Extend XP bonus thru next weened

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Zamiam, Mar 30, 2021.

  1. Zamiam Augur

    with all this lag how bout extending the XP bonus thru the weekend .. it is after all a Holiday (Easter ) in the US.. pls

    but holiday aside the lag is ridiculous .. extending the bonus another week would appease me. and give my new alt ( yes , i said New alt # 75) more time to get to 110 :p

    oh and P.S. for those that say it cant be done cause its hard programmed in and they just can t flip a switch .. they can . they might have to do a nerf patch but they've done it before ..
  2. Dythan Ban Lev in Plane of Fire guy

    Easter is not a US holiday.
  3. Zamiam Augur

    well , i didnt want to get into the religious point on the forum here and my world views are not that expanded to know if its celebrated throughout the world ..

    Easter actually began as a pagan festival celebrating spring in the Northern Hemisphere, long before the advent of Christianity. ... Following the advent of Christianity, the Easter period became associated with the resurrection of Christ


    maybe i should of been a bit more specific .. Easter is a US holiday .. I do not know if its a Holiday in any other country or not .. we may not get paid for this holiday or get it off from work .. but its marked on every calendar in the USA that i know of. and millions of people in the US celebrate the resurrection of Christ on that day ..

    however back on point this is about extending XP bonus for another week .. as i said before holiday aside its more for the lag we've been experiencing these last few weeks ..
  4. Dythan Ban Lev in Plane of Fire guy

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  5. Duder Augur

    You'd have looked better if you were just honest and said "because I want it" rather than trying to make some Easter reasoning. But the abhorrent lag is just that. But they seem to accept the instability of the servers and could care less. Were the servers up at a good rate? They were, case closed in their books.
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  6. Act of Valor The Newest Member

    Gimme gimme gimme.
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  7. Accipiter Old Timer

    I think most would consider it a holiday. We have Friday off here and our Canadian employees get Easter Monday.
  8. Tegila Augur

    halloween, xmas, easter all pagan holidays that were stolen much later to try to convert. im reminded every year by the celtic druids i live with about samhain(pronounced Sow-when apparently), Ester, and whatever they called xmas i forget.

    that said, no one would every argue against extending the bonus, but most shouldve alreayd known and had time. my SiL didnt even know it was a bonus til i told her yesterday cause she doesnt do forums and barely knows how to play lol
  9. Zamiam Augur

    apparently there are a select few :p

    ^ im sure he would gripe about almost anything .. AoV if you live in the US im sure you griped about the stimulus checks .. did you send them back with a thank you but no thanks .. and if you dont live in the US then that statement is Irrelevant :p
  10. Zarkdon Augur

    Some of the Easter traditions are pagan in origin, the name is derived (in English) from a old Briton diety Aeostre. The origins of the Christian celebration are rooted in the Passover which is uniquely Jewish. In most of the non English speaking work the holiday is called Paschal.

    Even in more traditional Christian traditions in English the celebration is called the Paschal Mysteries.

    However, I'm not sure Easter is a legal holiday in the United States, but I do have Good Friday off so I think we should extend the l the bonus purely for my own selfish reasons.
  11. Niskin Clockwork Arguer

    Oh sweet xp bonus, we will miss you while you are gone. Come back soon, and often.
  12. Kase Elder

    No to extending the xp bonus... just my vote.
  13. GoneFission Augur

    One of the things I’d like to see added to the anniversary quests is a refill/addition to the scholarship elixir from the Kunark scavenger hunt. They could add a simple solo or group mission to get a 5 charge refill. Another 5 30-minute double XP would be in keeping with the anniversary themes, extend the bonuses slightly, and add another reason to participate each anniversary.
  14. Smokezz The Bane Crew

    Depends on the province... Ontario has Friday off for example. Quebec has Monday.
  15. Accipiter Old Timer

    I see. Our folks are all in BC.
  16. Biltene Kingslayer


    Hmm, that sounds familiar....
  17. Zamiam Augur

    Thank you Dev's and Jchan for giving us another Bonus XP weekend .. also bonus faction and rare spawns :p


    In addition to our regular Stomples Day celebrations, we will be celebrating with a 50% bonus for faction, XP, and rares from 12:00 AM PDT on April 2 through 11:00 PM PDT on April 5!
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  18. Bigstomp Augur

    Interesting. Never looked into the actual rules but when I was in Quebec we seemed to get off whatever day was more popular among the staff. Could have been a small company bending the rules but not sure since others were 100% by the book (June 24).
  19. Sokki Still Won't Buff You!!

    I work for a small company and this is pretty much how we do it. We get either Friday or Monday off depending on popular vote, it usually ends up being Friday.