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  1. Fredescu Augur

  2. Fredescu Augur


    Hey, I thought it was us who ask the questions here?! ^_~
    Did you actually do the calculation required to properly answer Duder’s train question?
    Is it an NPC?
    Does the npc have legs?
    Can you kill the NPC by bludgeoning it to death?
    Is the NPC an animal?
    Does it have wings?

    Yes, if:
    Could you TRY to eat it?
    - "Given that the act of eating in Everquest is right clicking on something, I would say yes, you could right click on it to attempt to eat it."

    Can you eat it?
    Is it brown?
    If a train leaves New York City traveling west in a straight line at 50mph, and a train leaves Chicago traveling east in a straight line at 30mph, will the miles traveled by the Chicago train once the NYC train has reached Chicago, divided by 100, be greater than the weight of the item? (assuming weight is in pounds)
    Does it resemble a phallus?
    Is the answer even an item?
    Is the answer the to puzzle an item?
    Is it part of the UI?
    Does the npc have boobs?
    Is it the PoK bank?
    Is it Banker Granger?
    Does the npc have more than 2 legs?

    what could it be that is not an item that you could attempt to eat?
    - "I'll break with yes/no tradition to answer this, but only because I'm confident that doing so will provide no further information than has already been provided, at least my perspective, and perhaps serve the (entirely untended) secondary purpose of further obfuscating the answer to the game.

    The premise of the question "Could you TRY to eat it?" is that failure is certain. This is made all the more clear in the context to my answer to the previous question that, no, it cannot be eaten. So the question was never "Could you successfully invoke game mechanics such that the <answer> could in fact be eaten by your character?" We are already operating in a context where we know this to be impossible, but we're trying anyway.

    So I approached the question asking myself, could my character, certain in failure (assuming sound mind), interact with the object in the same way as my character interacts with something that can be eaten? Despite it being known, now, that it is not an "item", to me, the answer was a clear and amusing yes.

    You'll note that in answering the question, I provided clear context "given that the act of eating in Everquest is right clicking on something." So the information that can be gleaned from my answer is not that it is only an item, but that it is a something in the game world that can be right clicked. To me, this would include NPCs, items, in game geometry (and other categories that I may be potentially deliberately not listing), really anything that is represented in the game as an object that the character interacts with. As opposed to things that the player interacts with.

    Note that I did give the player opportunity to clarify what "trying to eat" something in Everquest entails, if they disagree with my description.

    Imagine the answer to the game was "PoK bank". A player asks "Could you TRY to eat it?", immediately after learning that it could not be eaten. It would be entirely remiss of me to say "no" as long as I specified that I believe this action is right clicking it. You could imagine someone's character wanting to eat the PoK bank, and you could enable that behaviour by right clicking it over and over. Yes, right clicking it does nothing, but we already know this is a "try but fail" scenario, so that doesn't change the answer. If the player asks a question such as "Could you TRY to eat it?" I believe they are asking a question of imagination, where one can imagine a deranged high elf gnawing on the wooden framework of PoK bank.

    Clearly you can't just "TRY" to eat everything involved in the game though. To me this question rules out abstract things just as zones and quests, and things that the player interacts with but the character does not, like UI elements and other things."
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  3. Mary Poppins Augur

    Don’t forget that you need to provide us with the calculation you made for Duder’s train question at the conclusion of this game. If your calculation was incorrect and potentially impacted the outcome of the game, it’ll be up to Verily to determine if any disciplinary actions are warranted.

    Does this npc wear any clothing or external armor (natural armor, such as scales or exoskeletons, do not count)?
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  4. Fredescu Augur

    I hadn't forgotten. I didn't include it in the recap because I didn't want it becoming unnecessarily long, not to attempt to dodge my commitments. If we make it to another page, I will include it in future recaps.

  5. Mary Poppins Augur

    I don’t think the recap was long at all, so adding in a few more paragraphs wouldn’t have done any harm. That said, you don’t have to include it in the recap. Just don’t forget - Verily will be coming for you.

    Does the npc have any natural armor?
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  6. Verily Tjark Augur

    is it a bird?
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  7. forum troll Elder

    has this animal been featured in more than one everquest expansion as a killable npc?
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  8. Fredescu Augur

    I don't think so.


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  9. Verily Tjark Augur

    Is it found on an island?
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  10. Fredescu Augur

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  11. forum troll Elder

    Regrua (sp) from TBS?
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  12. Duder Augur

    Is it The Spiroc Lord?
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  14. Mary Poppins Augur

    Is it a flightless bird?
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  16. Mary Poppins Augur

    Is it a big bird?
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  17. Fredescu Augur

    I think so, yes.
  18. Verily Tjark Augur

    Angry Alfred?
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  19. Fredescu Augur

    No, but that guy is cool. I killed him a few times recently. I hope he finds peace.
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  20. Verily Tjark Augur

    an eyepecker squawker?
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