Fear Golems and Dracoliche

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  1. CthreeTB New Member

    Can classic CT loot be removed from Draco's table if the golems are also dropping classic CT loot?

    Ideally I think either of these options work better than the current implementation

    • 1) Fear Golems drop classic CT loot
      Dracoliche drops his new loot table
    • 2) Fear Golems and Draco are added back to velious tables on the PoG mini, Etov drakes, vindi tier thus providing more symbols and remove classic CT loot from the table.

    I think everyone agrees that them dropping Ntov tier loot was out of line, but it's still possible to make them worthwhile targets over what they are now. Why even bother killing them, trying them, or looking at them.
  2. CthreeTB New Member

    I like that idea a lot Dono
  3. TheGoblin Elder

    So would Vulak be T1 ot T3? If it's T1, why should Lodi drop Vulak loot. If Vulak is T3, why should it drop Lodi loot?

    Seems this just makes you either camp the fast spawning mobs for a chance at higher loot or feels bad when your raid gets useless junk.
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  4. ViciousEQ Elder

    Draco and fear golems are now random with each other in their own bin. This is great news!
  5. TheGoblin Elder

    Good. Now when us uber guilds kill big stuff we don't get pleb loot. Let the small man people keep getting the junk loot no one wants so they have to buy from us Kronolords who rule the server and control all the devs.
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  6. CthreeTB New Member

    haha my post was deleted...
  7. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    Stop logging in between two accounts to reply to yourself and you won't have this problem.
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  8. acidic New Member

    Would like to see them have a chance to drop velious loot since they got upgraded