Every year is the same problem

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    And every year I must ask once again.

    When is the Temple of Cazic-Thule revamp going to return to Luclin era on TLPs?

    A primer:

    The Accursed Temple of Cazic Thule got quietly revamped on or around March 7, 2002. We say 'quietly' because it is not mentioned in patch note archives, but there may have been a website announcement of the revamp. As a result of the revamp, the Darkforge/Ravenscale Armor mobs moved outside into the Feerrott, and the zonepop of CT itself was replaced by level 50+ mobs that dropped Required Level 51 gear. The revamp on TLPs was originally released with Shadows of Luclin, but was moved to Planes of Power around the time of Phinigel server. We still do not know the reason for this change.

    The enemies and equipment that were created for the zone revamp were built with Shadows of Luclin in mind. High HP monsters all within the 50-63 range, with Required Level 51 equipment that capped out at 125hp/mana. It also included tradeskill supplies that were in line with the Shadows of Luclin cultural armors or Velious/Luclin era jewelry, but also sharing the Required 51 aspect of the dropped gear.

    Wait, wasnt it revamped later?
    For timeline, the original launch date of March 7 2002 would place it approx 93 days after the launch of Shadows of Luclin, and at least 7 months before Planes of Power released.
    Zam cites a blurb about the zone being revamped on 8/26/03, 537 days after the revamp took place, due to a patch that occurred on that date that added a number of recommended level items to Torsis, Charasis, The Ruins of Old Paineel, and the Deep. That update would occur approximately two weeks prior to the launch of LDoN. We know items existed and were used prior to that era, so we know that it is not correct to have it

    This zone adds a gear-centric group zone to Luclin and provides a challenge for those who want to try something different, but is largely invalidated by Tier 2 PoP zones. It is probably too late for this month's patch, but if it gets changed next month it'd be just in time for Oakwynd and be available for EQ25 also. Plus you wont have to hear me post about this anymore.
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    We see a similar pattern with the Hole being available during the classic timeline (it didn't become available until two months after Kunark launched), and the Chardok revamp being live with Kunark (it wasn't revamped until the tail end of Velious - right before Luclin).

    I guess the results are slightly different in that the "out of era" gear from the Hole and Chardok 2.0 jumps in importance (because they're available one expansion earlier than they should be), where Cazic Thule gear gets resigned to irrelevance because it has to compete with PoP.

    I guess that's just my longwinded way of saying I don't think that Daybreak especially cares about this type of accuracy.
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    and im sure thats the case, but the question remains: why did they change it from Luclin to PoP to begin with? Ragefire, Lockjaw, and Phinigel got the content when it was intended, so why change it?
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  4. Ghaleon Journeyman

    This also makes me think about The Warrens. Why cant we have that at server launch? It's such a fun zone but by the time they open it, no one goes there. It just ends up being a dead zone.
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    On a similar note, it would be cool to move the VP revamp to PoP or GoD. By the time it currently goes in during OoW the loot is barely better than group gear and nobody ever bothers with it.
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    This part is incorrect. On Combine and Sleeper it was released with Velious which is too early. When they nerfed this they went heavy-handed and pushed it back too far.
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    Velious would be too early, but PoP is too late. CT revamp in Luclin would be great (and accurate).
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