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  1. Fredescu Augur

    Oh true, I definitely missed that one.

  2. Fredescu Augur


    Hey, I thought it was us who ask the questions here?! ^_~
    Did you actually do the calculation required to properly answer Duder’s train question?
    Is it an NPC?
    Does the npc have legs?
    Can you kill the NPC by bludgeoning it to death?
    Is the NPC an animal?
    Does it have wings?
    is it a bird?
    Is it found on an island?
    Is it a big bird?
    Is the npc a raid bird?
    Is the bird primarily one color?
    From PoP or earlier?

    Yes, if:
    Could you TRY to eat it?
    - "Given that the act of eating in Everquest is right clicking on something, I would say yes, you could right click on it to attempt to eat it."

    Can you eat it?
    Is it brown?
    If a train leaves New York City traveling west in a straight line at 50mph, and a train leaves Chicago traveling east in a straight line at 30mph, will the miles traveled by the Chicago train once the NYC train has reached Chicago, divided by 100, be greater than the weight of the item? (assuming weight is in pounds)
    Does it resemble a phallus?
    Is the answer even an item?
    Is the answer the to puzzle an item?
    Is it part of the UI?
    Does the npc have boobs?
    Is it the PoK bank?
    Is it Banker Granger?
    Does the npc have more than 2 legs?
    Does this npc wear any clothing or external armor (natural armor, such as scales or exoskeletons, do not count)?
    Does the npc have any natural armor?
    has this animal been featured in more than one everquest expansion as a killable npc?
    Regrua (sp) from TBS?
    Is it The Spiroc Lord?
    Is it a flightless bird?
    Angry Alfred?
    an eyepecker squawker?
    Is it a blue bird?
    Is the npc a red bird?
    aviak avenger
    Quavonis Firetail?
    Is the bird the primary raid target? (meaning it's the boss not an add or something)
    In or since expansion The Darkened Sea?
    Is the primary color orange?
    Is the primary color green?

    Invocation of ancient, binding, and certainly not made up on the spot to pressure the game runner into providing more information than required, Laws of Trivia

    "My concern, which I ASSume is also shared by Mr. Duder, is whether or not your calculations were mathematically accurate. As a former officially unofficial EverQuest Trivia commissioner, I hereby request public confirmation of the number your calculations produced.

    I understand most current EQ trivia players are likely unfamiliar with this process, as it is not contained in the standard rule set listed at the start of each trivia game. It is definitely not common practice, and to the best of my knowledge it has only been invoked on two previous occasions. I do assure you, however, that it is a legitimate, accepted, and unbiased inquiry that is openly available to all EQ Trivia players.

    To clarify, previously established guidelines dictate that this confirmation inquiry does not count as an actual “question” or “guess” for the trivia game. It is simply a means to ensure that the accuracy, and therefore integrity, of the game is maintained. As such, it also is not limited to the “yes or no” restrictions that actual trivia questions must adhere to.

    Please confirm the number you calculated at your earliest convenience. Thank you."

    what could it be that is not an item that you could attempt to eat?
    - "I'll break with yes/no tradition to answer this, but only because I'm confident that doing so will provide no further information than has already been provided, at least my perspective, and perhaps serve the (entirely untended) secondary purpose of further obfuscating the answer to the game.

    The premise of the question "Could you TRY to eat it?" is that failure is certain. This is made all the more clear in the context to my answer to the previous question that, no, it cannot be eaten. So the question was never "Could you successfully invoke game mechanics such that the <answer> could in fact be eaten by your character?" We are already operating in a context where we know this to be impossible, but we're trying anyway.

    So I approached the question asking myself, could my character, certain in failure (assuming sound mind), interact with the object in the same way as my character interacts with something that can be eaten? Despite it being known, now, that it is not an "item", to me, the answer was a clear and amusing yes.

    You'll note that in answering the question, I provided clear context "given that the act of eating in Everquest is right clicking on something." So the information that can be gleaned from my answer is not that it is only an item, but that it is a something in the game world that can be right clicked. To me, this would include NPCs, items, in game geometry (and other categories that I may be potentially deliberately not listing), really anything that is represented in the game as an object that the character interacts with. As opposed to things that the player interacts with.

    Note that I did give the player opportunity to clarify what "trying to eat" something in Everquest entails, if they disagree with my description.

    Imagine the answer to the game was "PoK bank". A player asks "Could you TRY to eat it?", immediately after learning that it could not be eaten. It would be entirely remiss of me to say "no" as long as I specified that I believe this action is right clicking it. You could imagine someone's character wanting to eat the PoK bank, and you could enable that behaviour by right clicking it over and over. Yes, right clicking it does nothing, but we already know this is a "try but fail" scenario, so that doesn't change the answer. If the player asks a question such as "Could you TRY to eat it?" I believe they are asking a question of imagination, where one can imagine a deranged high elf gnawing on the wooden framework of PoK bank.

    Clearly you can't just "TRY" to eat everything involved in the game though. To me this question rules out abstract things just as zones and quests, and things that the player interacts with but the character does not, like UI elements and other things."
  3. Mary Poppins Augur

    Is the primary color black or grey?
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  4. Dagud New Member

    Is it Sorrowsong?
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  5. Finfan Augur

    I must have been on the wrong page when I entered that. For now I am too totally confused by this comedy skit you and Morit have going. I'll check back later.
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  6. Verily Tjark Augur

    Earlier today I was trying to remember which PoP lady had a bird, and I couldn't think of it. Waiting on Fred's verdict on your answer.
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  7. Dagud New Member

    I hope I’m wrong, I only stopped by looking for info on the new servers. If i win, I shall defer the next quiz to someone else.
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  8. Fredescu Augur


    Yes! Well done.

    After my last game was too obscure an item that devolved into a game of word guessing, I thought I'd choose something far more straight forward: a mob from a raid from one of EQs most well known expansions. Clearly the game ended up being exactly as straight forward and simple as the answer.

    I'm also glad I had the opportunity for a "crow" reference early in the thread too.

    You should give it a try!

    Now onto important matters:

    A train leaving New York City heading for Chicago (implied) traveling west (rounded to the nearest cardinal heading) in a straight line (assumed to mean no bends, corners, inclines, or declines) at 50 miles per hour, assuming no stops (not implied, I have to wing it) will arrive in Chicago after roughly 14 hours (700/50=14).

    After 14 hours, a train leaving Chicago heading for NYC (implied), traveling east (rounded to the nearest cardinal heading), in a straight line (assumed to mean no bends, corners, inclines, or declines) at 30 miles per hour, assuming no stops (not implied, I have to wing it) will have traveled roughly 420 (duuuude) miles (30x14=420).

    Sorrowsong is a very large bird. For my purposes, I estimated, perhaps conservatively, that it would be approximately the same weight as a Rhinoceros. Adult Rhino's weigh between 1500 pounds and 2500 pounds.

    Even prior to dividing by 100, Sorrowsong is clearly heavier than the total distance between NYC and Chicago, let alone a train that had traveled part way. By the time we divide by 100, we reach 4.2 pounds. I suspect Sorrowsong's breakfast would weigh significantly more.
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  9. Mary Poppins Augur

    Fred: We need Duder to confirm your math with the trains.

    Dagud: Don’t be lazy. If a slacker like me can run a game, anyone can.

    Fin: It’s not a skit. EQ Trivia is serious business.

    Duder: Do the math, I’m too lazy.

    Verily: I’m just happy you didn’t win this one.
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  10. Dagud New Member

    I hereby defer the next quiz to whomever claims it here first. And yes, its lazy of me, and yes, I can live with that, and the alternative would be you waiting a few weeks for when I next stop by to check on the new servers. And yes, I hereby promise not to answer any future quiz to avoid this situation occurring again.

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  11. Fredescu Augur

    Trivia should not be trivialised.
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  12. Mary Poppins Augur

    Ok, seriously. Who’s starting the next game?

    I vote Verily (so he can’t win it)
  13. Duder Augur

    Our great and wonderful all knowing master, Google, need not apply all this logic. For it says the distance by the flight of the crow should be 721.5 miles. 721.5(mi)/50(mph) =14.43(hrs). Multiply by the speed of the second train (30mph). 14.43(hr)x30(mph)=432.9, divided by 100 = 4.329. But, I like the 420 conclusion better, so we should all act like that was my intent!

    Your logic was sound good person, although your investigative techniques were not. For your efforts I will give you an A- (no smiley face sticker).
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  14. Mary Poppins Augur

    The Duder has spoken. The integrity of this game stands. Congratulations to dagud, even though he’s a lazy bastard.
  15. Verily Tjark Augur

    I can start it up, lemme think of an answer though
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