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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Zamiam, Mar 23, 2020.

  1. Zamiam Augur

    Before I start my journey I wanted some feedback to a question im debating ..

    the reason for this journey into F2P is to show anyone who does not think it can be done , that it can .. Ive done it before once when cap was 100 ..

    my question is .. on a few of my F2P accounts I have a heroic toon avail they are the free ones that once used can not be deleted .. so we all know going from lvl 1 to 85 doesnt take long and can be done usually with a tank merc up thru 60 to 70.. so I want to know what you guys think should/can I use these free heroics or will some of you say that isnt true F2P ?
    technically I did not pay for the heroics they were given free :p

    F2P restrictions still apply account is still free
    AA cap still 250 (however with the heroic i'll start off with 4k aa's )
    chat channels limited (no general chat)
    Mercs only can get up to A2 mercs ..
    just curious on your thoughts on the subject .. if you want me to take the long route to 85 np will take me 3-4 days of long hours or a week or 2 casual play ..

    During this journey I will be boxing . my reasoning is that if your playing for Free on 1 account why not use multiple free accounts to help assist you .. all will be F2P .. anyone who plays for Free can easily create multiple free accounts and box , if your not boxing when playing F2P your doing it wrong :p

    Once i get high enough and once I farm the pp needed to purchase a krono via in game i'll sub and autogrant and try to hit 105 within that 30days .. shouldnt be too hard although like i said I have a ton of stuff todo while Anniversary events are going on so my time on my F2P accounts will be limited .

    solo/molo to 110 on a F2P account is possible with the right toon .. and if you want I can do that also , but that will come after anniversary and after this F2P journey is done ..

    Ive decided on using bertox server as its got a good population ..
    I will be boxing 2-3 accounts mainly for access to fellowship/CF ..

    what are some things you dont think should be allowed and why, when playing F2P ? (ie Pling, joining a guild, fellowship, begging for items,twink items etc)

    how does one video the journey .. ive seen Tucoh's vids and they are great.. how does he do that .. what programs etc.. and does he upload those to youtube ?

    any other feedback would be welcome'd and appreciated ..
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  2. CatsPaws Augur

    Let me know how you obtain enough plat to buy a krono if you not high enough level to farm chase loot. Nothing else pays enough, even in baz, which you won't be selling in.
  3. jiri_ Augur

    There's no reliable way to get free granted heroics for someone starting a new account, and that's how you should be doing this. Start a new account today and work with the resources you have.

    I'm also against boxing - a new F2P player isn't going to have the system knowledge or mastery to start boxing. It's just not a thing that's intuitive for non-EQ players. But it's your call, obviously.

    Don't beg for items, don't twink, don't get PLs unless you can afford it somehow. Play your F2P characters and live within their limits; that's the point of the challenge.

    I'm not super familiar with OBS and xSplit and broadcasting programs like that; you could stream your stuff on Twitch, which will allow you to create VODs that way. I use Camtasia for my screen-recording needs, but it's expensive and I only have it for work. Some graphics cards include screen recording software, the best of which I think is nVidia's Shadowplay. Youtube has a limit to the length of videos you can upload, especially if you're a new user, so you'll have to do some judicious editing. You'd want to anyway, I think.

    If it were me, I'd go with the Twitch stream + VOD export option. That way you have full stream VODs available plus edited highlights on Youtube.
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  4. SunDrake Augur

    If your goal is to demonstrate how you can succeed in the game as 'F2P' then you most definitely shouldn't use a Heroic to do that. As the above poster said, most won't be coming in as a F2P Heroic, and probably shouldn't. The two 20 slot bags, the acceptable gear, the Heroic augs, 15k plat, all spells, and a giant hunk of AAs that you'd never have F2P, so.. helloooo Gloomingdeep :)
  5. Zamiam Augur

    ok so no heroics .. thats ok .. if i cant box which is fine will take me longer and my options for class is limited ..

    I feel even a brand new player once they get familiar with the game after a few weeks and playing their new toon and doing research or asking in /shout or the /newplayer chat channel will be advised to start boxing and to create a new account ..

    true its not something a brand new player will know about , but it wouldnt take long for them to hear about it and to eventually try it .. especially if they read the forums for research or google EQ ..

    It would be interesting to know how many people are actually brand new players who have never played a mmo or EQ that has not boxed before .

    for solo/molo my classes are limited to mage, necro, bst or enchanter .. and as far as PL im not talking as in paying for one , but for example if i join a guild and start grouping with them and they end up helping my toon fly through lvls .. would that be acceptable to most ?

    Ive played and started 3 beastlords over the years and have solo'd or grouped pretty much the whole way to max level with very little outside help .. when max lvl was 110 .. and same with mage and necro .. granted they were not F2P toons so will be interesting to see..

    will have to research on this twitch and youtube ..

    as far as a brand new account , im sorry i have like 13 accounts im not gonna create another account just to start off like everyone else .. only thing my F2P accounts would have that a new player would possibly not have are a few extra loyalty points which doesnt give me anymore power than a new account and might have a few /claim items that even though a new account might not get its nothin that would drastically change the outcome of a new F2P account . for instance satchel of legacies lost which has 10 xp pots 10 run speed pots and a gate clicky to pot with 5 charges and some defiant gear (3 pieces) and maybe a bag or 2..

    If a true new F2P account player started anytime between now and may 10th they could easily get 20+ xp pots some other helpful clickies 2 or 3 20+ slot bags ..granted it would take some grouping but during this time finding groups for the anniversary tasks should not be hard..

    I will start my toon on bertox within the next few days ..
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  6. Zamiam Augur

    Ok I decided to make a bst and a mage going to play them solo/molo and decide later which one to stick with ..

    I've made the lvl 1 bst on bertox will try to play more later on but got some R/L stuff todo atm ..
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  7. Numiko Augur

    Beast Mage and even Necro are the best for FTP yes, as their pets never have Rank I II or III so your pet will be the same as an all access, you wont be able to get the top EM items of course, but should be able to get good enough ones to get by.

    When you do sub for the month don't forget to purchase the ability to use Rank II spells with the 500 SC you get for subscribing.
  8. upsidedown New Member

    Great idea, I will be looking forward to watch your videos.
    You decided for Bertox server. Is Bertox more populated than say Bristlebane?

    I agree with others, I'm new to the game, will not be doing boxing for who knows how long, sounds complicated. Besides, my computer may be too weak for it anyway. Yes I only have A2 merc and decided for mage to make my life easier.

    One more question, comparing between FV and say Bertox/Bristlebane on which server would be easier to harvest for one Crono at some point later down the road as F2P?

    Hope you pick mage so i can get some good ideas from you, like how to play, which spells to use... :)
    For the life of me, I can't figure out how to give (spell created) knife to my water pet. I have read somewhere it is possible. Not asking here how to do it, ignore this, just looking forward to learn from you things like this ;-)
  9. Zamiam Augur

    well imho FV is super crowded has alot of bot groups , although very friendly peeps .. but it is a special ruleset server open trade which means pretty much everything is obtainable with few exceptions .. but finding a good guild and peeps to group with shouldnt be too hard ..

    Bertox and Bristle are also high pop servers .. of course it all depends on the time you play . bristle might be alittle more populated than bertox but im bias as I have been on bertox forever ever sense mith mar and Saryrn all merged with bertox ..
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  10. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    The only set of Free HC that you could not delete and remake* were the ones that were made during the free trial that ran from March 12-26, 2014. So if you have any HC credits sitting on your account, then they are normal HCs. You likely got them either by being subscribed and logged during aniversary time or for buying an expansion.

    *All HC don't give plat or Bayle Marks after the first creation, so be sure to put those in shared bank.
  11. Fluid Augur

    I have a couple of paid accounts and have found bringing a f2p character along to level them almost to easy so that shouldn't be allowed. I mean if you were really charming you could get your way into a guild and power leveled. I think you are trying to show even your average shut in closet case could get it done, so it has to be done w/o personality. :)

    One of the things to consider outside of your current scheme is what 100s of people with bot armies are doing on the TLP servers. I mean by hook or crook, get yourself a krono on a live server, then invade the next TLP server when it comes out in a couple of months. I'm pretty casual compared to a lot of players, only long term not 24/7. I found it easy on the TLP servers to make enough pp to pay for my subscriptions, I just didn't. It isn't your stated goal, just another option. Go f2p to paid w/o taking advantage of mature accounts. It gives you a couple of months to grunt up some characters to make a krono and play for profit on a tlp server where a ~level 10 character can farm enough loot to buy kronos in a matter of a week or two.

    IDK, I think it could probably be done your way with maybe a 24 character bot army. I mean you get 24 tier II merc Clerics in the mix doing rez and it would cycle just about right.
  12. Zamiam Augur

    ya wont be playing on TLP ..
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  13. Duder Augur

    Yeah, I'm not interested in reading a tragedy ;)
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  14. upsidedown New Member

    Curious, did you start already? Do you have any videos published? I would love to see them :)
  15. Zamiam Augur

    Hiya , No I have not started yet .. during this Covid 19 I'm classified as "Essential" and have been working 6 days 12 hour days .. so what little time I have during the anniversary im playing my main and paid alts to get the anniv stuff done ..

    Once that is done and things calm down a bit .. i'll focus more on the F2P toons

    thanks for following and being interested in my F2P journey .. hope to get started soon-ish :p

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