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Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by JERUS, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. JERUS Augur

    I copied this over from Crystilla's post.

    BARD - http://tch.roft.net , http://theconcerthall.yuku.com, EQDiva Archive
    BEASTLORD - http://beastlords.org
    BERSERKER - http://www.goberserker.com
    CLERIC - http://www.eqclerics.org , http://www.eqcleric.com
    DRUID - http://www.thedruidsgrove.org , http://crucible.samanna.net/viewforum.php?f=54
    ENCHANTER - dead http://www.therunes.net
    MAGICIAN - http://www.eqmagetower.com
    MONK - http://forums.monkly-business.net
    NECROMANCER - http://www.necrotalk.com
    PALADIN - http://crucible.samanna.net/viewforum.php?f=53
    RANGER -www.eqoutrider.net/eqforums
    ROGUE - http://www.thesafehouse.org
    SHADOWKNIGHT - http://www.evilgamer.net
    SHAMAN - http://samanna.net
    WARRIOR - http://www.thesteelwarrior.org
    WIZARD - http://www.eqwizards.elitegamerslounge.com , http://www.graffe.com

    *In addition, a searchable alternate advancement (AA) site ( www.eqaasearch.org ) is gaining class entries. So far:
    Already included: Clerics, Magicians, Druids, Wizards, Monks, Paladin, Enchanters, Rogues
    In progress to be added: Bards, Warriors, Rangers, Berserkers, Necromancers, Shadowknights, Shaman
    Still looking for volunteers so they can be added: Beastlord
    serverwide.bards : bards
    serverwide.beastlords : beastlords
    serverwide.berserker : berserker
    serverwide.cleric : cleric
    serverwide.druidsgrove : password
    serverwide.enchanter : enchanter
    serverwide.magicians : fluffy
    serverwide.monkly : business
    serverwide.necrotalk : necrotalk
    serverwide.paladins : paladins
    serverwide.outrider : outrider (for Rangers)
    serverwide.rogue : rogue
    serverwide.sk : sk
    serverwide.crucible : crucible (for Shaman)
    serverwide.thesteelwarrior : thesteelwarrior
    serverwide.graffe : graffe (for Wizards)
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  2. Soulweavin New Member

    I always have trouble trying to join serverwide chat channels...
    Do I type /join server.... or is it some command other than /join

    thanks for bringing this back over Jerus
  3. JERUS Augur

    /join serverwide.bards:bards

    Type that exactly.

    For multiple joins or autojoin (i'll use auto as an example).

    /autojoin serverwide.bards:bards, general, serverwide.cleric:cleric

    that would join bards then general then cleric so it should be
    /1 =bard
    /2 = general
    /3 = cleric
  4. Riou Augur

    For serverwide channels it has to be for paladins for example

    /join serverwide.paladins:paladins
  5. Soulweavin New Member

    Thanks much, logging in to see if there is hope for me after all :)
  6. JERUS Augur

    Would be nice if we could get this thread stickied maybe even a copy in vet lounge. Kinda a go to resource for all classes (why we've put a copy in every class area in the past).
  7. Darrkin Skies Elder

    To easy to Sticky!
  8. JERUS Augur

    Still wtb sticky =b. Just be nice to have links at the top of every "class" area.
  9. Wegerith Stonewall New Member

    You can also do the following if you know the channels you want to autojoin.

    Find or add in your UI_Usernamehere_Servernamehere.ini

    ChannelAutoJoin=Channel1,Channel2,Channel3,etc, etc,...
  10. Tutmir Journeyman

    Looks like we lost another Concert Hall, its been in maintenance mode for close to a month now. Not that it was being used all that much but it was still one of the daily sites I liked to check on to avoid doing actual work at work...
  11. Kravn Augur

    New SK boards: http://eqshadowknight.net

    We have migrated most all data out of evilgamer.net and are fully live. Evilgamer.net is also now redirecting to us.

    Additionally since a lot of other communities are dead, we are starting a buildout for other class areas within the site, including a potential migration of the entire (now defunct) Steel Warrior site.
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  12. Raienya New Member

    Safehouse is closing down at the end of June. They are using Discord channel now.

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