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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by shattered_dream, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. shattered_dream New Member

    Got your attention?
    Still working on this experience for you old-timers like me that remember EQ for the beautiful world it was and not the aging engine it is.
    This is what I remember when I played. I still see it in my mind like this and not as it is now.
    South Qeynos in VR.
    (No music or sound, lighting is not correct yet but hey, give me time!!)
    This is recorded while walking for the first time in the game in VR. Inside the Unity Editor, not a valid game build.
  2. Act of Valor Augur

    This is pretty interesting, nice job!
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  3. shattered_dream New Member

    I put a lot of work into this to try to get it as faithful a map as I could.
    Just shocked at the lack of response about it. I figured most old school players would have really liked this idea. I am finally able to see the world as I imagined it when I played at release.
    (I still remember the initial UI, the tiny play screen in the middle, with the UI elements around the outside of the play area!)
  4. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

  5. Zamiam Augur

    I have not watched the VR video yet , but i will
  6. shattered_dream New Member

    Let me know what you think.
    I think it is funny it lists me as a new member since this is the login I created the day EQ was released!
    ( I know that was Sony then...) Hey, we should be grateful they didn't rename Qeynos to Kaerbyad right?
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  7. Snazster Lorekeeper

    I've been saying for years that I believe EQ is almost uniquely well qualified to be in VR, and that I would buy a rig in a heartbeat if it was. You are thoroughly reinforcing my belief.
  8. Bolo New Member

    Very cool!
  9. mulila Elder

    Having EQ in VR would be awesome, it would have been very interesting all those years ago doing the drunk run in kelethin from the orc lift to the rogue guild.
  10. Aaliyahkenz Journeyman

    Man I cant wait for the first real vr mmo.

    Amazing work
  11. shattered_dream New Member

    I should have a slightly better looking video up soon, with the world a little darker (to show off the lights) and the object removed from sticking out the wall. I also added a red light to the wizard vendor area like in the game as well. Also adjusted the music and will add more area sounds as well. Trying to find some good NPCs to use but unless someone is a 3D artist I don't think I will get any.
  12. Nifty Slacker Elder

    awesome video man. Great work =)
  13. IblisTheMage Augur

    Are you rebuilding the zones from scratch, or somehow parsing the EQ files?

    Also, did you do it alone?

    Are there issues with nauseea?

    Do you envision having floating overlays with buttons etc?
  14. Tiggold Augur

    Absolutely beautiful work! My ideas started going wild after seeing this too. You could not even be into or aware of EQ and they could use this for so much more than just gaming. I immediately thought of Geriatric Therapy. What elderly person wouldn't love a chance to fantasize inside a VR world! Keep it up, truly amazing.
  15. Act of Valor Augur

    North Qeynos better have Fippy or riot.
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  16. ForumBoss Augur

    Nice work, I've been waiting on someone to do this. Obviously it can't really be sold, but it would be cool to play with. If you wanted to try to do it via parsing the 3d data from the maps that would be interesting, i'd try to help since I'm fairly good with Python. I have a VR set up as well, and wish they'd at least add a VR spectator mode to EQ.
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  17. IblisTheMage Augur

    Is the eq 3d engine homebrewed by Verant/Sony?
  18. shattered_dream New Member

    I am doing this alone so far and this all done from scratch. Walking through EQ in one window, and trying to match it up in the other with the art assets I do have. It took me awhile to make this, keeping light/shadows etc low enough to be smooth in VR was a chore.
    If I were to make this a full game, you would block and swing for real. For casting you would need a staff in one hand and make hand gestures with the other. (Fairly easy to make gestures cast spells)
    Well nausea in VR can be taken care of, most just teleport around without trying. I got very VR sick the first time I played, but I spent 390hrs in VR in my first Steam released game that I realized within a few days it didn't happen, the secret is spend some time (15-20 minutes) each or every other day walking around and you actually get use to it to the point it doesn't affect you.
  19. shattered_dream New Member

    Well help would be great of course. My main goal for this was to just see the game I remember.
    I know I can't sell it, but I was thinking for the added experience to just add the newbie zone stuff you can kill with a sword swing or 2, like the skeletons and of course, Orcs from Crushbone!

    But I am doing this in Unity so and scripting would be in C#. I have a fantastic set of VR scripts already though, my issue is getting the NPCs, there are plenty of free ways to get them, the costly part is the outfits. I can use FUSE, AlmostHuman (or something like that), I even purchased iClone7 with character creator.
    Reach out to me at notso@notso.co if interested in helping me do more with this.
  20. shattered_dream New Member

    Yes it was.
    EQ was the first MMORPG to be made with an all 3D engine. Ultima online was the first graphically though.
    I am using Unity though. The easy part is the creatures and the fighting etc. The hard part would be all the RPG coding.

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