Exp in instances nerfed?

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  1. HoodenShuklak Augur

    People complain because, while this change may not take much time, nobody wants it and it probably hurts no one. Meanwhile, how long would it take to change the spawn time for ground spawns for raid zone keys? What about drop rates for VT keys? Enc, SK, wiz epic nonsenss? People seemed quitw unanimous about wanting these changed. We saw friends burn out and quit over the drama from doing quests like this.

    Those are the easy changes people have seen the devs pass over for years. Thats what really bothers the people.

    If correcting instance exp was the last thing to finish on a short list of issues to fix then that's one thing. We all know its the exact opposite though, isnt it?
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  2. Cleaver Augur

    They continue to dictate where you should play the game. just nerf xp anywhere they don't want you to go. Its absurd in a game this big this many zones this many places to explore that they funnel everyone to the same places because they nerfed the xp everywhere else.
  3. Angahran Augur

    I just wish they'd remove the 'You have received raid experience' message entirely.
    It's pointless when after killing 100+ trash mobs in a raid your xp bar hasn't moved a pixel.

    Almost as bad as those pointless one way factions.
  4. The Hated One Augur

    I still want a Dev to answer my question. How does leaving the exp at the server level hurt the game? other players? How does having a unique instance of a dungeon for a group to crawl through...which is exactly what an LDON is. hurt the game play? It provides the ability for people who have not crawled an entire dungeon a chance to do so without having to climb over other people camping areas, people jumping past you and killing mobs, people training you or any number of other toxic experiences which frankly make EQ NOT enjoyable. It was one of the home run decisions imho that they had made since the TLPs started. NOW you just jerked the carpet out from under it. I would like someone to just explain HOW THIS MAKES SENSE.
  5. Febb Augur

    LDoN's are hard coded in and are way more efficient on server resources from what the devs have said in the past regarding comparing AoC instances to LDoN instances. This is one of the reasons why they don't want people using them as private experience groups.
  6. tankNspank Elder

    IMO, its all about slowing down the exp as much as possible to profit off exp pots. No other logical way I can see. Of course, they will not state this or any other reason to slow down the exp. Like previous posts they will either ignore this or remove it. WHY? Because they don't give 2 cents about this until it effects the $$$$. They better look out cause alot of old EQ players that run on these TLPs are also Original WoW players. They might want to start taking care of the player base when that Vanilla WoW starts to come around. =)
  7. tankNspank Elder

    With a week long lockout that a group can clear in a few hours, hard on resources, not buying it :)
  8. Febb Augur

    Keep in mind Coirnav isn't the only server with AoC instances.
  9. Dythan Ban Lev in Plane of Fire guy

    Puts on my tin foil hat and wizard robe.
  10. tankNspank Elder

    and server infrastructure is dirt cheap.
  11. Febb Augur

    Daybreak Games is small in comparison to what they used to be when they were SOE and Everquest is no longer their flagship product so whatever the flagship product needs it usually gets. If you have been paying attention to all the server issues over the last year and a half, you'll see they have a problem with resources and have been working on it. They have been slowly fixing these issues and transitioning everything over to SQL and that has brought in new problems such as account to account transfers.
  12. tankNspank Elder

    oh so thats why they nerfed the exp... lol - and not being able to sell the robe for spell, and all the other BS slight changes that were made and not needed or wanted but whatever :p
  13. Ryak Augur

    RIP decent exp during 6 hour VT clears. sorry Coirnav!
  14. Risiko Augur

    I guess I just don't get it.

    I have so many questions...
    1. What is wrong with someone gaining experience in a private instance?
    2. If the zone was purely intended only for raiding, then why does it have all of the non-raid mobs spawned in it?
    3. Would it really harm the game if people were allowed to gain equivalent experience in an AoC instance?
    4. Why not have non-raid version of the zone that does not spawn raid mobs that is available to be requested by a group and have a 6 hour lock out timer on it upon entry? Then you would have one that is not intended for raids.
    But, really. Why is it so wrong for someone to be able to gain some experience in an AoC instance? That just baffles me completely. It's not like there is any advantage to killing in an instance over killing in open world other than not having to fight for camps, and I am absolutely sure it's been stated many times that DBG does not acknowledge camps, so there shouldn't be an initiative to preserve camping.

    This is just all around an odd design decision. I just don't get it.
  15. Dythan Ban Lev in Plane of Fire guy

    The instances are still there, they still give some Xp. Low risk in not having to compete with others = low rewards.
  16. tankNspank Elder

    Question is, what else will they beat with a nerf bat to slowly kill off the eq TLPs? :)
  17. Snorl Lorekeeper

    Don't know what server you play on. A raid on agnarr is at least 1+ full AAxp.
  18. Snorl Lorekeeper

    Because when the pvp server comes out all the carebears will be hiding in the AoC instances.
  19. Oakenblade Former ForumQuest Champion

    With the right mindset, and enough forum-quest whining, ANYTHING can be perceived as a nerf.
  20. Gnickel New Member

    These instances were a required reprieve from the RMT cesspool that is TLP. The nerf is not acceptable.
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