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  1. Stagentti Augur

    Leveling + flagging THEN working on raids becomes a time sink in later expacs.

    4-6 weeks is a tight time frame as you move further in to get your raid gear all done.
  2. uberkingkong Augur

    I like this
    See people like Vaniki they vocal about liking Vaniki too.
    The issue, waterfall/agile that was the issue,
    do 1 thing, do 1 change, oooh you can't do it, ooh everyone its doomed oooh, cya 100+ subscribers leaving because they know its doomed and EQ can't do anything its like stuck in a waterfall. Evaluate after the whole process is done, 2 to 4 years from when it started thats when they evaluate about it.
    Everyone knows its doomed its been doomed, people told you its doomed. You don't need to wait 2-4 years then evaluate, they giving you feedback now. This where being AGILE is great. "oh I need to change out this raid since its not doable for another raid, ok ok, you 100+ stick around it will get done"

    Before the TLP starts they put out a list, people say thats not doable.
    The list is out the waterfall has begun, wait 2 to 4 years and evaluate it.
    We told you before it started not doable, be agile, do something before it even starts.

    Then you got the popular server, people saying hope not.

    Least popular hope so, Popular hope not.

    Anyways to me,
    if they doing something already done, especially recently, that just shows lazy, they don't want to put resources in trying for something new, something fun. They just do something already done and most popular of whatever was done. Lazy approach. Especially if its still somewhat new.

    Mangler thats kinda old, that would since, Selos, kinda old, Mischief still pretty new. Mayong, thats old old, and believe it or not, people would love another Mayong like server.
  3. ajschliewe Elder

    Agree, there are several expacs where a mid-tier raiding guild won't complete all the raids in era, and where one needs the 3 months to grind out all the AAs for that expac or get the augs, or evolving items.

    Don't have an issue with length of the expacs in general. My wish would be to start in SoL and go for 4 months.
  4. Shalom Quillmane Bane

    If they really want to surprise the community for the 25th Anniversary TLP server they need to do things differently right? Different unlock cadence, different (new) ruleset, different release date (earlier), different boxing rules (more relaxed), different cheat enforcement (that alone would win people) etc...

    Sticking to the normal TLP release standards with a subtle changes to existing rulesets is not going to bring new people to this years TLP. The recyclers will ALWAYS be there (so they can ignore them) but they NEED to win the favor of the following players:
    • Players who quit due to cheating (my #1 concern - clean everyone's record, issue a warning and anyone to break it gets that account permanently banned)
    • Players that quit while waiting for the next expansion (attrition is real - something like selos but slower)
    • Players who want to casually box (boxing is inevitable, make it easier for those that want to do it while also strictly enforcing cheating and automation)
    • Players that want to compete for firsts and raid targets (give them a title or something)
    • Players that want to PvP (make some zones "dark zones" that are open PvP - we know the code is there, works in the arena)
    Basically, list any reason why someone quit EQ in the past out of frustration and try to fix or lean into that frustration. Don't "fix" boxing by making the server Truebox, just ban the frickin' cheaters and let everyone else box.
  5. fransisco Augur

    most popular = easiest with least effort for players
  6. uberkingkong Augur

    I actually like the expansions with flagging and what not. Especially if its a bit tough and time consuming.
    For non TLP, and live server expansions, should be more that.

    Thats why a lot of people like SoF.

    gotta do this worg kill quest to build faction, all this faction building time consuming. All this long key quest. All this aug quest.

    Raids? They sure werent easy.
    Especially all those adds piling on you while you try to decipher the code. Or a raid boss spawning outta nowhere bullrushes you. Instant death.
  7. Pigskin Lorekeeper

    Each to their own. I don't need #1 BIS from raid mobs that i've killed 100 times.

    3 month expansions gives the server population plenty of time to die and before you know it, some are looking for the next ruleset announcement. Another failed TLP and round and round we go.

    I'm don't consider myself a power gamer by any means, but i repeat. 4-8 weeks is plenty of time per expansion in my view. People are level 50 in 2 days. We are expecting faster experience. Don't kill the server before it begins like they did with Oakwynd.
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  8. Pigskin Lorekeeper

    later expansions? the server will be dead by PoP again

    the point is to find a medium for the power gamers and the casuals to keep all entertained, and keep server pop high ... high population server is about the only metric that matters. And I mean really high.

    I'd also like to see timeframes for the first 4 expansions or so only, and then evaluate

    These are my opinions only
  9. Kahna Augur

    There is a high chance that this server has Mischief loot rules. Mischief is in HoT and still isn't dead. It'll have FTE as well. JChan spent a good little chunk of time singing FTE's praises, no way it isn't on every server moving forward.
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  10. Pigskin Lorekeeper

    FTE is fine and worked decently from the start

    What they did poorly for Oakwynd was in the release of information prior to launch, and to do with prep time so that word could get out that it was pretty good after all

    Oakwynd never stood a chance ... most had made up their mind that it was crap before it even launched as a result of testing which wasn't ready, clunky and full of issues

    Already, we can see that a couple of elements like random loot, double loot, faster xp, FTE are likely going to be implemented. Therefore we are close to a ruleset that could well work.

    Should they add correct expansion lengths and relaxed truebox ... we could have a successful server, god forbid.
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  11. uberkingkong Augur

    I would like 75/750
    SoF start, TLP for newer expansions.
    truebox, so people LFG up, not go solo their own deals, and be anti casual

    TLPs are for grouping up, LFG, playing with others, enjoying with others because Live server LFG is dead.

    Tons TOns Tons of stuff to do in SoF groupwise, raidwise, even solo kiting wise.
  12. Kahna Augur

    Yeah, that's not gonna help people group more. People don't group with randos because most pugs would give a cucumber a run for it's money on the intelligence scale. People have been playing these TLPs long enough that anyone worth playing with already has a pre-made group from day one, and if they don't, they will have a guild clique before the first month is over. Pugs aren't actually a thing anymore. The TLPs have been around too long.
  13. ECrack Augur

    Faster EXP alongside the legacy oakwynd exp coupled with personas would actually be amazing, so I wholeheartedly have to disagree with your statement.

    More and Faster EXP please. Make my dreams of one character with all personas, with all legacy exp bonuses, enabling my ability to actually get all the AA's on each of them. /drool
  14. Arclyte Augur

    nice hot take, gave me a good laugh

    "Pugs aren't a thing anymore" lol
  15. Kahna Augur

    Pugs are a pale shadow of what they were and it's not because of boxing. With every repeat the pre-made groups get more common and within the first month or so folks have made friends in their guild. By month 2 all you have left in the pug scene is the casuals who don't play often enough to have made friends and the folks who are bad enough or annoying enough that no one wants them in their clique.
  16. Everdork99 Lorekeeper

    I think they should think about releasing the server to free players in some form. I realize they want the subs for money but.....I think they might could bring in a lot of people who never tried EQ or who have not been back to EQ in many years if they let them have a taste.....the first taste is free! So like it's Free to play for a limited time! Try it out but once Kunark releases only the subs get to keep going.

    I dunno if that is the right point or not. I'm just saying it could be a lot better than just...those who keep coming back for the yearly TLP.

    Hook some fresh blood. Granted maybe not a HUGE amount but I bet it would be noticeable.

    Food for though anyway.
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  17. wade_watts Augur

    Mischief clone w/ FTE rules. 98.99%
  18. Stagentti Augur

    Or, ya know, the people grouping because at the particular time they got on to play that day their pre-made isn't all online or enough guildies wanting to do what they are.
  19. Kahna Augur

    That is when you break out the boxes, because boxing is less hassle and you have to deal with fewer AFK slackers. And the boxes never whine about "need before greed".
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  20. Arclyte Augur

    You're kind of a weird guy, just making stuff up

    Maybe single player games are more your speed if you think every pug is a bad player/AFK/whiner?
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