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  1. Vicus Augur

    During the show the question was asked and J Chan's statement was, " We are going to bring back our most popular TLP rulesets" Rulesets in the plural form.

    My assumptions based on this statement, which I am sure was thought of well beforehand is the following:
    Random Loot ( no brainer..will happen) 100% in my opinion..unless they really are that out of touch. (I don't want a random loot server, so unbiased calculation)
    Pop Locked (50% chance to me)
    Selo (40% chance)
    Rizlona (1% chance..it was very popular but customer service requirement was to high)
    and old tried and true - Basic TLP ruleset. (9%?)

    But if we are technically being accurate, which I doubt was factored into the statement, The Combine was technically was one of the most "popular" TLP as well. But I doubt the open this box.

    This also leads me to believe that there is no totally new experience type server. I don't think they are going to give a server something like Random Loot that a large majority have asked for, then throw it in on some crazy Vaniki style ruleset...(But I would love it).

    I also have lost faith that there will be any type of increased difficulty or reduced raid size requirements on the new TLP's. Seems they are just going to use the 25th anny to go with what they know works. (Hope I am wrong).

    But just my assumptions. But will probably make a lot of people happy, except those currently on Mischief or any server that will lose population on new TLP launch.
  2. jeskola pheerie

    If they go based on numbers alone, Rizlona and Mischief kept that "High" server status longer than any other servers....

    Certainly sounds like no new twists, but probably a new combination of prior popular rulesets.
  3. Vicus Augur

    100% agree but Rizlona was a special beast. Before Holly left, she organized a private meeting with all the guild leaders and went over what was "allowed and not allowed". This brought many players to the server, for a very long time. But after Holly left, the crackdowns started happening and things that were verbally agreed to before we no longer allowed.

    I would be shocked if they open that pandora's box again.

    Mischief clone is going to happen....but I am unsure if they will launch anything other then a basic second server because people will complain that they can't focus on two special rulesets. Mischief clone and Selo clone would be completing for a player base. Which leads me to believe that Mischief clone and Agnarr clone will be the servers because the playerbase that wants to play those two servers are a bit different.
  4. Dirkman Journeyman

    Mischief and Mangler were the two most popular TLP server by population.
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  5. Fading Illusion Augur

  6. Sethisto Elder

    I really hope that isn't it. Mischief was fun, but... again? I really want something fresh. Last year's TLP were so god damn boring I didn't even bother.

    That reduced raid size idea is a dream of mine. It would be a lot of fun to do the game with a smaller group of friends. I'd also love for them to consider the concept of account specific progression like some unofficial servers do, where the entire game is available but locked behind your accounts progression. I'd love to see later expansions but I don't have the patience for 3 months of some of these more boring expansions. I'll always burn out and find something else to do once we clear it in 2 weeks and the odds of returning are basically 0 since a lot of people do the same, and the idea of playing a TLP to completion over 5 years is completely impossible with how chaotic the world is. Just let me in a nolife guild and let us grind it out.

    That being said, I'd probably play a Selos+mischief loot. I doubt I'd be able to stick to it for the full 2 and a half years to clear the game, but at least I'll get deeper than usual without these insane unlock times. The idea of 5 months of DoN+OOW on mischief immediately killed my will to keep going.
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  7. Arclyte Augur

    They obviously have a good idea what the ruleset will be. I wish they would just release the info so people can decide to make plans to play it or not.
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  8. SteamFox Augur

    Rec/req rules from vaniki please!
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  9. Belfort New Member

    Gonna be Miragul and Coirnav repeats of course.
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  10. Vicus Augur

    Miragul would of been amazing if they didn't launch with Truebox. I was sitting in the unofficial Miragul Discord server where there was around 3800 people in it waiting for the ruleset update. Then it was announced 3 weeks later that it would be truebox. Within 6 days the discord was down to 400 people. Within a month that server was basically one large guild playing on it. Sad days.
  11. Vicus Augur

    I loved Vaniki raiding...but they need to figure something out about balancing the group content. Playing in groups after a certain point was like raiding 24/7. Missions that use to take 15 minutes took 90m-2 hours with a full group having to be hyper focused the entire time. It was the hardcore of all hardcore servers.....but the raiding was amazing.
  12. Vicus Augur

    My guess is they are waiting till Pax East at the end of the month.
  13. Doezit Lorekeeper

    Vaniki was fun but appeared to have a lower than average population for a new TLP. I don't expect Vaniki to be repeated, at least in its original form.
  14. Flexin Not an amateur

    To me it sounds like a Mischief clone of some sorts, but the way they said "most popular rulesets" made me think of a TLP combo.

    Things we know - FTE was a success in their minds and will likely be on all servers at some point but definitely the new TLPs moving forward. We also know that no one complains about faster xp "Mangler XP" as it's often referred to, and no one really minds extra/double loot.

    So in my mind we will likely see:
    • FTE
    • Mischief ruleset of some sort (Random Loot or Free trade or Both)
    • Double/Extra Loot
    • Faster XP
    • (Oakwynd Ruleset? -see below)
    I think with the addition of Persona's and the Legacy character bonuses on Oakwynd - albeit not the most popular server... I could see heirlooms and legacy character bonuses being a thing on the new server. Sadly, I don't think that legacy characters + bonus was the best part of the server they could add to the next TLP. If It were my choice I'd prefer to see the evolving ruleset portion of the server added.
    I think it's a great call from DPG to take what works for the anniversary and make it something that many people will flock to and stay on for awhile. FTE, Free trade, 2x Loot, 2x XP, Evolving ruleset?? Count me in.
  15. Flexin Not an amateur

    I had a fleeting thought after posting. Obviously, a lot of you would want relaxed truebox or a lot of you would like truebox. I think that DPG's biggest thing recently is cutting back on CS tickets (FTE killed training CS tickets for example). So the truebox portion of the rulesets would likely be what they have on Oakwynd which is truebox until it gets relaxed at OoW. Cuts out all the early boxing tickets they probably get if there was botters and gives you relaxed truebox when the server likely starts to need it the most.
  16. Psalmz Elder

    I think FTE is on its way to being standard in EQ. DPG likes it. That said, I would welcome a FT, extra (random?) loot server with the Oakwynd evolving ruleset. I also think removing truebox would be a mistake but would favor relaxing true box in a later expansion.
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  17. Pigskin Lorekeeper

    What's the point of faster experience when we are stuck in some expansions for 3 months? That's a sure way to kill a server in my view.

    8 weeks should be the absolute max for any expansion moving forward, and in many cases 4-6 weeks.

    Everybody is faster at everything on today's TLP's. If it is not too late already, this is their absolute last chance to get it right and create a thriving viable server that keeps the EQ vets happy for a few years.
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  18. Ghost Of Fippy Augur

    Simple. People want to get to raid level quickly. And then Raid for in era BIS and complete quests. That is where the fun is at. 3 months is perfect.
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  19. Zansobar Augur

    Leveling is not the limiting factor on when you are finished with an expansion. The amount of raid loot you can get in the time for each character you want to max out is.
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  20. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Thats my thinking for new TLPs, looking at my optioins for the summer it is looking more like returning to Mischief or starting on Agnarr as I really don't want FTE.

    But that none of that will happen if they don't sort the DX11 issues.