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  1. Bigstomp Augur

    When I play a lesser known female toon it's not uncommon to get tells along the lines of 'Would you like to roleplay? (offers of plat/krono here)'

    I am not positive what they want to roleplay, but I am pretty sure I do not want to participate.
  2. Duder Augur

    Forget that, login your Ogre, wanna roleplay? Offering plat/krono.
  3. The real Sandaormo Augur

    I role play a bad MF'r everyday. Haven't broken character once o.0
  4. Questoften32 Augur

    Rp in the org intended ''game world sense'' is good for the imagination and a quick mind, teaching creativity and adaption, different paths of thought/context. A good mental exercise exempting the hardcore fundamentalist approach to the method ''of course''.
  5. Protagonist Tank

    I pretend my magical elf is mentally ill and believes he is controlled by a human in a non-magical dimension, through a dark technomancy box.
  6. SmoochyOfWolfington Augur

    I like playing evil characters and I do roleplay a bit myself. But I will also break character to help another real human being, even if I am threatening their character once I am done. ^^! Now take this blessing and get out of my sight before I eat you!!!

    Actually there are quite a few people who play MUDs, although not like it once was of course. You want to really RP in an online massive setting (so to speak) that is it. Plus blind people can play which is pretty cool. Both Sindome and Armageddon are heavily RP enforced and both can be found, with many others at The Mud Connector.
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  7. SmoochyOfWolfington Augur

    That is because at the heart of D&D is roleplaying. That is what you do. Oh sure you want to be able to go on adventures and level your character, find that better weapon or mystical amulet along the way, but at the end of the day you are role playing and growing with that character and the characters around you if you all play together constantly.

    On EQ for most people it is leveling as fast as they can and be as uber as they can. Oh sure there are other things as well. Being part of a guild and the community as a whole, but at the end of the day you are not role playing a pub wench or a silver tongued auctioneer or even a swashbuckling hero. You are leveling this race and this class and then on to the next or try again, but in a different style, but communicating with others if you so choose.

    And that is great that people want to play how they want to play, but to me EQ as a whole has lost that magic, that certain something that had people like me logging in to experience it's world. The catch phrase, "You're in our world now", really meant something back then. Now not so much...

    (the secret origin's of my name...)

  8. SmoochyOfWolfington Augur

    Doctor and patient. Professor and student. Giant hairy ogre and tiny bald gnome... I mean the possibilities are endless!

    Actually it has been documented that males playing female toons get weird tells and also get better offerings for groups and free stuff. My Staff Sgt when he got into it had chosen his race and class and thought this was the most friendliest online game around. He did not realize until he logged in another day and got to the character select screen that the game had chosen his gender as a female on his initial creation. At first he was a bit disgusted, but I think he said to hell with it and just rolled with it. ^^!

    On the flip side of the coin, some guys prefer to play a female character, especially if the view is always going to be 3rd person and from the rear. ^^! That and certain games force classes or races to be certain genders. The cat race in Final Fantasy 11 was female only. Another game had valkyrja (valkyrie) being female only. Which of course it should be and yet that also means if a guys wants to play a character with those same powers, he has to pick the female gender. Same for Amazonians.
  9. Palloma New Member

    The leader of the guild I was in on AB was always in character, even in private messages. It was/is an Iksar guild. Frogloks and Drakkins were not allowed to be members. Only Iksar characters were allowed to be officers and one had to learn about Iksar lore and answer questions based on it before one could be an officer. Her name was Ssem. We moved, as a guild, to FV and she continued it there. Alas, she has not been ingame for a very very long time, I miss her.
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  10. Rolaque Augur

    Back when my wife and I first started to play in Apr '99, players enforced what I would call a casual rp environment. Real life conversations and topics were discouraged in general chat, and were told to take it to the OOC channel. By and large people complied with that. But it gradually faded and morphed into what we have today.
  11. Zamiam Augur

    It's been awhile , but I dont recall a general chat channel back in 99 .. thought it was only ooc,shout, auction, say, group and guild chat channels .. I could be wrong was a long time ago .
  12. SmoochyOfWolfington Augur

    A shame.

    It certainly was a different time back then. But my question is, was it player enforced because that is how the players wanted it. Or it was enforced by the GMs because that is how they wanted it, even if just that one server? If you have GMs policing the server and see at least something as simple as general chatter in anything other than OOC, you whisk in there and simply ask politely to role play. You take other steps afterwards.

    MUDs do this ALL the time. I have been told... scolded really, more than once to keep in role playing fashion in Sindome and I am an above average role player in many games, so that actually means something. ^^! But there they are 100% RP all the time. Armegeddon if you do not bow to nobles they can order the guards to execute you on the spot. Although they obviously will not do this to a newbie or by chance the noble just walked in and did not announce their presence as everything is in text. That and some people's reading speed is different than others. But for repeat offenders or the peasant acts out spitting at the nobles, yea they will be put in prison or killed on the spot. Not quite like it is in EQ. ^^!

  13. SmoochyOfWolfington Augur

    I think they meant chatting to people directly in your vicinity. Since you are suppose to be role playing and most likely in a group or near others, you do not start talking about cars and what not in (general) chat.
  14. Crystilla Augur

    Outside of the FV server (which I believe has had roleplaying the longest in terms of longevity), around 2004ish it seemed to loose a lot of favor with various servers to my experience.

    I was in a roleplaying alliance (of good and evil aligned guilds) and from 2001 when I started (so definitely before that) to ~2004, for example, we were going strong. But we hit a road block in PoP as at some point in the progression, the good aligned guilds couldn't come up with a legitimate reason to kill Xegony for example. And add in EQ2 and WoW coming up ended up destroying that alliance and most of the guilds as the majority of them went off to one of those games.

    That said, I do see some roleplaying still going on, including myself as I am a Brell serving wench who loves to get folks drunk, call them hun and hug them. But it's very few and far in between.

    And the old usage of using ( ) when it's your language and not roleplay language, I've seen once in the last few months only. There are still some guilds on server with me who will use that true older style language but only a few members play in each.
  15. Chopin.Xegony Augur

    You are right no general channels in 1999. If I remember correctly chat channels where introduced with Omens of War.