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  1. Thunderkiks Augur

    I did multiple donations just in case because I wanted the stuff for more than one account.
  2. Raiena Journeyman

    I ended up doing two transactions. One for my main account and the other for husband's main account. If they do decide to do per $100 then we will each get 2 codes sent to our emails. If not, oh well, it's for a good cause.
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  3. Thunderkiks Augur

    Exactly what I figured. Definitely worth it, it's for the kids!
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  4. Accendo Guest

    We are so honored and humbled by this year’s Extra Life response. As you likely know, your collective efforts to spread the word and raise funds have not only helped us reach our goal of $30,000, but we’ve exceeded it. And we’re not even up to Game Day!

    As we get closer to Game Day, let’s keep this going. All of this is for an amazing cause and contributions can still be made all the way up to December 31, 2022, at 11:45 p.m. PST. And thanks to how quickly and generously you’ve responded, here’s a reminder of what you get to look forward to starting on November 8 at 10:00 a.m. PST and ending on November 15 at 10:00 a.m. PST:
    • 150% bonus experience gains
    • 125% faster rare spawns
    • 75% more loot
    • 50% increased coin
    Those of you who have individual incentives coming, those will be delivered after November 7, 2022, and then again after January 9, 2023.

    On behalf of all the kids and staff at Rady Children’s, Extra Life, the Children’s Miracle Network, and all of us here at Darkpaw Games, thank you so much!
  5. Ythera Augur

    Does the duck mount fold its wings while not running/flying?
  6. Beltirabelkira Elder

    Based on people being turned into it on beta, that is a yes.
  7. Azurefrost Elder

    Curious about 2 of the bullet points. Does the 150% mean 150% on top of regular xp? I know they've worded it weird before where 100% is the normal and anything above is the actual bonus. However, the previous tiers mentioned 20%, 40%, etc which is below the 100% norm. So this makes me think its actually 150% bonus xp?

    Also, what does 75% more loot mean? Does that mean extra drops for raids? or instead of 1 item in a stack it now drops 2 items in a stack?
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  8. Spacemonkey555 Augur

    Net donations too low? -80% xp for everyone!

    Funny, but I think DPG is a bit too classy. I’m pretty sure it’s 250% total xp, I wonder if it’s 350% or 500% with lesson though, same with xp potions and fellowship, wonder how it will stack/multiply/add. Bet a bunch of people will be bug reporting the aa/xp cap per mob whatever it is.
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  9. MischiefTLP Augur

    AA cap is/was 5aa per kill.

    Is there an expansion requirement for the Mallard?
  10. Accendo Guest

    Given the amount of incredible generosity you, your families, and your friends have shown, we felt we too needed to mirror that in what we can do to show our immense gratitude. Let’s just dive right into how we’re going to expand upon the original incentives we offered:

    Collective Donations (Benefits all players.)
    • $35,000 = 160% bonus experience gains, 135% faster rare spawns, 85% more loot, and 60% increased coins.
    • $40, 000 = 170% bonus experience gains, 145% faster rare spawns, 95% more loot, and 70% increased coins.
    • $50,000 = 180% bonus experience gains, 155% faster rare spawns, 105% more loot, and 80% increased coins.
    • $60,000 = 190% bonus experience gains, 165% faster rare spawns, 115% more loot, and 90% increased coins.
    • $70, 000 = 200% bonus experience gains, 175% faster rare spawns, 125% more loot, and 100% increased coins.
    Individual Donations
    • $100+ = For each incentive milestone reached after donating $100, you will receive a second (third, fourth, etc.) key for each listed incentive. Example: You’ve donated $305 so you’ll receive three keys for each listed incentive, and plus one more $5 incentive for a total of four $5 incentives.
    Fundraisers (Those who have encouraged others to donate through their Extra Life account.)
    • $250 = Contract of the Painted Sporali
    • $500 = One set of all the listed Individual Donation incentives.
    These fundraiser incentives will be delivered after Jan. 10, 2023, and will take into account all donations received during 2022.

    Game Day is coming, and we’re really excited to see how much all of us can help benefit Rady Children’s and the Children’s Miracle Network! Please keep spreading the word and know that we cannot thank all of you enough.
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  11. Ephyr Lorekeeper

    Release the quacken, 200% XP go.
  12. Accendo Guest

    For the mount to work, Luclin will need to be unlocked on the server. No other restrictions apply.
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  13. Azurefrost Elder

    Don't suppose any other info on the mount? Speed? Mount Buff Bonus? Built in Levitation?Heirloom?
  14. LostSoul Lorekeeper

    Does the Increased loot drop % work for raid loot also? is it literally 100% increased loot (Or whatever it ends up being)
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  15. Nekasrof New Member

    I'm curious if the duck mount is only claimable once on a single character or is it like the House of Thule Collectable edition mounts which are claimable on all characters on an account? I'm sorry if this has been answered somewhere else but I couldn't find it if it has been.
  16. cowboybebop New Member

    Quick question can someone explain the steps I need to take to donate money and how my daybreak account gets credit for the donation. It’s a great cause and I want to help, I also want that duck mount
  17. Kinetix New Member

    Since we've exceeded the goal, can the next milestones extend the time? These bonuses are SUPER exciting!
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  18. Accendo Guest

    Head to https://www.extra-life.org/, click the Join button up top, join the Darkpaw Games team here: https://www.extra-life.org/team/darkpaw-games, and then click the Donate button.
  19. Accendo Guest

    It will work on all loot that isn't scripted.

    The mount can only be claimed by one character.
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  20. DarkwingDuck New Member

    Is it at least Heirloom?
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