Expansion Livestream: Thurs, Oct 1 @ 3PM PDT

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  1. Roshen Brand Manager

    The announcement stream for the 22nd expansion to EverQuest will start on Thursday, October 1, 2015 at 3PM PDT* and we would like to invite YOU to join us atwww.twitch.tv/everquestlive


    During this stream, the EverQuest team will share highlights from the upcoming expansion, do PRIZE giveaways, and answer your questions. Don’t forget that pre-orders start onOctober 1, this day will be full of information on the upcoming expansion. Join us for the stream, and log into Twitch to chat with us and other players!

    Looking for some advanced info? Check out the Producer’s Letter from Holly talking about what’s coming up for EverQuest!

    We look forward to hanging out with you on Thursday, October 1, and sharing the details from this year’s expansion!

    *Convert to your local time
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  2. Fanra https://everquest.fanra.info

    Hey, Roshen, it's past 9pm Pacific Time. So stop working! :)
  3. Wizdons Augur

    Will this be up for replay?
  4. Duhbeast Augur

    Yes under past broadcasts under their twitch account.
  5. Endless Augur

    I have some inactive accounts and was thinking of activating them. Any chance if I pre-ordered Life in Decay on those accounts, I would be able to do TDS content immediately with them?
  6. Koryu Professional Roadkill

    You're going to have to try very hard to impress me. Recent bouts of unexplained nerfs (rain spell crit caps, Brace for Impact) and unnecessary nerfs (fade/fling changes that completely changed functionality and targeted abilities NOT used for pulling) leaves me in a pretty sour mood. Heck, you still don't have the last expansion's raids working correctly yet. Good luck.
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  7. Fanra https://everquest.fanra.info

    Until the new expansion goes live and your payment is processed, you do not get anything from it. It is on the day it goes live that everyone gets billed. Right up until then people can cancel, so as a result you do not get any benefit until your payment is made.
  8. Endless Augur

    Actually, it went right to 21/21 expansions on pre-order.
  9. JChan Developer

    Yes, this year's pre-order is a little different. If you pre-order The Broken Mirror you'll get the previous expansions content immediately. Note you'll also be charged immediately for the pre-order.
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  10. Silv Augur

  11. Tyraxor Augur

    Well...i don't know what to make of the different prices, $35 seems fair for a standard pack.
    The other editions thou remind me of how every company tries to get into our pockets online now, virtual items are like visiting the jewelry store i guess. Pass.
  12. Silv Augur

    What's the point of building up to the Livestream if all of the info is just going to be leaked early? :confused: It's in two different threads - or at least one still. Looks like the other got pulled.

    They're probably priced so high because you get a 10% "discount" if you are all access. Inflating prices to account for discounts happens all the time.
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  13. Feradach Augur

    So the new expansion is The BM? And I thought TeDiouS was about as self-deprecating as they'd get. o_O
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  14. Weebaaa Augur

    ReallyReallyReallyReallyReally wish you all would have answered this question last week when people were asking about it before deciding to buy TDS during your sale
  15. Fanra https://everquest.fanra.info

    As JChan posted above, this year they made it different than every other year. So I was wrong. Now, where did you pre-order it? I thought pre-orders would not go live until after the Livestream and visiting everquest.com does not offer it. Logging into EQ, I did not see the option to pre-order on the loading screen. I didn't actually enter the game though, since I have no time to play (but apparently enough time to post here:).
  16. Schadenfreude Augur

    Anyone stealing my "I could buy a real lion for that" line is in trouble.
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  17. Iadien New Member

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  18. Stumphobbler Elder

    Standard Edition

    • Level Scaling Raids – Instanced versions of Plane of Hate and Plane of Fear that scale for level 75-105 raids.
    • 7 Expansion Zones – 4 completely new zones and 3 revamped zones.
    • Illusion Key Ring – Access your illusions in one easy location!
    • New Quests, Heroic Adventures, Missions, and Additional Raids
    • New Spells and AAs

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  19. Gerzer Lorekeeper

    I can't log into the chat session...can someone ask them to confirm that VoA AAs will be auto-granted once this Xpac goes live?
  20. Povarmonk Elder

    So do have to pay now or do you pay when it is released?