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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Hateseeker, Apr 1, 2015.

  1. Hateseeker Augur

    This might be a bit premature to discuss, but if we don't discuss it now, it might not be possible later.

    Basically - let's imagine that it's 2029, EQ's 30th anniversary, but the EQ servers were end-of-lifed at some point in the intervening years (whether or not EQ1 Live will still be going after 30 years is a separate discussion).

    Would it be possible for Daybreak to ensure that the code is available/archived and compatible with Windows 14 so that a server could be started up?

    I think at that point we might consider it more of a Reunion server than Progression, even though Progression might be the format.

    What thoughts?
  2. Invictvs Augur

    What needs to happen is a Kickstarter campaign to fund EQ to be re-coded and have graphics upgraded.
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  3. Hateseeker Augur

    That's not technically a progression server issue, but -

    I would love for EQ to be re-coded, re-engined, re-mapped with maps that 95% match the geography (just the geography) of EQ1, graphics updated. The only differences would be that the lore would be slightly rewritten so that 75% of the time, we'd go someplace expecting to find a certain faction of mobs there, or a certain specific NPC, and we would in fact find them, but 25% of the time we'd find that things have changed.

    But it's still EQ - same combat system, etc. Perhaps the spells and abilities have been slightly altered or renamed but it IS EQ.

    Only enough changes to inspire a spirit of exploration and experimentation, no more.
  4. Ozni Elder

    Clearly you're forgetting the replicant wars of 2025, where NeoDzarn led a resistance made up of old devs and feelbad IP rogues against the securidroids guarding the mergers and acquisitions department of BlizzUbiValveEA Corp tower. The holostick containing the source was uploaded to the extranet cloud, and dings were heard once more throughout the solar system.

    After much heated discussion, it was decided that the first EQ server to be hosted from a lunar base should launch with Luclin enabled.

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