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  1. Ishbu Augur

    I cant say I wanted an apology or really care that much about one, and bonus exp doesnt do a lot for me as I hit 50 on my main and have all the time in the world til AA's to level alts, but I respect the lengthy post of information regarding the ongoing issues of the last month or so.

    Thats all I really wanted was information and acknowledgement. I can suffer through these horrid zone times and chat lag issues as long as youve stated you are working on it and need more time.
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  2. Raurk Zorander Journeyman

    I agree - it was the silence from the team that was deafening. Nice to see a detailed post - at least I think there was some Aradune performance comments in there even if not called out by name. Hoping they can fix it before the server becomes even MORE crowded now with the bonus xp...but thanks for the update.
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  3. Malachi Augur

  4. kit74 Lorekeeper

    should be a * by the 25% game time if on aradune
    *if you can log in
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