Everquest Trivia #719

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  1. Verily Tjark Augur

    - The Game Master (the one who won the last game) selects a person (NPC), place or thing
    in-game related.
    - The players then ask yes or no questions to try to discover the person, place or thing. However, the Game Master does have the right to go beyond a simple yes or now answer if necessary. For example: "I'm not sure" or "Probably" or "Yes, but be careful because that's misleading."
    - Players must ask only one question per post and must not try to be sneaky by squeezing in two or more questions at once.
    - A player may ask a new question as soon as his or her last question has been answered.
    - The Game Master MUST answer all question to the best of their ability no matter how stupid (doo doo, ducks, etc), provided the question conforms to the rules above.
    - The Game Master should post recaps of answers from time to time. Once a page is a good idea.
    - The Game Master should also be polite and "like" everyone's post, even if they don't actually like it. Clearly this rule is now official, at least as of game 700.
    - Once a player guesses the correct answer he or she gets to host the next game or can designate someone else to host it. Make a separate thread and we will let this one die. That way we can keep track of when one game ends and another begins. Keep numbering the pages as we go along.
    - If a player wins and does not start another game within 24 hours of winning the last person to guess before him or her gets to host the next game.
    - If the Game Master does not respond within 24 hours to any posts then anyone may feel free to start the next round.

    A list of all previous games is maintained at http://the-ngp.morituus.net/eqtrivia.html

    Answers to previous games:
    708 Ella Foodcrafter
    709 Maggot
    710 Prime Hierophant Vek
    711 Fuzzlecutter Motivator 5000
    712 Vanilla Ice Cream Cake
    713 Dogle Pitt
    714 Icepaw Bangle
    715 Brell Serilis
    716 Heartwood Bow
    717 Sambata Tribal Leader Garn
    718 Chrysoberyl Talisman
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  2. Tojozomi Augur

    Is it a place?
  3. Grove Augur

    Is it an NPC?
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  4. Verily Tjark Augur


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  5. Tojozomi Augur

  6. Grove Augur

    In original Everquest?
  7. Verily Tjark Augur


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  8. Tojozomi Augur

    Is the place a specific location as opposed to a zone?
  9. Verily Tjark Augur

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  10. Tojozomi Augur

    Is it in a main city?
  11. Arcturus Starbright Elder

    Is the place in Antonica?
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  12. Grove Augur

    Is the place in Faydwer?
  13. Verily Tjark Augur



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  14. Tojozomi Augur

    Is it in the desert of Ro?
  15. Verily Tjark Augur

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  16. Harris Augur

    Does more than one of them exist?
  17. Verily Tjark Augur

    No, pretty sure it's the only one
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  18. Tojozomi Augur

    Is it common for players to go here?
  19. Grove Augur

    Is this place at or near an area of combat?
  20. Verily Tjark Augur

    Maybe not so much anymore

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