EverQuest Trivia #870

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  1. kliqIMB Elder

    Yes! (Lol, you've narrowed it down immensely now. :D)
  2. Grove Augur

    Oh, but such a beautiful expansion with so many gorgeous details!
    Is place in the zone Laurion Inn?
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  3. kliqIMB Elder


    Also, Summary:

    Is it an item?
    Is it in the original base game?
    Is it located in one of the in one of the planes?
    Is this place located in or before Luclin (that is Kunark, Velious, or Luclin)?
    Is it Laurian's Inn in the zone of almost the same name?
    Is place in the zone Laurion Inn?

    Is it a place?
    Are there mobs in the zone that players may kill?
    Is it in House of Thule or later?
    Is it in Ring of Scale or later?
    Is it in the expansion Laurion's Song?
  4. Grove Augur

    Is it in the zone Pal'Lomen?
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  5. kliqIMB Elder

  6. Grove Augur

    Is it in the zone Timorous Falls?
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  7. Verily Tjark Augur

    Are there boobs at this place?
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  8. kliqIMB Elder


    Miraculously, yes!
  9. Grove Augur

    Is the place in Unkempt Woods?
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  10. Verily Tjark Augur

    Is it in Hero's Forge?
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    Yes! Because it is Unkempt Woods. Congrats!
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