Experience slows by expac?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Hingabe, Oct 22, 2017.

  1. Hingabe Augur

    I'm having trouble finding the wording for the ruleset they implemented where you earn less xp if youre level 100+(?) And earning xp in an expansion more than 2 (?) Behind the current one(?)
    Can someone please either explain or link something that would help my understanding of the subject please?
    Currently, I'm 3boxing 102bard main, 98mage and 98necro boxes. I've been gearing them up on RoF named s, but plan on moving to cotf HAs soon, unless the exp is going to be complete garbage because of the above mentioned ruleset?
  2. Symbius Augur

    When you hit level 101, everything RoF and below isn't worth much of anything for XP no matter what it cons. Beyond that, nothing else ever changed. It was a dumb move back then and still remains a dumb move to obliterate the XP rates just because it's an older expansion.

    CoTF+ will be normal XP rates and EoK+ saw another bump higher in XP rates.

    Really the only reason to do RoF these days is Progression for the Augs if you want them. Otherwise just go straight to CoTF progression for Heroic AA's, Augs and better xp.
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  3. Rhodz Augur

    Gota sell those xpaks ethics be damed
  4. yepmetoo Augur

    The experience is not that bad at all.

    Here is the deal, the devs got a wild hair up their you know what to try and eliminate or reduce two things:

    1) swarming experience

    2) banking experience

    RoF partisans had HUGE exp rewards (talking 20% of a level on some of them), so you could bank them all and pop 2+ levels when an expansion came out with a level increase.

    SKs, and to a lesser extent other classes, were blowing up huge amounts of exp swarming low light blue level range mobs (could tank 20-50 at a time and allow riposte dps to do most of the damage and do crazy exp).

    So they announced that they would be reducing experience when TDS came out for RoF and below the moment you hit level 101. It was scaled but was pretty severe. I think (originally) at 105 you were getting like 25% of the experience you should have based off the level range and ZEM.

    People complained, rioting on the forums, blah blah, and of course it made no real difference, because those of us able to blow up content swarming always find a way and spot to make great experience.

    They went back later and reduced the penalty. So now at 105 you get 75% of the experience you should based off level range and ZEM.

    However, the mobs in RoF have like half the hp as the mobs in cotf, and hit for less. So swarming in RoF is still great experience (I expect that with level 106-110 the scaling will continue and at 110 you'll only get 50% of the experience you "should").

    As others have pointed out, swarming for PL exp is amazing in even older expansions in places like valley, and rof is perfectly fine because the low hp means your kill rate is faster.

    RoF > CotF for experience right now, in my experience. TBM is better than either, and EoK is insane exp. But if you're leveling up, and behind the gear curve, nothing wrong with doing exp in RoF, and people that say it is either 1) don't have a clue what they are talking about or 2) just completely missed that the nerf was reduced and mobs give 3x what they did at 105 than when TDS first came out.
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  5. yepmetoo Augur

    That said, if you can handle EoK content, do that, the gear is 2x the stats as RoF/cotf stuff, the named don't tend to have some of the crazy abilities some RoF named had. Heck, go to FM and work on tasks, you'll get rots all day long.

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