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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by koook, May 14, 2020.

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    Will this be the first TLP expansion then?
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    The honeycombing in that graphic reminds me of the Well World series by Jack L. Chalker
  5. Beardsy Lorekeeper

    Ooo an Everquest/planetside crossover?
    EverSide PlanetQuest! Let's do it! :D
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  6. Jhenna_BB Augur

    /George Takei *ON* "An incident?!"
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    I kinda like the style & colours used.

    Made me think of a Civ VI mod with an EQ theme - would be cool I think.
  9. Questoften32 Augur

    You know why krono are needed right? Things in other games like wow tokens? Dont go blaming Daybreak, Its Soloist that started with Mercs and became desirable because of other peoples attitudes, the alternative at some levels is not to play or rush to the next thing, ''the last thing'' because others do ignoring the game if others wouldn't. ''Some not all''. To put simply in eq:

    To solo lower level or only occasionally have ha group you need to be bazzar geared, and then go to 65 and use another krono to pay someone plat to level your character or upgrade to heroic. or Both because even at 85 you might not have someone to play with enough.

    Listen even intellectual introverts should be social on a game for strategy its an mmo, and like a rpg past the solo point you need a team. The getting to know the character phase is fun, and going after specific things solo.

    Yet don't let what happened to ''eq2'' happen here, you can bottle xp and drink as if a double potion was not good enough. In other words game plays itself and dose not need you, next step is watch it on TV or a youtube vid about game.

    Edit: do you know the ''complete'' origins of the word Kronos btw ''Besides'' play on game time'' Chronology in mode of thinking ie: comparative, relativism? Telling.

    "Or play monopoly if that's your game'' some pole are are bazzar obsessed but in about 8-10 years I dismember, I have never had a trader, not one, never even used it. Though I used the broker on eq2 all the time until because krono it became meaningless except for higher levels.I might try this if I would leave one in auction and still play but I find multiple accounts a bad fit for me, and support the game else where. ''come to thing of it I would be a token for like 40 for a permanent bazaar seller slot, if it did not take from my character slots. otherwise its /barter for me if anything.

    I am a pragmatist however:

    I do buy the krono. I also make my transactions numinous for support reasons of the game. Ie x charge, x charge and not at once so DB thinks its profiting if its accountants are counting sells. good for eq, good for listening, and listening means they bother because game is working. I'll buy Kronos and DB funds per month as much as I'm going to individually and daily up to a monthly point. Someones gotta be looking at the numbers. I encourage others to do likewise.

    On FV need the millions and the prices are such its gone withing the day, and there is no activity in the game that could earn you the money ''save max level and you would need to know what you were doing, to = it.

    Daybreak is also a small company, think Inde films, eq is cult, its ''could be'' a perfect fit ''almost'' the almost only means if you one can the least bit Neo-traditionalist, if One can the fit is perfect and there will be few mistakes in retrospect if any, none will come without a root in wrong thinking in my opinion or a lack of balance in this way.

    People are hungry now ''young people ie new customers'' for this sort of game like certain music if you know how to turn them on to it. The come on is all this sort of thing.

    That is if the base remains intact to keep integrity ie law of identity which bastardized is something like: A thing is what it is, has certain defining traits, let you identify it in reality. A thing cannot be what it is not, no matter what one would say. To change it or use it, one must first acknowledge it as it is. Otherwise there is delusion.

    Eq could not compete or would fail without remaining an adapted hybrid of the classic model, otherwise that would kill its platform, the genre it sells.At the same time synthesis in hybridization to make a third stronger EQ.

    Which believe me I know: genre specific things sell like mad, even edited scribbling. Try to offer a generic copy and your projects crushed! It would be viewed as pathetic and name recognition would not sell it. People would just say eq's went all to hell, half regretfully half sardonically.

    On overseer:
    Using something like WoWs Agents, *followers* would be fine, the mini game in other forms was stolen by wow also, and wow has taken from eq. To fir eq Overseer needs lore, the inclination and tidbit this far given is right on. Make being an overseer mean something, have an npc in the nexus kiss the player characters butt just a little, with a random comment or two when they pass through there. Hero's like that.

    I have not got up the nerve to play the mini game yet ''really functionally'' but I want to just for merc xp which is the only viable thing I can see having read about it to the hilt. Merc xp is sub-par beyond measure. I don't care for prizes that are not prizes or boxes that when you open them contain another box. That's what I read but good for merc Xp.

    I don't want it to change my feelings on the game even a bit though I prob will try. Just got back 15 days of what hopes to be a good play and have not got down to it and my made choice completely yet ''Focus character beyond like 1.0's which I enjoy'' and forever work on.

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