EverQuest Trivia #871

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Grove, Jan 2, 2024.

  1. Grove Augur

    Yes. Now, what place in LS struck my fancy?
  2. Yara_AB Augur

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  3. Grove Augur

  4. jiri_ Augur

    Does the zone name start with L?
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  5. Grove Augur

  6. jiri_ Augur

    Is it the Laurion Inn?
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  7. Grove Augur

    No, it is not the building Laurion Inn.
  8. Yara_AB Augur

    you got me confused here ... leading to this question:

    The zone you are looking for starts with "L" but is NOT officially part of the Laurion's Song expansion.
    Is this correct?
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  9. Grove Augur

    Yes, zone starts with letter L. It is a place within the zone starting with L.
    Question then asks - is it the Laurion INN. The place is neither the building Laurion INN nor any place within the Laurion INN.
  10. Yara_AB Augur

    Thanks for clarification :)

    Ist ist the pond (fountain?) outside the Inn?
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  11. Grove Augur

  12. Rattenfanger New Member

    Can a large dragon stand in this place without touching anything but the ground?
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  13. Grove Augur

  14. kliqIMB Elder

    *casts Resurrection*
    Is it the bodega outside the Inn?
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  15. Grove Augur

    Welcome back!
    I understand a bodega to be a small community store. I do not recognize one in vicinity of the Inn. I think I need clarification.
  16. kliqIMB Elder

    Oops! I literally got the words "gazebo" and "bodega" completely mixed up. :D

    To rephrase, is it the gazebo outside of the inn?
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  17. Grove Augur

    Delay, because I had to survey the area. I spot a fine small gazebo with an adjacent dock into the stream and a raid merchant within it. This is NOT my detail for this quest.
  18. kliqIMB Elder

    Back! (Laid off again, lol).

    Is it an object within the Laurion Inn zone?
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  19. Grove Augur

    Glad you are back. Sorry about the lay-off.
    Yes, my subject is in the zone Laurion Inn. And I guess you would call it an object.
  20. kliqIMB Elder

    Second time in 14-months unfortunately. D: But, I shall preserver.

    Okay, it's an object. Is it a building/structure?
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