Everything is overtuned

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Regazozo, Dec 12, 2018.

  1. Tucoh Augur

    took2summit is took2busted!
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  2. took2summit11 Augur

    Lol the merc was dead for the entire warm heart mob which is the hardest. The mage was also. But I guess it's my word vs his. I'm not saying hes wrong but we tried probably 10+ times and that wasnt the only time we killed a mob with the merc dead.
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  3. Axxius Augur

    Umm... wait a second... There is an option for 'My Pet' in that window. Right-click on any slot and select 'My Pet'. It will permanently reserve that slot for your primary pet, whether it's alive or dead.
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  4. FawnTemplar Augur

    Thats awesome
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  5. Mintalie Augur

    Sweet baby jesus, I love you.
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  6. Jhenna_BB Augur

    Some people to just have ignore auto-clicked for people.
  7. Tatanka Augur

    I told you, right-click on a slot to see all you can add to XT, and it would blow your mind :)
  8. Zamiam Augur

    I could believe this .. I mean you have an SK who can pretty much heal himself and toss a few group heals here and there .. you have a healer merc who until it dies is healing said group then you have also a necro who has group healing avail thru an passive AA you then have a Pally (you) ..

    so with 4 classes that can heal well 3 and a merc im sure you had no problems healing but I think it has more to do with the SK and necro spot healing /helping than it is with you sole healing ..
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  9. took2summit11 Augur

    Guys...y’all missing the point big time here. All I was trying to do was make a sales pitch for my class to get invited to more groups and for people to think outside the box a bit...why all the hate? Was never trying to brag that I could solo heal and that I am some super hero. Also never saying it was easy, it wasn’t. We only actually wiped probably 3 times or so. We failed many more times due to killing the wrong mob order.
  10. Sheex Augur

    People are just jealous of the Paladin class’s raw power. Mhmm.
  11. Zamiam Augur

    are you really tanking it ?

    bragging that you can tank it ?

    bragging that you are solo healer

    did not mention you had a SK and a necro in group :p

    you still have not mentioned the SK in group

    this was the only post you made where you actually included the SK and it was on page 28 of this 31 possibly 32 page thread ..

    look at above quotes about main tanking said mission or sole healer

    you pulled agro once , but you clearly stat that you have tanked these missions ?

    clearly you were not .. there was a merc and other classes that could heal in one form or another

    looks like bragging to me .. and trying to make it sound its sooo easy for your heroic pally/necro ..

    looks like you got busted .. even by your own group mate..

    your necro got pulled through with raid gear peeps who prolly had the dps to take the mobs down before the AE's hit you or you just got lucky

    your pally was not the only healer in the group .. and as far as I know you have not really tanked anything with your pally in new expansion aside from a few trash ..
  12. Laronk Augur

    When he ran it with his necro with the raid geared people he also had the benefit of self heals
  13. Took2summmit Elder

    Zamiam, you're an absolute imbicile. I died when I pulled agro because I had my 2 hander on and focusing on group heals with none of my defensive stuff going. I'm also not even going to try and reading the rest of your TLDR.

    I came to this board trying to inspire people to think outside of the box, I bet that group we brought through the trials was one of the first non raid geared group to not have a player clr/dru/shm. There is such an incredible amount of negativity on these boards that it disgusts me. I'd like someone to show me 1 time I got unnecessarily aggressive with someone before they did to me. I'm not a troll and it was never my intention to get everyone all riled up, until they attacked me first.
  14. Zamiam Augur

    you just called me an imbicile .. name calling (bullying ) is prohibited afaik on these forums .. who's bullying now ? who is attacking who ?

    I was just highlighting a few :p of your posts regarding your idea on tanking and sole healing .. I dont recall calling you names ?

    I guess you cant stoop any lower .. so have at it ..
  15. Took2summmit Elder

    Stoop any lower from what exactly? Giving people ideas on different ways to beat things? Lol ok..ya I've stooped lower than that
  16. Tucoh Augur

    Anyone try the lava trial since the patch went up? I was goign to go for it but ran out of time.
  17. Zamiam Augur

    no stoop any lower than name calling duh
  18. Took2summmit Elder

    The amount of rule lawyering you do is 10x worse than name calling. You take every chance possible to try and disprove or discredit what I say. Why? What's the ultimate goal here exactly? So the devs think I'm lying and nerf the content? I dont understand what your angle is. You talk about how it took me 30 pages on a thread to give group makeup on a thread that's 7 days old for a group I had 2 days ago, just talked about it today, and answered the group makeup question the MOMENT someone even remotely asked (they said I was exaggerating so right there said the group make up, a couple hours after I first brought up the situation). You're a troll to the highest degree that fabricates the situation to try and make other people look bad. It didnt take me 30 pages, it took me 1 second the moment I thought it was necessary. Never tried to hide anything. You talk about how I said I died when I pulled agro but then quote something else where I say I can tank. Its 2 completely different scenarios, one where I'm trying to dps/heal and one where I'm trying to tank. You're a troll to the highest degree, and what you do is 10x worse than name calling.
  19. NeverPayForLag Augur

    communication is not, what you are talking but what the receivers understand...

    Imbicibile... my translator even does not know what that means... wow...

    Did "Fight Fire" and "Three Trial" with the happy mood that it is easier.
    Honestly I see no difference. Wiped in Fight Fire due to a stupid fault of mine. Guys came running straight after zoning in - really bad - and I didn't felt anything easier.
    Three Trial kicked my tank after 2 mobs where down and till he came down, the group has been eradicated - what a stupid mechanic... and the second time the AE of the Fire Guy wiped the group from the start... gave up...

    I really tended to pay the XPac for the other accounts because the trash and the named felt easier. But DGBs payment site was down. Lucky me... I would have been really angry to recognize after the payment that nothing in the Trials seems to have changed...
  20. Zamiam Augur

    guess you think we are all trolls !! guess your opinion doesn't really matter if we are all trolling

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