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Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Cardozo, Jan 17, 2024.

  1. Cardozo Journeyman

    It seems when you are set to 100% AA experience, once you fill up your banked AA #, the experience earned will overflow into regular experience. However, if you have AA experience set to 0%, once you cap you experience bar, the overflow experience is lost versus going into AA experience. Is this something others see, or just some type of UI bug or something?
  2. Iuwene Augur

    I actually noticed the overflow from maxed AA into regular xp today for the first time (after having died and not being at 99.999 regular).
    It is actual a nice feature and it would be only consequent if it would work the other direction as well.
  3. Gialana Augur

    Yes, this is the way it works. I don't know if overflow AA experience has gone to regular experience since AA were introduced, but it has for a long time.
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  4. Angahran Augur

    And once you are max xp and have 240 (or whatever it is now) banked it's all lost.
  5. Smokezz The Bane Crew

    Really hope this is left as it is. It would be really irritating to get spammed every kill with the you have too many AA's if this was changed.
  6. Fenthen Living rent free in your headspace

    No, but you get spammed if you are at 250 AA banked + 99.99% into 125.
  7. Smokezz The Bane Crew

    Not when you turn off AA. Which for some chars, you don't bother using Glyphs... you don't want the spam.
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  8. Cardozo Journeyman

    I would much rather deal with spam (or better yet have an option to turn that particular msg off or set those notifications to filter to a separate spam window), than lose AA exp because I don't realize I am exp caped. Seems weird if flows 1 direction but not the other. Is this designed as a feature to avoid that spam? Or just a quirk of how exp works? Logic tells the exp to first go to AA if on, and reg exp next if AA is off with no way for the reverse check to happen?