EW Griklor mission pathing and updates

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Metanis, Jan 16, 2020.

  1. Metanis Augur

    I bug reported this. It's not a show stopper but 21 years into Everquest why can't we get mobs that path correctly and don't get hung up in the geometry? And why doesn't the script accommodate players who might be on mounts and/or have levitation effects?

    The mobs that spawn inside the building always get hung up and can't get out. Then later they warp onto players.

    Then you made the zone a nightmare of different elevations and objects to get stuck on. But then if a character uses levitation to stay above the artifacts they then fail the triggers to get Griklor to drop.

    Neither of these things cause the mission to be broken but they are constantly aggravating. To me it's an example of poor workmanship and lack of quality control.
  2. Ashian Augur

    Shrink the orcs. They are too big and cannot fit through the door in the center. I hate waiting for them to warp on me as well. Alternatively, spawn them outside the event area and make them path into the event area from outside. Argh!!
  3. Morigaine Journeyman

    Completely agree with this as well. Of the 4 new missions, this one just feels clunky.

    1. Orc pathing is awful and as described above the group has to wait for warp or try to coax them out to the ring. Our group has found that the 2-3 o’clock position in the ring (if Bethun is reference of 6 o’clock) is the best place to position but even grabbing them, they stick on most runs.

    2. The timing of Griklors dismount seems buggy as well. Some variability in how long he stays down makes sense so the mission has some uncertainty and isn’t rinse and repeat but we have seen many times where he dismounts for less than 2 seconds. This seems bugged rather than intended.

    3. The coding for orc spawn after Griklor death also seems flawed. It is pretty common to get one more wave after his death. It seems like once the add cycle starts it doesn’t interrupt even after he dies. Our standard procedure is to kill him, move to chest and hang out for about 15 seconds before opening to chest because 6 times out of 10, we will get another orc or two.

    Overall I like this mission but it can use some tuning and refinement.
  4. Cragzop Augur

    I feel like some of you are having more difficulties than you should.

    In a number of raid runs in Beta and mission runs on 6 different toons, I have never had an issue with levitate and/or being on a mount to get the update. Yes, you need to be pointed down at the ground (so don't be a drog and its rear only z axis motion) and follow. But it's pretty simple. In all the mission runs, I think I've seen two emote fails of that … and it was due to lag and missing the emote. Maybe you don't shrink? Do you mark Griklor before the start so you get a much better target than the red ring?

    As far as the orcs … meh. It's much worse on the raids where 40+ people are standing around waiting for the mob to come through. But we manage to do it there, and honestly … there are a thousand other pathing concerns I would fix in ToV before I'd even get to the orcs in this mission.

    And I kinda like the warping mobs … if you are a smart group and are together, it makes it really simple.

    Morigiane - Griklor's flights up are percentage based … but he doesn't lock so you can get him really low before his first bounce up and thus already be past several other points (hence the on the ground for a nano-second). The orcs are also percentage based, so if you are fast, the mission has to catch up to you and the end and spawn the remaining orcs. (I also think there are time based orc spawns as well, but it's hard to be certain with how fast the mission normally goes).

    With the raid about to open and pretty sure whatever changes in the group mission would affect the raid, I'd just leave it alone right now. Maybe once T2 opens, go back and take a peek to see what can be done better (and you'd have a number of raid runs in the event as well).

    But it works and I hate messing with things that work.
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  5. Metanis Augur

    Upon re-reading my original post it would appear I was entirely too "preachy". My apologies to the Dev crew! Yes, this isn't a major deal, it's just one of those irritating little things like when your spouse hangs the toilet paper the wrong way on the roll. Sorry!
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