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    I have to say, I was so excited that day after the patch when these files were released. What fun it was to run through the luclin zones and hear that music finally! I love a lot of EQ music, and often while playing will slay to a list of my favorite zones music files. The shar vahl (all of them, 1-3) tracks are incredible I think. The bazaar music puts lobby and elevator music to shame. Something about the Echo caverns track is so remorseful, yet alluring. But, shout out to the team for finding them and releasing them...loved it!

    I think it would be neat if they could implement the title/zone of the music track playing while loading (if you have the random music or whatever enabled). There are just a couple tracks I have heard that I am not familiar with, and I can't find them in the music files.
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  2. GoneFission Augur

    Back when it was current content, I remember playing in a zone with wood and paper partitions, cherry blossom petals blowing, and a guitar as main instrument. It was all very oriental, if not all specifically Japanese. I loved that zone. I have always thought it was Stillmoon Temple, but when I go back, it’s not. Is what I saw and heard seasonal, or can anyone point me to the correct zone?
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  4. Nifty Slacker Augur

    I honestly never liked everquest's music. Even back in 2001 when I started playing I turned off the music. I don't really care for music in multiplayer games in general though, since I'm always talking with groupmates in another app.
  5. roguerunner Augur

    I swear at some point, the music was changed in velks lab.
    I remember it having more instruments and weird spooky sounds, but now it's kinda just the drumbeat.
  6. Jumbur Augur

    Velks lab is midi-music, perhaps you just changed your soundfont through an upgrade?
  7. Gidono Augur

    I listen to eq music by itself quite a bit just to help put me in the nostalgic mood for work on allakhazam. I have too many favorites that I listen to really list them all.

    I love how some of the composers really matched up the music to fit the atmosphere of the zones. Like the bazaar music reminds me of commercial music for a small town local retail store.
  8. roguerunner Augur

    That's possible because my oldest computer died in 2003ish. The music sounds bland now, I think it was just ... changed because of how much different it is.
  9. K.T.B. New Member

    roguerunner: Well, there are two Velk's Lab themes. The first one is mostly rhythmic and percussion-based, so maybe what you're thinking of is the second one? That one fits your description more closely anyway, and I have it up here.

    I do kind of see what Nifty Slacker's saying though - while I still really love all the vanilla tunes and think they're all super well-composed melodies, it is pretty hard to appreciate them in a MIDI format. Honestly though, after having gone through all the Velious tracks, even most of those don't sound very good, as if the MIDI songs were beginning to go downhill even more. I personally still like the later, higher-quality ones though!

    Just posted Grieg's End. Admittedly this is another example of a track I find to be one of the weaker ones, since it's really just generic ambiance, but I figured I might as well point it out while I'm here as that's today's piece.
  10. moogs Augur

    Thanks for this. The one that feels most nostalgic to me is the Plane of Sky theme since that was used for the CD installation.

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