Evolving shoulders in Tower of Rot turn into Bloodstained Shoulders?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Mgeablonde, May 25, 2014.

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  1. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    The bug is more likely that the evolving item is a back piece when it should be a shoulder piece; than it is that the reward is the shoulders; shrouds have generally been shoulders not back pieces. People saying this is obviously a bug must not have been playing the game at all in the last year. ACoF, the chase items added to CotF T1 & T2a, the PoWar drops from the named; all those things have shown a progression to this.

    As others have said, it is going to take a significant majority of groupers considerably longer just to get the shroud to drop, much less evolve the shroud, then it is going to take most raiders to get the shoulders via a raid or with currency.
  2. Vlerg Augur

    i'm not sure you understand Xianzu.

    the bloodstained shoulder are the -rare- chase item from CoTF T1 raid. 1200 currency is equivalent to 3 month of clearing every single raid, every week.

    these are the absolute best in slot shoulder currently in the game, it's a tier above regular top-notch raid gear because it is ridiculously rare... and these are now available from group-name than any joe can box.

    that's no longer a question of time. the absolute best possible gear should come from the hardest raid. not from a slot machine.
  3. Vlerg Augur

    How about having epic 1.0 be a random drop off lvl 50-60 mob? and epic 2.0 be a random drop off lvl 70ish mob?

    dont get me wrong, a pretty rare drop. but still droppable.. how would the community react?
  4. Tarrin Augur

    Yep, because so many raiders have gotten the shoulders via raid already, right?
  5. Denial_Sinfae Augur

    I don't have em, doesn't bother me.
  6. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    How many guilds already have ToR on farm? How many times have they killed it so far? How many people have gotten the shroud and leveled it up already? I'm sorry that 5 days, which is 1 or at best 2 raid kills of ToR, hasn't resulted in a ton of shoulders for your guild. But once the event is on farm status for any period of time, raiders will have a much better chance of getting the shoulders either from it dropping in a raid or from buying it via currency, than any grouper will have of getting the evolving item for it to drop from named in the static ToR.
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  7. Hannil-luclin Lorekeeper

    Granted we aren't the fastest of guilds to clear T1a and T1b, but here is our shoulders this year and we completed CotF T1b on Jan 28. We clear it every week, so ya slightly easier to get in the group game now vs. 8 in almost 6 months now.

    ... found 8 item(s)
  8. Tarrin Augur

    Maybe I am missing something, and if I am I am sorry.

    What does clearing ToR have to do with getting a super rare drop from T1 raids?

    Does clearing the single T2 raid have an insanely high chance of dropping it or something?
  9. Vlerg Augur

    we're up to 6 shoulders. been clearing CoTF since the week it came out, every week.

    Using currency, it's 3 month of killing every raid, every week... assuming you clear the entire thing in, let's say, 5 hours that's 60 hours invested, per player( excluding gear-up time, excluding Learning attempt, excluding wipes, and including a pretty efficient raid force).... ya, pretty sure the cloak is easier to get so far, already saw 3 of them.

    But that's not even the point, why should the rarest raid chase item be available in group?
  10. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    Ok, so this has been dropping in raids for a while. I was under the impression that the best item would be from the current content not 5+ month old content. But regardless in the 5 days (which is hardly long enough to determine how common of a drop it is) how many in your guild have gotten the evolving shroud? How many have evolved it?

    Now, how many actual groupers have seen it drop? How many actual groupers have evolved it?

    Also for each of you that has seen multiple drops of the shroud in the 5 days, there are those (likely significantly more of them) who have not seen a single drop of it in that time. There are groupers who will spend well more than 60 hours in a 3 month period and not see a single shroud drop. There will be an equal number who will see a single shroud drop and they lose the roll for it. Then there will be those who see multiple drops of the shroud and lose the roll every time. At some point raiders will be able to choose to get the item or something better than it. Groupers are not nearly as likely to get that opportunity.
  11. Tarrin Augur

    If the answer is more than "1"..than its more common than the super rare shoulders.

    Initial reports are saying 1+ is common for guilds.
  12. Vlerg Augur

    The rarity is not the question.

    The absolute best shoulder in game ( better than what's gonna drop in tower of rot raid) are available in group stuff.

    ACoF- mistmoore ring was justified by claiming it's only available for a limited time.
    CoTF T1 chase item were justified by claiming it's slightly worse than the best-in-slot item.
    Plane of war are justified by the actual toughness of the mobs ( and I agree on that one)
    What's the justification for that cloak? it's a little bit rare? yeah right.

    if the trends continue, the best item won't come from raid or quest, but by playing the lottery game against trash mob... unfortunatly, this isn't Diablo 3. and I highly doubt that's gonna keep players interested for long.
  13. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    Ooh, you mean the raid guild groups who go through the tower look for what named are up and kill them then go do something else after everything has respawned as not a named. Things that actual groupers cannot do. So far the only people I have heard saying they have seen multiple drops or that their guild has had multiple drops have been those in raiding guilds or raiding groups. As such the only people actually gaining from the situation are raiders. Once they slow down their clearing runs the frequency of the drops will decrease significantly; just like the drops rates of everything happens as people frequent a zone less often.
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  14. Vlerg Augur

    that's complete . Anyone can grab 2 people + 2 merc and go clear those name if they happen to be up, that's not something exclusive to raider, that's only something the casual-grouper don't do because he don't want to.

    If the group people don't want to head to tower of rot, and rather run into the hill for the 1000th time, that's their problem, and cannot be taken into equation.

    You asked how long it would take for raider to buy shoulders... I said 60 hours. let me precise it's 60 hours with a very efficient raid force who know what it's doing. If you want to compare how long it would take the average grouper, who have a hard time out-dps'ing a wizzy merc... then you'd have to compare it with a sloppy raiding guild who have a hard time clearing 3 CoTF raid a week. ( so, let's just triple to the time invested.. form 60 hours to 180 hours... ).

    you still haven't answered why the absolute best-in-slot shoulder, that's even rare amongst raiding guild, should be available to the average grouper.
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  15. Qulas Augur

    I doubt that the shoulders were the intended reward, however I don't really have a problem with them being the reward for leveling up the cloak.
  16. Harabakc Augur

    I wouldn't be so sure it's a mistake. I also think it's a ridiculous decision to have the best shoulder in the game for every single character to be available as a non-raid item.

    It's possible it's a bug, we'll find out at some point. It took them a week to do anything about rares in cotf dropping from sweet spots in HAs, I doubt this will happen much faster.
  17. boukk_sebilis Augur

    Obvious mistake is obvious.

    shoulder is current best and obv not going to drop in grp in IDENTICAL form, if it was intended, it would have different name and same stats.

    For those saying they made a mistale on the cloak name, they wouldnt have messed up name+ icon.

    It s not the first time a raid item drop mistakenly in group, will be fixed eventually imo.

    I bet the intended item is still very nice tho.
  18. Denial_Sinfae Augur

    We've seen 9 of the shoulders drop. Maybe taken 2 nights at most to drop any raid for first run.
  19. Axxius Augur

    The evolving shroud drops from any named in the Tower. Not in the raid. Whoever is asking about 'having ToR on farm' - it has nothing to do with the raid. It drops from the groupable named in the open zone. You absolutely don't need raid gear to farm those. And the drop is not extremely rare either. There have been at least a dozen reported across channels already on various servers.

    How many people have them evolved is a completely irrelevant question. They seem to require about as much xp to evolve as RoF evolving group items. It's not something insane like the Alaran Tear, just an average evolving item. I've spent about 6 hr killing easy trash for my enchanter today, checked the shroud at the end of the day and it's 4/5 already.

    This has got to be a data error. I bet there are some slightly better than group T2 cloaks out there that are supposed to be the end result. Dropping the best raid item in game for the slot from group mobs would be crazy even if it was ultra rare. And it's not.
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  20. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    This makes no sense to me, why put the CoTF raid chase item in group content?
    Is the group content really that bad that they have to put the best item in game as random drop off named to get players to play it?
    If this is a mistake, why didn't QA pick it up?
    Do we still have QA?
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