Expansion Livestream: Thurs, Oct 1 @ 3PM PDT

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, Sep 30, 2015.

  1. Duhbeast Augur

    yes it does appear to be taken down.
  2. Riou EQResource

    They are going to revise the video and re-upload it
  3. Barbwarrior Augur

    not happy with what was said or something?
  4. Ratbo Peep Augur

    Yanno, I havn't said much in months.
    I'll echo the sentiment that this moves us into uncharted territory. So far the efforts of "Daybreak" to milk the most cash possible from an old game have not breached the "no pay to win in EQ" policy.
    Now we're hearing that players who will "$hoot the loot" to Daybreak will get a "leg up" in actual gameplay?
    Sorry, but this a serious WTF moment into a brand new EQ. It leaves me asking "What won't they stoop too next?"
    PS: I totally agree the items need to be quested via "normal gameplay" in order for Daybreak to say they aren't changing all the rules here.
  5. Blankslate Elder

    I couldn't agree more. This would be a "Sea Change" for EQ and can only lead to a major game play paradigm shift beyond belief. If you want to kill classic EQ, sell power.

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