EverQuest Soundtrack Vol. 1

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  1. Angeliana Senior Community Manager

    Let’s get this party started right!
    We can all agree that EverQuest has some of the best in-game music, and with The Year of Darkpaw: An EverQuest® Celebration going on, we can grab some jams to rock on through the year in style! We’ve all gone in and found our favorite music file and played it repeatedly. Sometimes, you not only heard it live but in daydreams or actual dreams! Well, no more scrounging around in folders to find your music; now you can stream it!

    First up, we have Volume 1 for January, which consists of 20 minutes of music from Laurion’s Song and 25 minutes of music from Night of Shadows for a total of 45 minutes of auditory enjoyment!! Perfect for streaming while cleaning, driving, working, at the gym, shopping, or playing EverQuest!

    Load up your favorite streaming service of choice from the list below and listen to your heart’s content.
    Is your favorite streaming service not listed here? Search for EverQuest, it might be there too!

    Stay tuned, no pun intended, for future announcements of more being released in the coming months!

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  2. Opera New Member

    Any chance of also adding it to soundcloud?
  3. Atlans Lorekeeper

    ...but can you dance to it? :cool:
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  4. Marope Lorekeeper

    The gnomes should build some broadcast towers throughout the lands and lease out some radio stations to all the special races for in game fun.
    Gnomes could advertise for their special wares.
    Chanters could list their services.
    Alchemists could beg for components to keep the potions rollin
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  5. HerdingCats Journeyman

    I just listened to it during my first hour of work and I was pleasantly surprised. Thank you for putting this out for us.
  6. Pintoy 3 Journeyman

    I haven't heard EQ music in years. I play with the sound off. I multitask and watch TV while I'm visiting Norrath.
  7. Cidran Augur

    My only criticism is using the original art as front cover, which is a masterpiece, but it's also misleading. Night of Shadows had excellent art and could have fit very well here.