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    FAQ for the EQ Queue

    If you are logging in near the launch of any progression server, you may see the login queue. What is it? How does it work? We've compiled this F-A-Queue to explain!

    Q: What does this "queue" message mean?

    A: When a server is in extreme demand, we place players in a queue so that the server doesn't get overloaded and become unplayable for everyone. As players log out of the server, we allow players waiting in the queue to log in.

    Q: Do I have to leave the message up? Does clicking "OK" reset my place in the queue?

    A: You don't have to do anything. Once your account is in the queue, your place is set. You don't lose your place by clicking OK or entering chat. As long as you are online when your account gets to the head of the queue, you will enter the game at that time. If you are not online at that time, you will be removed from the queue and start at the back again next time you attempt to log in.

    Q: What happens if I get disconnected? Do I lose my place?

    A: No. If you log back in and click "Play" on your desired server, you will resume your position in the queue where you were (as long as your account didn't reach the head of the queue while you were away).

    Q: Why does the time estimate keep going up if I'm not losing my place?

    A: The time estimate message for the queue is the estimate of the TOTAL time for someone new to the queue to get through. While the estimate is based on how quickly other players are logging off and being replaced, it can not predict lulls when no one logs out, or technical problems if players are unable to log in for some reason. If players are adding themselves in to the queue faster than players are leaving the server, the time estimate will go up.

    Q: Can I play on another server while I wait in the queue?

    A: No. Once you log in to any server you will be removed from the queue.

    Q: Is there a way for me to know my position in the queue?

    A: Not at this time.
Thread Status:
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