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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by globeadue, Dec 1, 2019.

  1. globeadue Journeyman

    Feature request: a bank bag slots like the shared bank, but is a shared server slot that only allows heirloom items inside the slots

    Reason: I have played everquest for years, multiple TLP's and live servers. I have paid DBG money while playing on each server and bought items that sit, rotting on characters / servers that I will never play on again. TLP's especially, I invested heavily into Agnarr only to see it turn into a ghosttown once it's progression ended and other TLP's launched. I'm now playing on mangler and having to repurchase mounts, bags, cosmetics etc is kinda ridiculous.

    Example: Krono show this as doable, as krono amount is shared across servers and characters.
  2. Baldur Augur

    1. This forum is for bugs, not feature requests.
    2. Not sure how feasible this is because you wouldn't want someone logging onto live, claiming/buying items that aren't available on a TLP and moving them over.
  3. Skuz Augur

    You may possibly get some traction in asking for some specific items getting a higher level Heirloom type flag which would be transferable between characters on the same account across servers, such as those items which can only be claimed once per account. But no way for any other types of item I should think.

    Wrong place to ask for it though.
  4. code-zero Augur

    It'd be something like a cross server parcel system. Not sure they'd go for that
  5. Kurage_of_Luclin Augur

    Well isn't the point of playing in a TLP to start over from scratch and test your skills? So, wouldn't that be an unfair advantage against players who play TLP starting with nothing?

    But, IF you can transfer a level 1 toon from Live to Mangler, then you could make a level 1 toon put all your stuff on it then transfer that toon to Mangler. No idea if that would work though.

    However, that would make account hacks even worse as people could then transfer heirloom stuff to FV and then sell it. Then there would be even more people complaining to the forums how they loaned someone their account information and got all their heirloom gear taken.
  6. Ashian Augur

    From an implementation standpoint, rather than a shared server bank slot, just utilize the claim system. For heirloom items (or maybe just purchased items), you could possibly do a “Revert to Claimable” which deletes the item from your character and puts it into the /claim item pool. /claim already has restrictions as to which server items can be claimed on.
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