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    Hello everyone and nice to meat you all. I am a older player but i was off for a long time like a min of 12 years so a lot has changed. Back in the say i could use a /factions and see what my standings are but now thare is now way to know what my standings are anymore in game. Can i get some help at how to find out what my standings are so i know how long of a grind i need to do for me to get into come citys for mutch needed questing like qenos and freeport. Ples help me out it would be mutch aprecheated thank.
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    You have to target the mob and then /con or right click. If you need help on raising or lowering a faction then Allah has nice tables showing what to kill or what quests to do.

    Standard faction ranges per con (consider):
    • Ally 1100 to 2000 (and up)
    • Warmly 750 to 1099
    • Kindly 500 to 749
    • Amiable 100 to 499
    • Indifferent 0 to 99
    • Apprehensive -100 to -1
    • Dubious -500 to -101
    • Threatening -750 to -501
    • Ready to attack -2000 (and below) to -751
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  3. Korbazz New Member

    this still not helping i want to know what standings i have with what factions like for example am i hated in halas or am i nutral or what ever i need to know so i can see how mutch i need to grind but just teling me a consider does notheing for what i am asking for. as for the the rang that only helps to know the lvl but not what my standing is on thouse factions that is what i am asking
  4. Yruc Augur

    There is no way to know what you are asking. The faction tables are hidden from us mortals. What CatsPaws post says is the best you will be able to get. You have to go to that area find a mob and do the /con to read the message. If they are ready to attack means they hate you and you need to improve your faction with them at LEAST 751 times to move up to the next rank of threatening. Allah has a listing of all the factions in game and ways to raise / lower them (quests / mob kills / turn ins / etc)
  5. Visitor Augur

    Way back there was no /faction command in EQ, you may have played some other game that had that feature. Otherwise the other posts about faction levels and how to learn where you stand is good information.
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    i remember in the old day yes thare was a way for us to see what our faction standing was becosue i used it a lot back in the day. now that i have returned it seems they have got rid of the faction being able to be seen. this breack what they already had. now i know in eq2 the factions standings are in the same tabe as your invintory so you know how good your standing in a said location. you have to remember i played eq when it first came out untill luclin so i know they had a way to showing your faction becsoue it used to say something Halas Nutral Freeport hated exc exc. so yes thare was a faction way of seeing your standing befor you ran in but what happened to it and how can i tell.
  7. Monkman Augur

    You are wrong.

    I too have been playing since 99 and can tell you for a fact there has never ever been a way to view factions the way you describe

    There have been requests for this but it has never been implemented
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    You are thinking of the "good or evil or neutral" faction/alignment one chooses when creating the character. This might help you: http://everquest.allakhazam.com/wiki/EQ:races/

    It now shows under your character name on inv screen. At least your deity does - its up to you to remember if your hated somewhere cause you killed all the wrong mobs or if that deity is evil or good.

    So in a way you are right but only slightly. Back when it mattered you chose which you wanted and it would take a long time to correct it if you had the wrong faction and 90% of the quests were based on that and faction really mattered. Now it does not matter so much (other than OOW armor and a few other things)

    Or it could be the water that people drink in EQ 2 that makes all those players think we have the same stuff in this game. Like the other posters I also have played since day 1 and I agree with them that there has never been a faction command
  9. Conq Augur

    That mechanic has never existed in Everquest, sorry Korbazz. It would be cool if it did. Just like it would be cool if Gal Gadot would answer my emails...
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    i will ask this then since you dont remember the faction stuff. Were can i go to see what my rating is? i litteraly need to know this so i can complet some quests but when you say consider a mob all that be doing is telling me the lvl of the mob not what my statius is with them. you see were i am coming from now. i need to know were and how to find out what my standing is with said factions so i can complet my monk quest. i feel like im talking in a circle with no answor here so pleas think and help me out so i can find out how long it will take to get into the 3 cities i need for monk quests.
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    Your question was answered in the 2nd post.
  12. gotwar Gotcharms

    The status of the mob shows your faction as an approximate value, using the keywords Catspaws already posted:

    • Ally 1100 to 2000 (and up)
    • Warmly 750 to 1099
    • Kindly 500 to 749
    • Amiable 100 to 499
    • Indifferent 0 to 99
    • Apprehensive -100 to -1
    • Dubious -500 to -101
    • Threatening -750 to -501
    • Ready to attack -2000 (and below) to -751
    These are "keywords" that are part of a longer message. Examples:

    Gotwar scowls at you ready to attack -- What would you like your tombstone to say? (-2000 to -751)
    Gotwar glares at you threateningly -- What would you like your tombstone to say? (-750 to -501)
    Gotwar regards you as an ally -- You could probably win this fight... it's not certain though. (1100 to 2000)
    Gotwar judges you amiably -- looks kind of dangerous. (100 to 499)

    The first part of the message before the hyphens is your approximate faction. The second part of the message after the hyphens is your relation to the NPCs level, with different messages based on your current level. The second part of the messages is mostly useless now, as actual NPC levels are displayed at the end in parenthesis. I have bolded and italicized the relevant keywords for clarity.

    This is, and always has been, the only way to judge factions in Everquest. You also need to know what faction that NPC is on - this isn't displayed anywhere and usually has to be ascertained through trial and error. Fortunately, players have already done this for the vast majority of NPCs in Everquest. You can usually find more detailed faction information for a specific NPC on Allakhazam.