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  1. Iolus New Member

    Anyone having a problem with this? Yesterday in OBF I was trying to escape a slight problem. I pulled with bellows no dots running and for whatever reason regardless of how many times I hit fade I would pop back up on the mobs argo list and was summoned back. I don't have any idea why.
  2. Jmac Elder

    I believe that bellows has a debuff also, so you hit bellows and the debuff lands, you fade and loose agro, the debuff is still on the mob and the agro resets. So you will keep getting agro on the mob until the debuff wears off. I could be wrong but I think that may be a possibility, or the mob could see invis and when you faded you were still in agro range of the mob and got summoned back.
  3. Momentum Elder

    Debuffs don't trigger aggro. Sorry, I can't help you solve your problem with the information you gave, but it's not due to bellow debuffing. See invis seems most likely?
  4. Jmac Elder

    Momentum is correct, I was thinking of when I had some of our aa abilites on a mob that I encountered the same thing, so I was wrong on that part. If you gave the name of the mob and/or what zone you were in that will help in figuring out what happened to you.
  5. Jyve Augur

    Aye, was there a mob wandering away on low health at the time time? No dot you say but.. some clicky? a weapon proc with a couple of ticks?
  6. Tiqou Elder

    How come you were summoned?
  7. svann Augur

    I will guess it was a friendly faction dragorn. When those get agro they will summon even at 100%.
  8. Iolus New Member

    I grouped with an SK, pull was fine but the SK died during the fight somehow, I was summoned and faded, a tick or two passed and I was summoned again, then again and finally dead. The only thing I can think was maybe Rallos Zek combat sleep aug or aura of the composer?
  9. Zaxamaphone Augur

    You were still in range of the mob and he sees invis.
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