Favourite levelling locations (and some advice please?)

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  1. Nexiviper New Member

    Greetings Norrath, I’ve been having a blast since coming back - initially rolled a Necromancer solo and got to 60 which has been good fun, then decided I wanted to box a bard along for the ride so I set up 3 accounts, 2 paid and 1 F2P and chose Mag, Bard and Druid - perhaps random choices, but honestly apart from getting used to alt tabbing boxing has been fun - setting my bard as puller and pulling to the group has been fun.

    Now I’m at 50 on that trio, and so far did

    1-25 or so in CR
    25-30 on Gnolls/Slashclaws in BM
    30-43 on a mix of hedge devils and undead at the tower
    43-48 in GKM - found this a weird zone to box in, the drokmer seem to have a huge life pool and other stuff was more spread out
    48-49 Draniks Scar because it was a hot zone, but I’d say more hot mess of a place - maybe I’m bad at the game but it was like an ongoing anxiety attack not comfortable levelling experience
    49-50 I went to Old Seb which was ok, but one of my chars died and not sure I want to run back again haha

    Where would you recommend to 60? I was thinking Velketors to 55 then PoI but I’m not sure

    Honestly the boxing bug might have bitten me, but I’m not sure it’ll stay that way when Mercs get less powerful, I’ve been running 2 tanks so far and nothing on the f2p box as I wasn’t sure an A2 merc was worth adding

    The only downside is I’m starting to really enjoy the bard and I’m not sure I want her to be a pocket character for the necro only

    Sorry for rambling, I’m just excited to be back!
  2. Xyroff-cazic. Director of Sarcasm

    Crypt of Nadox is pretty good for 50-60ish. Could also try Chardok.
  3. Iven Antonius Bayle

    Velketor's Labyrinth until 56 is fine and there are plenty of other zones. As leveling is fast just select the ones that you like and change the place when you get bored. I will list a few more zones for lvl 50-60. Basically its all about classic to The Serpent's Spine. Also think about LDoN and other instanced adventures/expedition/monster-mission zones like those from DoN (The Curse Begins), OoW and PoR. Easy ones are marked green and hard ones are marked red. Level range is for molo and boxing.

    lvl 20-75 Lost Dungeons of Norrath [adventure]
    lvl 25-55 Nagafen's Lair (bugs, imps, fire giants)
    lvl 37-72 Ruins of Old Paineel
    lvl 39-55 Dranik's Scar (Hot)
    lvl 40-52 Goru`kar Mesa
    lvl 40-60 Skyshrine
    lvl 40-61 Fungus Grove
    lvl 40-71 Dranik's Hollows [expedition] (Dranik's Scar -> Grand Historian Gersh)
    lvl 44-56 Velketors Labyrinth (Hot)
    lvl 44-56 Mines of Nurga
    lvl 44-60 Acrylia Caverns
    lvl 42-65 Old Sebilis (Hot)
    lvl 43-67 Veksar (Hot)
    lvl 46-65 Plane of Hate (raid regen malus)
    lvl 47-60 Maiden's Eye
    lvl 47-65 Akheva Ruins
    lvl 48-60 Chardok
    lvl 48-65 Ruins of Takish-Hiz
    lvl 50-70 Barren Coast (Hot)
    lvl 51-60 The Deep
    lvl 51-65 Sanctus Seru
    lvl 51-65 Caverns of Exile (Sol C)
    lvl 52-60 Griegs End
    lvl 52-64 Chardok 2 -The Halls of Betrayal
    lvl 52-65 Temple of Cazic-Thule
    lvl 52-65 Temple of Droga
    lvl 52-67 Plane of Mischief
    lvl 52-70 Blackfeather Roost (Hot)
    lvl 53-63 The Bloodfields
    lvl 54-65 Ssraeshza Temple
    lvl 54-70 The Forgotten Halls
    lvl 55-65 Temple of Droga
    lvl 55-65 Plane of Storms
    lvl 55-75 Estate of Unrest: The Curse Begins [adventure] (Butcherblock -> Savil Tranquilsong)
    lvl 57-75 Catacombs/Sewers of Dranik [expedition] (Ruined City of Dranik -> Grand Historian Rygua)
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  4. vylo Augur

    The pattern I have done with characters is:

    FoB -> kurns -> unrest ->lguk -> velks -> paw -> mek guardian -> grounds -> shard's landing -> brother island -> sathir's -> VT
  5. CatsPaws Just use plain English.

    Sounds like you did check out the hot zones from Franklin Teek but you may want to do the ones for the level below what you are, you still get bonus exp and it will be easier.

    Did you try the Dranick's Scar instances (dungeons) when you were there? They are like upgraded LDON's and are pretty easy since unlike LDON's you can set up camps to farm the named, in other words the mobs respawn but there are some nice long corridors to pull thru. Used to be a waiting list to get in a group in there. See Grand Historian Gersh. The waterhole was the most popular one to get.

    Honestly I like exploring different zones and have found that the old standby zones are pretty boring. Infected Paw is kinda maze like but safe camps in there too. If you want to go old school then everyone always suggests Plane of Fire and the Hole.

  6. zleski Augur

    In my old fogey opinion Chardok can't be beat for getting to 60.
  7. Vumad Cape Wearer

    Not sure they are efficient, but I have always been fond of Gulf of Gunthak / Dulak's Harbor and Plane of Innovation. Maybe it's because it's where I leveled first, but PoI is definitely because of the mobs. I hope if they do additional expansions using PoP that they use Plane of Innovation and Plane of Nightmare.