell after the other per level. Here yes, i would want only 1ink, 1quill etc.
    However: When i make potions or want to buy remnants of tranquility or similar things, i certainly want the maximum possible (and certainly also more than 100 at a time, currently relatively cumbersome by buying the same line 10times to get a full stack of 1000)

    So i see that general problem with defaults being that there's always cases where i'd want it done differently.
    And how often you want it to work one way or the other depends on what you do. Hitting Backspace twice to make a 1 from the displayed 100 is just as fast as typing two zeros to turn the 1 into the 100, so you gain not much time and spare yourself hardly a keystroke.
    If however there were a setting somewhere that you could change "on the fly", you could adjust that depending on what you do and WOULD save time, lots of it.
    It's just that i think a special raid-related setting were beneficial for the problem at hand, because otherwise people are just as prone to forget to change it after having done something else before.
  15. Yinla Augur

    The default setting being 100, 20 or 1 sometimes does not make sense.
    Why are spells set to more than 1? Who wants to purchase more than 1 spell the same?
    Why are the items to make raid/group armor set to 20? The most anyone will ever need is 8.

    I was happy to see the default for Rez tokens changed from 20 to 5 a while back, simply because I then got 1 stack instead of 4! I'd rather have the stack size changed to 20 but it was a good compromise.

    Maybe not everything has to be set at 1, 20, 100, 1000 or whatever, but maybe we can be a bit more selective as to which amount things default to.
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  16. Fanra Augur

    Yes, they have to hit Shift key, or whatever it is. And not to make it easier for me to purchase a single one but to make it "Fail Safe" rather than "Fail Deadly".

    Basic design of most things is to go with Fail-safe and not Fail-deadly. I'm sorry that means you might have to do an extra step.
  17. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    And they have the ctrl key to purchase a single item so I am not sure why having a key to purchase a full stack matters. The fact is that there is a pop up to determine how many to buy and unless you are rushing your purchase there is no reason to mess up how many you buy.

    Not to mention that depending on the item someone may want to buy a single, full tack or partial stack so no matter what you place it to there will be a need to change it depending on what you are buying. I am not sure I see the need to spend developers time changing it because there is always a situation where the default amount wont work for someone and as has been mentioned there are already hotkeys in place for buying a single item or a full stack and the slider is really only needed for partial stacks if you use the hotkeys.

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