Favorite bugs over the years

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  1. Whulfgar Augur

    For me personally it was an always has been .. AoN (skelly) illusioning threw doors ..
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  2. Buri Augur

    Oh, I got a good one... way back in the Seeds of Destruction era, me and another player had our mercenaries traded.... I got his, and he got mine, but only when we were both online. If only one of us was online, we had the correct mercs, but if the other guy (who I didn't know in any way) got online, the mercs would swap places. This happened on several occasions. They either fixed it or he stopped playing, cause it hasn't happened since.
  3. Lianeb Augur

    These were the only references i could find on the cloak that indeed turned into the raid chase shoulders at the end of leveling it up. I had the thing on 2 toons, and if you had them and leveled and evolved them before the patch they didn't remove the raid shoulders from you.

  4. Kaenneth Augur

    One time SoE made changes to make Zoning faster, which included delay-loading player faction data.

    So if a player who was aggro fled a zone, and a player with good faction entered shortly after, the entering player would, for a moment have the bad faction.

    For long enough for guards that chased the other player to the zone line to aggro for no apparent reason.

    Many people died at the zone lines inside Freeport/Qeynos for a while.
  5. yepmetoo Augur

    I liked the bug that let knights turn their AA mounts into tradeable items, that other people could click and use.

    They let everyone keep the items...BUT...made it so that if you click it to summon the mount, you are instant DT'd AND you lose all banked AA.

    Pretty epic.

    - - -

    The quest exp bug when they changed how AA exp was calculated was interesting. Originally, an AA was equivalent to the exp in level 51. But since exp gains per mob goes up, as you level, it was getting easier and easier to grind AA. So they adjusted it to be relative to your level (I want to say now an AA costs the same amount of exp needed for the total number of dark blue con KILLS to be the same at level 51 as at any level above).

    Well, they didn't adjust how AA exp was calculated from quest experience, so they made quest exp relative to your level to.

    Hence, was born the bone chip exploit. Turning in bone chips in kaladim and making literally up to 1400 aa (or whatever max was at that time, TSS release).

    Some people were suspended and AA taken away, a lot kept them. A lot kept them if they exploited different quests (frost giant toes and helmets was a big one).

    - - -

    Pretty old school: Tumpy Tonics

    - - -

    Bug with original Fiery Defender that turned the proc into a DOT instead of direct damage, and I want to say the dot had no duration or something like that, so would just run until the mob was dead.

    - - -

    Not a bug, but handing items to friendly NPCs and they kept them. One thing I remember doing was camping lguk, and handing a lore item (e.g. FBSS) to one of the slave frogloks near safe hall. Then, run back out and sell FBSS, go back, kill the frog no one bothered and loot another, go back and sell.

    - - -

    The way original charm from NPCs worked was epic. If you went LD while charmed, you NEVER STOPPED BEING AN NPC. I remember a 40+ troll SK getting charmed by noble in lguk, and that sk went LD, then stayed there for like a week as the noble's pet until a group of 50s finally got together to kill him. That poor guy had to have been wondering what the heck was going on not being able to log in.

    - - -

    Never did it, but have to mention the Rallos Return thing, where people ended up with lockouts of multiple YEARS once they fixed it and punished people that exploited it.

    - - -

    The guild that exploited to get to Seru, when the content was unfinished (and the devs were claiming we just hadn't figured out how to do it), and they logged in with negative stat items like "Earring of Sad Exploitation" instead of whatever gear they had looted.

    - - -

    Have to mention the beast lockout thing. After the nerfed Grunkuk the Beast in Underfoot to be ridiculously easy, 3-4 people could kill him off the last 10% or whatever.

    Triality exploited that to use 54 in raid, kill it low, drop everyone except 1-2 mains and 2-3 alts, then kill it. Then add people back in for loot, repeat until you ran out of tanks and healer mains and alts. Killed it maybe...20? times in one evening trying to finally get a rogue dagger.

    Lead to the expedition lockouts being added to anyone that was in an expedition, whether no longer in it of offline.

    - - -

    Conquest exploiting Z-axis to wake the sleeper, and whole guild banned.

    - - -

    People exploiting Z-axis after managing to get on top of buildings in towns to kill guards and npcs.
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  6. Kuvian Lorekeeper

    Got another one.

    Around the Luclin era, there were these three skeletons in Echo Cavern right near the SK trainer. You had to swim under water to get there. The three a) did not assist when one had agro and b) had ridiculously low HP. I just sat there all night with my druid root rotting all 3 and got mad exp. Within a few weeks, WHAP went the nerf bat.
  7. Yinla Augur

    Druid regen that got changed to a dot in a patch.....they all logged in and died!

    Was years ago.

    Also liked one of the viral dots which didn't clear when you zoned to the guild lobby and it wiped everyone out.
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  8. Eaiana Augur

    I can't remember which raid it was, but I think in Underfoot there was an event with a viral DoT that each time it ticked would infect everyone around the player. Some people gated out and infected the Guild Lobby. Took a while for the GMs to finally cure and rez everybody.
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  9. Alarya Elder

    I think it was RoF, but if you put an illusion on the wizzy Prismatic Familiar and clicked the buff off it would be a huge dragon! Runnin around in PoK... or popping it out during raids was good times!

    Another big favorite (not sure if it was a bug or "working as intended") AoE headshots with Storm of Arrows line.
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  10. Absor Developer

    Gates of Discord beta. There was a bug that caused switches (doors mostly) to apply a huge amount of force on characters that they opened into. The door on the main cabin on the Queen of Thorns was notorious for booting people so high into the air that they would die when they landed.

    Best part about that was that the door was used a lot AND it also happened to open up right where players zoned in... I used to spend a few minutes each day watching the fun until the bug got fixed.
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  11. Sheex Augur

    Can’t recall the specifics but what was the one with the raid viral dot that would spread after you left the zone? The one that wiped out most of pok/lobby/guild halls? That was pretty amazing.

    Also, when Luclin went in the one where you could levi and push bazaar traders into the arena, kill them and loot their wares was great times.
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  12. Naturalist Lorekeeper

    Bug with the Sebilisian Bonemaster Coat that made the Shaman spell "Talisman of the Leopard" last over 500 hours. And you could zone with it. It was glorious.

    I think it was first reported around The Broken Mirror but was left in game for quite a while.
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  13. yepmetoo Augur

    Oh, one bug I really like and I believe still works, is the one where skinned mercs will change their model once an illusion effect on them wears off.

    For example, belikos merc, beta reward from Underfoot. Its a standard blue belikos. In a group with shaman, get group wolf going, once that buff wears off, the merc changes to the red belikos.

    Similar, the naked bug, where you could use an illusion to make your character naked, even though wearing gear. Another fun one.

    Another big time bug/exploit was the monster mission in undershore, the werewolf one, that was giving double aa. The line to that npc was crazy. Ada type things go back a long way.
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  14. Drogba Augur

    you can look up the items on allah.. Final product is not a raid item, nor is it a shoulder item..
  15. Kuvian Lorekeeper

    There was an old bug I need to test if it still exists, if you zoned into Siren's Grotto, went into the corner right at the ZI and camped out, then logged back in, you would be at the succor spot near the WW exit. So you could succor without a wizard/druid.
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  16. Lianeb Augur

    That was an amazing one.
    It was the sisters event in Convoteum, we wiped to the raid and ported to the Guild lobby. The lobby was where everyone on our server AFKd.....the viral DoT kicked off and started spreading to everyone and as they resapwned to their binds died again. There were people that lost 40 levels while afk before the server was brought down......Guild lobby was a made a no-combat zone after that.

    The OOC Chatter was amazing as most had no idea what was going on.
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  17. Lianeb Augur

    Lol i know.....i am saying that was the bug, it was scripted at final evolve pointing to the wrong item and was removed from dropping till it was fixed
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  18. Drogba Augur

    ah :)
  19. Raccoo Augur

    Similar thing happened only once to me, except with my pet. I zoned into Doomfire and my pet's name changed from Kurama to Herebunnybunny. I thought some GM was having a laugh on me, the name changed right back after I zoned into an adventure. I found afterward another shaman on server has Herebunnybunny as their pet's name, so I guess that is where it came from.

  20. Bigstomp Augur

    Convorteum had this.

    I'm surprised it didn't make the first 2 pages.

    Good bye lag pile!

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