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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by AlmarsGuides, Oct 30, 2018.

  1. AlmarsGuides Augur

    Didn't hear anything about F2P being auto granted expansions again in the Livestream; I am curious is there any chance this is coming back?

    As an alternative, could you add some of the older expansions to the Daybreak Shop and let us buy them with DB Cash? I think letting us buy EoK and TBM with Daybreak Cash wouldn't take away from current expansion sales and it would definitely be of interest to a lot of people who have alt accounts.
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  2. AlmarsGuides Augur

    Am I seriously the only one curious about this? It's the most common question I am asked around expansion time each year and I see it asked in general quite a bit too. Where is everyone who bugs me about this when I finally decide to make a thread asking? =P

    It's been I think 3 years since an expansion was auto granted and we haven't had any word on if this is going to come back or if any alternatives were going to be put into place (like my suggestion for Daybreak Cash).
  3. Dythan Ban Lev in Plane of Fire guy

    Just buy the new xpac.
  4. Warpeace Augur

    Honestly I hope not. Daybreaks FTP is overly generous as it is, add to that if you buy an expansion then sub for a month you can level and AA then go back free and retain those benefits.
  5. CrazyLarth Augur

    I would think that only a new Level increase would ever get Dev's thinking about any new level Free FREE AA's. So check back next year. But I am sure they would only give FREE AA's to GOLD toons if they do.
  6. segap Augur

    They have the yearly half price sale that lasts for a month. Your chance to get all the expansions except the upcoming one at a fairly low price. If you're not interested in the new one, it's an economical way to back fill. The game costs money to produce and they need to fund it somehow. Giving stuff away so people can run bot armies in recent content doesn't sound like it makes them much money.
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  7. So Happy Augur

    I gave up waiting for TBM to open to my several silver accounts and just cancelled my all access accounts and copied to test server. Now I don't care anymore.
  8. Zamiam Augur

    so happy for you;)
  9. Tatanka Augur

    I see what you did there :)
  10. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    At first I didn't see what he did there. But then I did. :)
  11. ForumBoss Augur

    For paid members at 110 with all expansions, does purchasing TBL add any more expansions to the autogranted aa set?
  12. Goodn Augur

    Autogrant AAs have never been tied to an expansion purchase for an account. They have been tied to an expansion release and since the free expansions granted to all accounts has been ahead of the autogrant aa up to expansion, it's never been an issue.

    Right now, the Darkened Sea aas are scheduled to be autogranted when TBL releases. Since everyone has TDS, everyone who is all access at the TBL release should be able to get autogranted all the TDS aas. Currently they have not said or indicated that will change for TBL...but you never know. Since the autogrant aa feature is a key selling point for all access, I don't expect it to change. But I'm not DBG.

    The expansion after TBL will be the interesting question if TBM isn't given to everyone...no longer will you be able to just be all access...you will then have to have purchased a recent-ish expansion.
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  13. McDougal Augur

    Honestly. If you don't raid there is nothing in this expansion for you? Spells? AA's? I guess it keeps the people running 6 boxes happy. I could be wrong though. Thank god for the TLP servers.
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  14. Fanra https://everquest.fanra.info

  15. So Happy Augur

    Why, thank you.
  16. Fanra https://everquest.fanra.info

    To clarify, when I said, "The Darkened Sea AAs going to be auto-granted?", I meant for All Access customers, as usually when a new expansion comes out they upgrade the auto-grant to the next past expansion in line.
  17. KermittheFroglok Augur


    Last month someone could've bought TBM, EOK, and ROS for just $17.99? That's like $6.00 per expansion, if you didn't have any of them yet? I don't understand why they would give content away for free? If you're not willing to pay ~$6.00 for an EXPANSION, then giving you one probably won't coax you into spending money either?

    My thoughts are just buy TBM, EOK, ROS, & TBL when TBL goes on sale in a year, or buy them all now?
  18. ForumBoss Augur

    I'd say it depends what level you are and how much you're hurting for cash. If you're 100+ I'd say it's worth buying it since EOK+ expansions have wayyy better XP than doing COTF HA's (and COTF HA's get really boring after a while).
  19. KermittheFroglok Augur

    Fair point, but I think the thread is from the perspective of someone waiting for the content to be "free". I agree that someone lower than 100 definitely wouldn't benefit from the standard editions. The collector & premium editions can still be nice when their on sale if you're into the mounts, familiars, and housing items. I actually got the ROS premium edition for my accounts because the mount was pretty epic looking.

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