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  1. Croak Augur

    If someone has been playing on Fippy (or Vulak) for a while, lots of bugs are general knowledge, but some stuff slips through the cracks.

    Adding stuff to a list as I find out about it so it can become more general knowledge. I would much prefer things to be fixed than remain on the list.


    I just missed out on an Orb for 2.0 because I don't have signets on my SK. These shouldn't currently be required.
    I had been advertising to buy loot rights or sponsor a trip to Anguish for 2 weeks... no mention by anyone of signets
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    you should rename your post things that are broken for me on fippy as your list is quite extensive.
  4. Croak Augur

    Doesn't seem to be an option to edit first post - maybe I need more posts to do that. The plan was to edit the list.
    Far better a few posts with bugs that people might see than 20 posts on ideas for new progression servers.
    I also don't see why this is just "broken for me". Current era Anguish should be unlocked and not require signets = broken for all, even if you don't like easier epic 2.0s. Also remember that 2.0s are factored in for class balancing for those classes that get benefit from them at higher levels. The same is true of Anguish BPs.

    The Hive / Dreadspires Keep Access

    The current hotzones are based on December 9, 2008 to July 14, 2009 which is appropriate for the era.

    However the lv75 Hotzone, possibly by mistake was made to be Dreadspire's Keep (even in the original)
    But... DSK still seems to require the quest for entry which wasn't the case during this era on live servers.

    If the idea for a hotzone is for a place where people of similar level might group together, then having it locked behind a number of missions fails.
  5. Croak Augur

    PoP Level Requirements
    Bastion of Thunder wouldn't allow a lv58 to zone in - on live the level requirement is 57

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