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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by ShadowMan, Mar 22, 2017.

  1. ShadowMan Augur

    Almost that time of the year. Thoughts on most powerful class at level 70, can consider both PVE and PVP? Figure in fabled gear, weapons, epics and click, special class bp clicks or what have you. Basically anything is on the table with fabled drops a few weeks down the road.

    I am thinking monk or shadow knight at that level when decked out in fabled gear. Not sure if monk 2h fabled > h2h stuff with there AA lines but curious what others who might have played at that level think.
  2. Caster Lorekeeper

    I have a max fabled 70 monk, pretty much can't be touched in PvP. Fabled Bamboo 2hander against melees, Epic 2.5 & Fabled Stone Mallet against casters.

    Edit: Also, spend the time to get Anguish robe and camp Abashi. If you pvp at 70 (what little there is) those both are still very useful.
  3. ShadowMan Augur

    So h2h is obv more dps then the 2h then just vs melee with ripostes and ds its not as good? Abashi do something above anguish robe?

    Would you go fiercehand legs for the block mod at 70 over pure stats?
  4. Caster Lorekeeper

    I did full cultural with last bloods for ID/IP/IB/etc in all slots except chest. Chest is better to have the Dragon Fang dmg mod from Anguish Robe. Abashi is random 3 slot beneficial dispell - so much more effective than just Anguish robe which is only 1 slot beneficial. Abashi pretty much renders DS pointless in 5-7 seconds.

    H2H is more dps than 2Hand - but at level 70 there is significantly more jousting in melee PvP, so 2Hander is more effective than H2H. Also, 2.0+ Innerflame + Destructive Force + Fabled Bamboo Bo is the best way to burn down a PC plus their merc before merc gets off heals. Level 70, maybe 75 - are the last levels where older EQ skill in PvP is still a factor. After 75 the insta-kill abilities and discs completely changed PvP and removed the skill component.
  5. eqzekisdead Augur

    I have a lvl70 bard in fabled stuff that can beat anyone in pvp.
  6. Dre. Augur

    When I was leveling up a Fabled twink Rogue, Ssraeshza poisons at 70 did around 4x the damage of FGOS/FSEM

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