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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Silv, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. Silv Augur

    I recently bought the T2 charm from the tree raid, Fear Fruit Seed. It says in the description that the stats are based on missions and quests completed in T1 and T2 RoF- I get that. To me this means anything under the "Missions" and "Quests" RoF achievement tab. Max stats on Alla, Magelo, and Raidloot list HME at ~2900ish. Most people also use the Stone of the Landing aug which adds about 250 HME.

    Now, when you take the two, you get a max HME around 3150- seems pretty straightforward. However, on a lot of Magelo profiles I'm seeing people with this charm and aug at ~3700 HME.

    Could someone explain what I'm missing? I have a feeling it's something simple but I'm not maxxed on merc quests so I can't tell for myself what the actual max stats would be :confused:
  2. Beimeith Augur

    There are other quests that are not included on the achievements tab that give you additional stats.
  3. EQbud Augur

    I can't speak for your charm, but there have been several charms that can exceed their shown stats. Sometimes getting "100%" doesnt require all possible. The charms for class specific gear require 8 items, but if you have more, they still give you more. The Trusty Length of Rope from Tier one reaches 115% of stats shown on Lucy as well. My guess for that one and yours is that all the quests gets you to 100%, but add missions too and get a bonus.
  4. Silv Augur

    Could you be more specific or suggest a good place to find that info? I've looked through a lot of the quest lists for the ROF zones (Zam, EQRes., etc.) and haven't really seen much that doesn't fall under those tabs.
  5. BQLIFE New Member

    Is there anywhere we can locate a list of these tasks that are in addition to the merc/partisan tasks?
  6. BQLIFE New Member

  7. Gragas Augur

    Could someone explain what I'm missing? I have a feeling it's something simple but I'm not maxxed on merc quests so I can't tell for myself what the actual max stats would be :confused:[/quote]

    You answered your own question there, do your merc tasks and use stone of the landing.
  8. Brudal Augur

    Max evolution of the charm is based on Mercenary, Partisan and Missions for T1 & T2; that takes the charm to 120% stats vs 100%. The familiar quest does not raise the stats.
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  9. Riou Augur

    EQbud nails why this shows higher on profiles then base, it goes above 100% power which is what Alla/Lucy/Magelo show by default. Other charms can of course be under or over that as well.
  10. Silv Augur

    Thanks a bunch! I wasn't even thinking that it would "go over" 100% for finishing all of the tasks given the description. =)
  11. Chandrok Developer

    This is exactly how it works.
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  12. Tobynn Augur

    Additional note: My understanding is this charm script is not unique to this specific item. Other charms that use a "based on progression" type script also max out at well above 100% stats. The idea is that doing all the legwork and completing all the progression content will give you a charm far better than what you can get by using a charm which is boosted by simply equipping class armor.
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  13. Beimeith Augur

    Does the other mission in the Breeding Grounds not count? I thought it did for some reason...
  14. Trajet D'Or Augur

    120% cap on Charm stats was implemented due to Intricate Defiant Charm (cha based) being the highest AC charm in the game.

    Both progression charms and class armor charms can hit 120%, Necro with Epic 2.5 and Paza's Cursed Remains and Rogue with a class weapon and one of various Rogue only poison related ammo items being the classes that can most easily have 10/8 class armor 125% which is capped at 120%.

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