Farcore <The Broken Wave> Mouse Click Kaesora Bot.

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Mafiaman9784, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. Mafiaman9784 New Member

    Feel free to check the 2nd pick of Kaesora (actually labeled 3). This clown has been sitting there in sneak all morning with a mouse click program. If you stand in front of him his target constantly changes. I took a video and sent it up to DBG for exploiting. Lazy scumbag players like this should be banned. Man up and do the hour 36.

    Phinny Server.
  2. Kanyen New Member

    The ground spawns for the VP key quest have really brought out the worst in some people. No respect for people waiting in line. People just come in and sit on the spawn FD or with an orge. I've had nothing but grief in my time camping the spawn in Kaesora. Not fun at all.
  3. Vaclav Augur

    Eh, saw an obvious scripter do shady goblin for the Chardok rings a couple hours ago. Two item turn-in and a confirm and yet it didn't even render to some of the people there, for me it was on my screen for under a half second.

    And mind you the obviousness of the scripting inspired some of the others to plot KSing and such as retribution against that guy.

    There's definitely more ugliness to be had than just the adjusted VP ground spawns.
  4. Spooky Elder

    DBG has essentially told us theyre ok with autoclickers by not doing anything about people farming FBE and BAMs for months.
  5. Miss Shortcake Elder

    This is new or surprising? I saw Mabbu doing it for days, weeks ago.
  6. Trevalon Augur

    Just as an FYI, prior to the launch of Rage/Lock both Roshen and the lead GM said that using Macros (Autoclickers) is perfectly legal in so long as you are at the computer and can answer tells from a GM.

    So, if he is afk doing it then thats not legal, but if he answers a GM tells he is perfectly legal to use an autoclicker.

    P.S. Im not condoning the use of these things, just saying that is what we were told that they are legal in so long as you are at the keyboard.
  7. Coach_Kegadin Augur

    PVP solves this problem.
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  8. PathToEternity Augur

    If you would like to send me the video, PM me for contact information.
  9. Tulgin Augur

    Wait, you mean people do ground spawns WITHOUT auto click programs? hahahahahahahaha

    How does that work then? You need to sit there spamming left click or what? Then send an invoice to DBG for a new mouse?
  10. JustACleric New Member

    Well... with all the afk fded people on the ground spawn, it's more frantic ducking and clicking in a concentrated amount of time.
  11. Finley Augur

    Is there a source for this? Not saying you're wrong; but I've been afraid to use anything like that but it would make skilling fishing a little easier haha.

    @ OP, this post will get locked/deleted anyways but in the future I'd try to at least give the guild a chance to respond before calling them out. A guild cannot actively police all their members all the time; the best they can do is respond when something like this is brought to them - and you didn't give them a chance to respond.

    GL getting your piece!
  12. Ducreux Augur

    Worst part of fishing is the damn pole breaks every so often so you can't completely AFK level it, Verant knew.
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  13. Batbener Augur

    You and I both know you can level it completely AFK.

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