Exalted Cultural Augs on Phinny

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Jahtw, May 24, 2018.

  1. halagren Journeyman

    The fact of the matter is simple...exalted symbols server absolutely 100% no purpose in SoF. they're literally useless and will never even be crafted. sublime replaces them.

    the reason exalted got added in was to bridge a gap that never shouldve existed in the first place. Also if you were not going to allow the combines you should've removed the quest from the game as well....i just wasted MANY MANY hours doing the stupid quest, time which i cannot get back. that is unacceptable. If you ultimately decide to not allow the aug to exist in TSS, then REMOVE THE DAMN QUEST so other people dont waste their time.

    but seriously put the aug in, it is very clearly designed for this era, it was intended to fill the gap until sublime in SoF. gear stats and totals have already been clearly pointed out so i wont restate it.
  2. Communist Puppy Augur

    It would be nice if these got put in, as it doesnt really effect the balance, and to have them be good they require both a large plat investment to get both these, as well as the TSS raid drop for the armor. Its already a lot more work to get this raid piece then another raid piece, would be nice is the resulting combine actually reflected the extra work that players had to put in.

    Thanks for the consideration!
  3. Caroo New Member

    I agree with the request too, as those symbols would not make sense anymore at SoF stage. I expected they are available and my armor setup was arranged to this (trying to get good type 7 augs for those slots, getting last blood etc. in raids), but this strategy would fall apart as common raidgear would outperform cultural by some gap.
  4. Varu Journeyman

    Can we get word on what the plan is for these please? An answer either way would be nice so we can plan our gear.
  5. Dythan Ban Lev in Plane of Fire guy

  6. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    We do plan on allowing it. *BUT* I have no ETA at this time. I have a large stack of "Urgent right now" things so unfortunately, they all can't get done in a timely manner :/
  7. Saelan New Member

    Thanks for the update Ngreth.
  8. Ryak Augur

    If it makes you feel better, there is a product where I work (not the one I work on thankfully) where the "client top 10 issues" list consistently has 12-15 issues on it. The naming of that list always manages to amuse me, anyways.
  9. Jahtw Journeyman

    Thanks for looking into this, and thanks for giving us a headsup!
  10. PathToEternity Augur

    Ngreth, you not only do tons of work but it's also the kind of work that's visible to the playerbase, so please don't take this as a knock on you. I recognize how much you are doing both that we see and behind the scenes. However, that argument is really flimsy and I don't think it's really a good one, or in Classic we would have had manastones dropping in lguk, jboots dropping in Najena, level 1's could have zoned into Plane of Hate/Fear for a period of time, etc. There's a lot of stuff that's changed that isn't engine/UI related, but have been strictly database changes, and they were changed for good reasons so it's good that those changes remain retroactively implemented.

    Over EQ's many years, especially early on, a recurring theme was tradeskill gear that took a ton of resources to produce (time/mats/plat) that even on the highest end didn't really produce anything special, often being outclassed by group gear let alone raid gear.

    I'm not a tradeskiller and don't really care about this stuff too much but I think it's worth commenting on because we as a playerbase want to see some of these inconsistencies smoothed out, not just for our own server but for future TLPs down the road.

    I'm glad to see changes like this made (which can include convenience/quality of life changes). To me this is more like going back and fixing a typo than making an actual change. It's acknowledging that a change which was implemented in a later era (often originally as an acknowledgement itself) was appropriate.

    Anyway I do know how busy you are so I'm not making a case that you get this done right away, but just sharing a thought on this argument about progression vs. convenience.
  11. Ryak Augur

    It goes both ways, honestly. Certainly you are right that there are tons of things that were originally changed with the intent that they wished it was that way all along, and many of these get delayed on progression to the detriment of the servers.

    On the other hand, you have people acting like taking away the Heal over time potions in the earliest eras was a grave injustice when actually it was pretty reasonable.
  12. Boze Augur

    Looks like this didn't make the test notes. Any chance on making it to next week's live patch or to the July patch?
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  13. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    We don't make changes as large as this one after Design lock. The test patch is the day after design lock. And not lifted until after the live patch. (The after depends on emergency fixes from the patch, so I don't have an exact day). So in that week... we only fix bugs in things found on test for the live patch.

    I still can't promise it, but I do hope to get it in for the July patch.
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  14. Boze Augur

    Cool, thanks for the reply & info!
  15. Catashe Augur

    Hail Ngreth! Hero of the Little People
  16. Eldrian Augur

    Thanks for the update Ngreth. Also nice to finally win the argument we had back in 2008 :p
  17. Caroo New Member

    Looking forward to this change, thanks for considering it.
  18. Torkaz New Member

    Just going to point out that you've been bamboozled by you playerbase.

    The Exalted augments result in gear with an average HP >500, using DoDH era Last Bloods. That's 210 from Last Blood, + 250 Exalted + 35-40 or so from Elaborate gear. Going on the low end, that's 495 HP/Mana from just upgrading the crafted seal. + whatever you slip into the slot 7. That puts this cultural arm BETTER than end game TSS gear (except for foci). That's 8 slots instantly filled, prior to any TSS raids better than end game zones, and just filling non-visible slots to get the FEW foci that you need.

    Oh.. and the Elegant armor is in game as well...

    These augs should be The Buried Sea expansion, NOT The Serpent's Spine.
  19. TonyT New Member

    Ngreth, I want to Thank you for your hard work, and letting us know you at least recognize the concerns. I can't pretend to understand how much work this would involve to investigate tradeskill itemization from years ago.
  20. Pikollo Augur

    Was this ever fixed? TSS comes up on Selo in about a month. Wondering if I should worry about saving mats.

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