Exploitable bug in trials of smoke

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    Despite having a lock out on a trial, you can participate in the trial you are locked out of and still get loot. All it does is extend your request lock out another 3 days. Seems like an exploit since the lock out does nothing except prevent you from requesting the trial, which someone else in the group can do. Granted the 3 day lock out is dumb, it should be 6 hours same as the missions.
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    Isn't the 2 day "lock out" there to indicate you can pass freely through Smoke without needing to beat a trial? The point of beating all the trials once to to eliminate that 2 day process from what I can tell.
  4. Warpeace Augur

    Cacti gate 2.0?
  5. NameAlreadyInUse #CactusGate

    Stop claiming this is a bug! Simply thank the devs for their foresight and for designing the game in a way that everybody has an opportunity to complete the trials when they are ready.

    Thank you, devs!

    You see, if you make an EQ dev feel that they made a mistake, they are biologically forced to defend themselves by either saying, "I meant to do that" or "It's your fault". If you steer them towards, "It's your fault", they will ban you. If you steer them towards, "I meant to do that", everybody stays happy and wins.
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    I got the first task in Stratos and killed a mob. My quest counter didn't move. I camp fired back to the safety of content that was working. /nods.
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    From what I gather, this was done very intentionally. In it’s current state, it successfully stops a static group from farming one of the trials. However, if there’s a group of 5 people that need a tank and a tank has already done it, he can go and help them. Very well put together imo.
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    is there a way to hide or block a posters post's ? just curious
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