Favorite races lore and why?

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  1. Questoften32 Augur

    What are your favorite races, lore and why? Which ones would you not play and why?

    As for me, my faves are drakkin, highelf, woodelves and barb I suppose.

    I'll go over why in a sec, pro and con but let me give honorable mention to dark elves, and human females with the monk style tube top look. I'll go into them more after this.


    Firstly, I love drakkin looks and lore...more over looking at Drakkin females and there cute but exotic faces and great armor look, more over the plate. Second only to wood eleven leather.

    As for as looks the only draw back is the skin tone is too pinkish should be paler or outright tan. Oh yeah and give em claws. Elegant bone color.

    Technically I like the breath attack, and the swan hairdo, the fact that each as a heritage and a dragon parent they can see and do quests for.

    Also the the breath attack makes leveling warriors, and rouges more bearable in the beginning and you get a fun quest every 5 levels. I like that its not just given.

    You can sometimes level just by doing these. Ie killing place holders and others while there. It also has a sense of completeness and immersion that appeals.

    Drakkin are also just BAD A#$, and they breath fire.

    If you played longest journey one you also can see the appeal of the driac kin, or however you spell it. Fascinating lore.


    As for highelves, they are high elves, enough said. They look sort of like me and my family, being of Nordic heritage in the long ago. I can relate to there looks. There city is lovely. There are peaceful and a proud people. Very magical, honorable and yeah...pretty. Felwite is in my top 3 fave mmo cities.


    My reason is obvious, second most appealing models but otherwise meh..kethlyn is awkward to get around in, just like it is in eq 2.


    Barb females are ok shape and walk wise, they have this face like the girl in sleeping with the enemy...not that beautiful, but striking and sort of pretty, in a way.

    They are Amazons, but really feminine, not flat chested or butch, there short spiky hair model is even pixish and adorable.

    Moreover it makes sense because a attacker could not grab it and put a blade to there throat. Same reasons the Romans cut it short. They are warriors after all but not afraid to be women. Amazing confidence and no fear.

    Yet they have the exotic amazon build. They look fine, except there skin tone looks sun burnt, not tan or pale. Maybe its the cold.

    I like halas, the great divide and so on, the newbie armor quests are also easily doable for a different eq experience, if one is in the mood. Also a honorable people.

    Dark elves:

    Now dark elves, the good is they have this cute face option with a cute little nose that makes them look like a 80's girl.

    A good walk, that makes learning stealth on a female rouge very fun.

    The bad thing is they have the eyes of a mutant goat, and remind me of grown men and women cosplaying smurfs. LA-la-la-laa...Leaves me feeling a little blue.


    As for the midgets and animal characters, the bearded ladies...meh, I make them and delete them because I just cant take it seriously.

    Which is sad because I love shir val on lucian, the city and surrounding regions are in my top eq fave places..fly me to the moon and let my sing among the stars...ah..oh well.
    What are your faves and those you dislike?
  2. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    High Elves and Dwarves, basically.
    I only made an ogre to "spy" in Kael otherwise hate them (the models, not the players ;) ).
    My Beastlord is a Troll though, but only because they have a pet that is wise enough to stay out of my line of sight.
    Being from the pre-luclin era, i never much got into playing cats myself, but i like the models; the lore not so much.
    And Drakkin are just Bleh...

    But really:
    Beards on females is a MUST! :)
  3. Questoften32 Augur

    The circus lady on the Elsa American horror story arc would agree. I have never cared for Cathy bates though. I wish they would stop using her. Though that arc was the only one they ever did I cared for. I was a dandy fan, liked Elsa's singing, and...also, that guy that came for her, the 18th century style gentleman, very good and dramatic.
  4. svann Augur

    Drakkin have the best lore and racial quests.
    But Vah Shir are the sexah!
  5. Absor Developer

    I think you misunderstand the meaning of the word "lore"...

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  6. Jaylin Augur

    I read that as different questions. Asking what Peoples favorite races, and/or their lore. He mentioned his favorite races, but didn't mention the lore itself that he liked.

    As far as favorite races though cosmetically i prefer the old troll/ogre lol. Luclin models i like the elves.

    Lore wise i like the zek lore for the ogres and how they became the amazing scholars they are heh. The drakkin lore of how they came to be is cool as well.
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  7. Brovaar Lorekeeper

    Half Elves
    Back in 1999 they were my favorite due to being similar to humans while having night vision, but as the game developed they were treated like the red-headed step daughter. They received no cultural armor specific to them, and I think they had an exp penalty or at least not a boost like halflings. Also, their mana-pool was lower due to lower wisdom than a halfling and because in the early days they nerfed the amount of mana wisdom granted a toon because of how quick the halfling druids made it to level 50 through kiting. I think the first toon to make it to 50 on the server I was on was either a druid halfling or a necro. I gave up on them and moved on to race specific toons.

    Wood Elves
    I did not choose these at first because they looked like punks to me in 1999. It seems like every time I ran into a wood elf they always came off as a punk teenager in the way they looked and moved--made me want to slap them. They still look like punks, but now they are my favorite since I abandoned the Half Elves. If I make a druid, ranger, or rogue more than likely it will be a wood elf.

    Specifically, Iksar monks. To me they were always the best. I really liked leveling in Kunark and the shackle quest chain was great. Even today when I make a new monk it will always be an Iksar. I will make a human too, but I always like to have an Iksar as well. A few years back I started to plan out a role playing theme with them on FV where one day they would meet and be friends because the Iksar saved the human who was exploring Kunark and almost died. The human would then show the Iksar his lands and even help him with monk sashes. LOL. It was either on Prexus or that Legend server where I role played my Iksar monk Beliss with a GM and a bunch of other players. I described him as the Son of Cabilis who was exiled from Cabilis for heresy by working with the outsiders. This was my way of explaining how he was able to group and fight along all the other players at the time on whatever event we were in. The GM really liked that and summoned me afterwards to discuss it. Was a lot of fun!

    Vah Shir
    My first beastlord and always my best. This race is at the top of my list when it comes to making a beastlord. I like their warders and the city of Shar Vahl.

    High Elves
    Specifically for casters. I could never get into a paladin high elf. If I make a caster my first choice is usually a high elf.

    Broad number of classes they can play and two of the best starting cities, Qeynos and Freeport.

    I always had trouble liking either of them at first. Although over the years I do find myself making Gnome magicians. I really like Gnome magicians. I still struggle at liking halflings though I've made a few over the years. Any class they can be I prefer to choose another race. If the goblins in Runnyeye overwhelmed them I would save them, but other than that, meh.

    Specifically, necros. I think they made great necros back in the day. Plenty of intelligence and always off going their own way. I don't play them much today, but my first necro was an Erudite and will always be classic to me.

    I do like the dwarves to some degree especially if I make a cleric or berserker. Although I do make female toons to get some variety I cannot stand those beard growing female dwarves. Best if they stay underground if you ask me.

    Specifically, shamans. I like their beastlords but I tend to always pick a barbarian when I want a shaman.

    Never liked them at first but I do now. I do play them on occasion. Most likely he would be a berserker.

    Man, under the old and new models they are ugly no matter what. When it comes to wearing armor they are just too deformed to make it work. I know, they are trolls so you have to expect that. Regardless, bleh.

    I try and try to this day to like them. I've made multiple toons and what not, but the colored look on their skin along with their dragon eyes and ugly hair colors makes them so unappealing. They almost look like they suffer from some kind of plague. Their animations are good, and the females are somewhat bearable. Perhaps if there was an option to make one with out the tats I might be able to get into them more. I would agree though they do have good quest lines and I did like their dragon breath ability.

    Dark Elves
    If I make a shadow night or even a necro today I always l choose a Dark elf. Sometimes I will make a magician or rogue as well. I only wish their hair color had more options besides white, grey, or black. But they are the bad a** race so not a major issue regardless.

    I think that is it, if I stepped on some toes by dissing the Drakkin I am sor..., ah forget it I am not sorry.
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  8. Absor Developer

    Good point. It can read very differently depending on where you put the missing punctuation. I say we're both right. :p

    "Favorite races lore and why?"
    Favorite races, lore, and why?
    Favorite race's lore and why?
  9. Classified Journeyman

    I read it as "Favorite Race Lore and Why?" For that questions I loved the Dark Elf lore. Poor High Elf king and queen. Sometimes being first is not good.
  10. Roxxlyy Community Relations

    In nearly all RPGs, I usually like to play into some elements of fantasy without going too overboard. I'd never want to play a human, since I get to do that every day, but I don't want my character to feel completely foreign and bizarre. I enjoy video games the most when I can get lost in them, and this usually happens when I'm playing a character that I can really get into. For me, this has historically been some sort of elf.

    My first EQ character, though, was a Drakkin. Drakkins are similar to enough elves in being not-quite-human, but having that touch of dragon's blood made them different and special. I love the character model, and find the females to be completely bad***. I also appreciate that the characters have a neutral alignment, and that you get to pick a heritage for yourself - for me, these things feel extra immersive. They're almost my favorite race.

    Despite literally EVERYTHING I just said about how I play games and my RPG race preferences, my favorite race in EQ is Vah Shir. The Vah Shir appear regal, as does their home in Shar Vahl. Despite this, they are still animalistic, and make excellent warriors. I love this paradox, and the idea that they can be both noble and put together as well as feral, fierce fighters. For whatever reason, my brain has decided the Vah Shir are the best, even though I've consistently avoided feline races in every other RPG I've played. :)

    Oh well, maybe it's actually just because they're from the moon. I think that's cool too.
  11. smash Augur

    And know what the best about them ? They purr so good :) And then sink their claws deep into your arm.
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  12. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Let's do the masochism tango?
  13. Jumbur Augur

    I would like to point out that frogloks do some pretty wicked somersaults and looks absolutely fabulous in hats. :p

    They got kicked out of their hometown and are stuck in a lousy refugee camp, so it evens out, I guess. ;)

    They should totally kick the trolls out again imho...
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  14. Scorrpio Augur

    There is not really a whole lot of race-specific 'lore' in EQ, IMHO. I think most of us rather translate comparable race lore from other fantasy universes. Be it Tolkien, Feist, Pratchett, Sanderson etc. For me, it has always been the Elves of Tolkien. High Elf Paladin has always been associated in my mind with the image of Fingolfin going against Mortoth. And Enchanter combines qualities of Luthien and Celebrimbor. They are ever my favorite.
  15. Questoften32 Augur

    I misunderstand nothing...Some things are just for fun though. Its a lesson I learned early on growing up, and I am all he better for it.

    I asked the posters favorite race and race-lore, though all I really went on about myself was cosmetics, fave cities, and that the drakkin are fleshed out.

    Mostly why I like/dislike a race.

    In this case, the title should probably have read, for actual intent:
    ''Tell your favorite and least favorite races, tell why and say something interesting or amusing about it...''

    Yet, this title, sounded better in my view...and also, in case someone wanted to go into it.

    Eq's fantasy is fine for all intents and purposes of a mmorpg, better than most by far...but in my view, if novelized, well...its not a deep fantasy.

    Nor is it suppose to be in that sense, though story telling is a valid element, it remains an mmorpg, and all that this realistically implies.

    Yet the game itself is golden overall.

    As for actual lore it would be the Drac, there origin, history and culture.

    I did not Intended to write to exceed post character limits and such. I am personally, just saying which races, lore and history one likes and asking after the players comments.

    My friend Ashton says I'm the only one he knows who would pick apart an old ps2 game, or some such, the way I tend to, like its a book discussion.

    I tend to analyze character interactions and motivations. Uncover hidden meanings and historical references, finding enough to go on for hours.

    I like Comparing them with similar lore, and speaking to the fatefulness of the character to its mythic origin, if any, and what that says about people...and so in.

    Again, this thread, is just for fun.
  16. Questoften32 Augur

    Edit timer DP meant to reply to this as well.

    The first part of your post is how I feel about it and describes my preferences in mmorpgs.

    We are in agreement

    .As far as Neko's, I agree with you about the city and the people.

    I take them seriously lore-wise, its just when I see the female modes like from the back of the head and its sort of...awkward...considering the rest of them...being a cat person myself, as opposed to a dog person.

    Yet this is superficial at best, I know it, but make no real apologizes. Its an aesthetics issue. Not a issue of the model being bad, but just a taste issue.

    There homeland is very lovely as I said, and the surrounding regions.

    Oddly enough, that and there striking features are part of the appeal to me. Exotic beauties, that they are.

    If eq were real I would likely be a highelf and I would undoubtedly go for a drakkin lovely if allowed to do so...or at least a Drakkin mistress...you know, for political appearances sake...to keep it unofficial.

    Not just for looks alone though, but also in admiration, and for philosophical reasons. If I were doing a Drakkin themed story it would go more or less that way.

    Well ''to each there own'' as the old maid said, when she kissed the pig.
  17. Sheex Augur

    Never forget the teachings of Miguel Sanchez, sir.

    To the OP....the answer is everything Iksar.
  18. Aurastrider Augur

    Wood elves have always held a soft spot for me. I guess I have always been a huge fan of the LOTR books and especially the elves. Yes I know the elves in the books might not be considered wood elves but the high elves in EQ just look smug and stuck up. They have that I am better than my tree swinging cousin and I am certainly better than those up river half elves who tainted our race by mating with the inferior human race. There is just something majestic about the way a wood elf moves in combat especially the wood elf ranger. The bard dances better than any other bard race also moving his with such rhythm you would almost think he is floating off the ground (in some cases he actually is).

    A city in the trees reminds me of a youthful race. I too spent many days climbing from the limbs of trees and playing in houses built off the ground. Since this game brings me back to my later youth the wood elf establishes the best sense of nostalgia for me over any other race.
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  19. Tinyfeet Elder

    This is why we use the oxford comma people. What are we, cavemen?.

    C L I C K M E T O L E A R N A B O U T T H E O X F O R D C O M M A
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  20. Ogre Warlord New Member

    Great question OP!

    I started eq in early 2000 and my choice was partly influenced by the era before Kunark was released. My forst character was an Erudite Wizard (as i wanted to be a master of arcane (Ice Comet ring any bells?!). Unfortunately i died in the forrest at night, and a many times trying to get my corpse due to no night vision!!

    My next character was a Dwarf warrior. This was because i alwayd liked playing dwarfs (Baldurs Gate, Golden Axe and so forth!) And besides, beeing an oddball-character is fun. They were also the secound best starting stats for warriors amongst the "good races", which i heard was very important because you would else be kos in the best cities (Kelethin, Freeport etc.). First alt was an ogre shaman.

    I would say i like most the "odd ball races"- typically the very large ones (ogre and troll), or the very short(dwarves and gnoes). Wood elves are great too and dark elves. The least fun ones would be human, half elf, erudites, and the cat ones.

    I guess I would categorize myself as a semi-roleplayer, some races just feel more interesting. The big race diversity in eq is something i really enjoed. Ogres were just immense at over 3 meters and gnomes barely larger than their boots!
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