Fall Bonuses

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  1. Yoda New Member

    Anything that beats the 20% exp from potions is a win for me.
  2. Xeris Augur

    A) Just two weeks ago, for Labor Day, they posted: "you can enjoy 100% bonus experience"

    B) Now they post "you'll get to soak up 150% experience gains"

    Why are they describing the same thing (an xp bonus) in two different ways in official company posts? This is confusingly worded. Also, to classify the 'normal' xp as 100% doesn't make sense without additional details. If I gain 100% xp per kill, I should level up every time I kill a mob? But I don't actually gain 100% xp per kill; there's a certain rate of xp on each server, and the default is 100% of that rate, which again, is not specified in the post. So to say that 150% xp gain is 100% the normal rate and 50% additional just means... 50% bonus. But without explaining the first part, it's unclear.

    It seems silly to just assume one way or the other, when there's a very simple way they could have made it completely clear to everyone. In fact, they did that two weeks ago. For labor day, why didn't they say... enjoy 200% experience gains! Shrug. It's just bad copywriting.
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  3. Accipiter Old Timer

    Boss, "OK, your bonus this year comes out to $12.68."
    Employee, "Cool, sounds right."
  4. taliefer Augur

    you just reaffirmed my point that the eqplayer base doesnt understand numbers or the english language. because those two statements do in fact mean two different things and there is nothing confusing about either one. everything else you posted is word salad of you trying to make things more confusing, to make your point about non confusing things being confusing, which is confusingly non confusing to be obtuse.
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  5. Accipiter Old Timer

    And the bonus to rares?

    "you can enjoy 200% bonuses to rare spawn timers and faction gains."

    That's what we are talking about. It's not a 200% bonus, it's a 100% bonus.

    OK, I see myself being sucked into this quagmire. I'm out.
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  6. Herf Augur

    Maths say that "bonus" means "plus" So a 50% bonus. Or they could just write "+50% experience."
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  7. Captain Video Augur

    Threads like this only happen on patch days.
  8. Abrhum Journeyman

    This just confirms that the EQ player base will find the most random to complain about. We're getting a XP bonus. Be happy about it,.
  9. Stymie Pendragon

    But this one goes to 11. :)

    Just kidding. They should've said it's a 50% bonus to be clear.