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    A belt?
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  5. kliqIMB Elder

    Is it from a seasonal quest?

    Also, I noticed that the first page only goes back to 755, but Morit's page stops on 736. For posterity, I went back and found the answers to add to the first page (presuming that character limits are the reason they're gone.)

    736 Hive of the Bixie
    737 /fistbump
    738 Faelin Bloodbriar
    739 Banestrike
    740 Rocketeer Boots
    741 Merchant Woad
    742 Dog of War suffix
    743 Field of Scale
    744 Thiccened Tentacle
    745 Tiny Carved Shissar
    746 You’ve ruined your own lands, you’ll not ruin mine!
    747 Karg Icebear
    748 Evacuate
    749 a highland lion
    750 aviak avenger
    751 Mistress Anna, the Highpass Hussy
    752 Planar Overdose
    753 Earring of Sad Exploitation
    754 Crackers
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  7. Grove Augur

    Yes, the item is from a seasonal quest.
  8. Ravanta Suffer Augur

    Is it one of the items that is displayed in /achievement, events, holiday, /view reward?
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    No, no button to View Reward for this quest and item
  10. DaciksBB Augur

    Can it go in the ammo slot?
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    Is it a mount?
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    Is it used for archery?
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    Can this be right clicked for an effect?
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    Is it hard?
    does it resemble a phallus in any way? (with a little bit of no)
    Is it an item?
    If I put it in my pants pocket, would its size impress the ladies?
    Can this item be equipped?
    Result of a quest?
    Is it from a seasonal quest?
    Can it go in the ammo slot?
    Can this be right clicked for an effect?

    Boobs? (no, mostly)
    Is it part of the environment/landscape?
    Is it held? (Primary, secondary, or range) – not those slots
    Is it visible when equipped?
    Is it looted from a dead npc?
    Would it even fit in a regular pocket if it were real?
    Equipped on a part of the body above the shoulders (neck, face or ears)?
    Equipped in one of the primary inventory slots?
    Equipped in the back slot?
    Is it a charm?
    Shoulder item?
    Is the quest available all the time?
    Anniversary quest?
    Is it an aug?
    A belt?
    Is it one of the items that is displayed in /achievement, events, holiday, /view reward? (not view reward)
    Is it a mount?
    Is it used for archery?
  19. DaciksBB Augur

    Does the seasonal event that it comes from occur during the first half of the year? (Jan-Jun)
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