EW Mercenary Quests: Items Stopped Dropping Early

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Bardie, Nov 12, 2020.

  1. Bardie New Member

    Scenario: 2 level 109s, 4 level 112's doing all 3 Quests for Mercenary

    1. 5 people grabbed all 3 quests
    2. second 109 accidentally only grabbed 2 (forgot the Banshee quest, this is important for later)

    • We went around doing the Collections first.
    • The first 3 112's got all their items (both 6 coldains and 4 banshee)
    • The MT (had all 4 Banshee Items and 5 Coldain)
    • I had 4 Coldain and 0 Banshee
    • The 109 had 0/0
    • We noticed that as the high levels got their items and completed their steps, the drops slowed allot
    • The MT got his last Coldain Item
    • At that point, it was only dropping 1 at a time anyway, was weird
    • However, once he grabbed that last one, NO MORE dropped period
    • We fought for 1.5 hours and ZERO Coldain or Banshee Items Dropped
    • As noted previously the other 109 noticed they forgot to grab the the Banshee quest, and since we already tried logging and porting etc and coming back and it didn't work, we thought ok, grab the quest, it will be fresh
    • Still didn't matter, NO banshee items dropped
    Today (Continued)
    • We went back out again, with another 110, who didn't have any of them done
    • They grabbed the 3
    • I still had my 4/6 and 0 Coldain/Banshee) items
    • The other 109 still had 0/0
    • The new 110 was also 0/0
    • The MT regrabbed all the quests to redo them with us, thinking that if he had the quests we would get the items
    What Happened Was
    • We killed 1 Banshee and a Single item dropped, where-as all 4 of us needed them, almost as if the MT was the only one that needed them
    • We went to the Coldains and killed 6, zero drops...
    So something is up and we don't know how to fix it.
  2. Soulbanshee Augur

    Pretty sure this should have been patched way back, but the fixes to Last of the Storm Boars also came back or got reverted too. You've stumbled onto the workaround, get someone(s) in group to grab a new task and they will start dropping again, but its not 100% so you could go 6 and not find one, but not 1.5 hours with no drops. Don't have the new task people loot or it could stop dropping again.
  3. Bardie New Member

    Yeah, I am going to try again tomorrow. I swapped to another set. It appears to be 2 fold. 1 the drop rates drops massively and then stops. And agree lol my attempt was to NOT have the new person do anything until the old had it. I will keep at it.

    Thanks Soul
  4. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Were those still needing the drops on agro?

    It is one of those quests which only drops items when someone on agro needs the drop, they can bug out when someone completes and others still need.

    I usually do it so everyone is the group is missing just 1 item each, wait until I have the desired number in the advanced window to finish everyone and then assign the final drops.
  5. Bardie New Member

    Hi!! and thanks for the response. Yeah they are on aggro, I am a bard and constantly twisting songs and fighting. And on the second day, when we tried again it was 4 of us that needed the items so it was weird.. :-( I haven't tried it again, did Ryggor and Caverns instead. But yes, your advice I will have to make sure I am doing going forward.
    Love your tag too haha Fake it..
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