Everquest Trivia #639

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    - The Game Master (the one who won the last game) selects a person (NPC), place, or thing in-game related.
    - Players then ask yes or no questions, to try to uncover the secret person/place/thing; however the Game Master does have the right to go beyond a simple yes or no answer if necessary. (For example, "I'm not sure" or "Probably" or "Yes, but be careful because that's misleading." )
    - Players may ask only one question per post, and must not try to be sneaky by squeezing in two or more questions at once.
    - A player may ask a new question as soon as his or her last question has been answered.
    - The Game Master MUST answer all questions to the best of their ability, no matter how stupid (doodoo, ducks, etc), provided the question conforms to the rules above.
    - The Game Master should post recaps of answers from time to time- once a page is a good idea.
    - Once a person guesses the correct answer, he or she gets to host the next game, or can designate someone else to host it. Make a separate thread, and we will let this one die. That way we can better keep track of when one game begins and another ends. Keep numbering the games as we go along.
    - If a player wins and does not start up another game within 24 hours of winning, the last person to guess before him or her gets to host the next game.
    - If the game master does not respond within 24 hours to any posts then anyone may feel free to start the next round.

    Previous game results at:


    Answers to recent games:

    625 Miragul
    626 Burning Rapier
    627 Derekor the Vindicator
    628 Bone Caster Fizzik
    629 Cowl of the Dreadlands Yeti
    630 Chomper
    631 Tattered Cloth Sandal
    632 Gloves of the Gatecaller
    633 The camp for Drelza
    634 a willowisp
    635 Lord Vyemm
    636 Abandoned Orc shovel
    637 Quest: Fungus Dung Pie
    638 The Bone Rod


    New Game!
  2. Picaresque Augur

    Is it an item?
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  3. SunDrake Augur

  4. Buri Augur

    Is it obtained from a quest?
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  5. Verily Tjark Augur

    Is it stackable?
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  6. SunDrake Augur


  7. Verily Tjark Augur

    Can you equip it?
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  8. Grove Augur

    Is it from original Everquest?
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  10. Player Two Augur

    Is it a weapon?
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  11. Picaresque Augur

    Is it visible when equipped?
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  12. Grove Augur

    Is it looted from a dead npc?
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  13. Eggolas Augur

    Was the item introduced during PoP or earlier?
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  14. xmPradah Not a dude

    Is it class specific?
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  15. Verily Tjark Augur

    Is it crafted by players?
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  16. Zaray Augur

    Any tradeskills involved?
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  20. SunDrake Augur


    Looted from NPC
    PoP or earlier
    Class Specific


    Quest Result
    From Classic EQ
    Player Made
    Involves Tradeskills

    Might turn out to be a pretty quick one :)